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It was Christmas Eve. Caleb had invited Max along with Pouge, Kate, Reid, and Tyler to dinner with him and his mother. Pouge had proposed to Kate on Thanksgiving and they were planning to marry after graduation and go to the same college together. Tyler and Reid were still looking their "dream" girl. Caleb was planning to propose to Max tonight. He was traditional and asked Uncle Pete and Russ for permission.

Evelyn Danvers watched her son laugh with Max and their friends. She remembered when she first met her son's new girlfriend after they defeated Chase and Sarah. At first, she was worried her son was involved with a werewolf, but as she got to know Max, she grew to love the girl and her family.

Caleb nervously thumbed the ring box in his pocket. He was planning to have him and Max stand under the mistletoe and propose to her. If she said "yes" then he would hope Pogue and Kate would be up for a double wedding in the summer. If she said "no" then he would understand and wait until she was ready.

Max could smell the sweat running down Caleb's forehead. Max took his hand from under the table and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Caleb smiled at her, lifted her closed fist to his lips and softly kissed her knuckles.

After dinner was through, the partly went into the living room and sat in front of the warm fire. All the couples sat on couches or loveseats, while the single people sat in armchairs. Max was thinking that this was her first Christmas without her parents. After an hour of small talk, Caleb stood up and asked, "Max, will you come with me for a minuet?"

"Sure, babe, what's up?" she replied.

He walked them to where the mistletoe hung in a doorway and took her hands in his. "Max, I knew I loved you before we even met. As I got know you, I grew to love you even more. I know you were worried about how I would take your family being wolves, but that's one of the things I love most about you. Will you do me the honor of being Mrs. Caleb Danvers?" he said while pulling the ring out of his pocket and opening it while getting on one knee.

Max was in tears as she listen to him professing his love for her, but was a blubbering fool when she got to one knee and opened the ring box. The ring was silver with a wolf howling. In it's mouth, was her birthstone. She could not say the word "yes" so she just nodded her head.

Caleb, along with everyone else, began crying when Max nodded her head. He stood up, slipped the ring on her left ring finger, and kissed her with all his might.


Pogue and Caleb stood at the front of the church and waited for their brides. The music began and everyone in the pews stood. Kate's father was her away. She was wearing a spaghetti strap white dress with a long train. Max followed Kate with Russ and Pete on each arm. When the brides reached the front, they stood beside their groom and the priest began the ceremony. After the "I Do's", the couples slipped their weddings bands on; gold for Kate and Pogue and silver for Max and Caleb.

At the reception, Kate and Pogue danced to 98 degrees "I do", Max, and Caleb danced to the song they sang on their first date. Max dance with both Russ and her uncle. Pete gave the couple a gift that Max's parents had given to Pete and Megan to give to Max and her husband if they were not there to enjoy their child's special day. The gift was a picture frame with a picture of Max when she was little, a picture of Caleb when he was little and an empty one for their wedding photo.

Max was dancing with Caleb to 98 degrees "Still". The couple were singing along to the words.

Love, I see forever in your eyes
I can see heaven in your smile
And when I hold you close
I don't want to let go
Because deep in my soul I know, girl
You are the only light I see
Your love means everything to me
I promise that we'll never part
'Cause you'll always be here in my heart

If the sun should refuse to rise
And the moon doesn't hang in the night
The tides won't change, seasons rearrange
When the world is through
I will still love you

Girl, you're like an angel from above
Sent here to shower me with your love
Hold me beneath your wings
Tell me all of the things
All the hopes and the dreams we can share
'Cause I'll be your shelter from the storm
I'll be the fire that keeps you warm
I'll be your light in the dark
'Cause you'll always be here in my heart


If anything could last forever
It's what I feel for you
(That's what I feel for you)
Oh, baby, you've touched my heart in ways
That words could never say
That's why I'll always love you



Max and Caleb sat in the delivery room. Max had given birth to twins; a boy named Louis and a girl named Mary. Max and Caleb knew that their child would be part wolf, angel and witch/ warlock, but they figured as they had each other nothing could happen.

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