I found myself holding my breath in sudden fear. Everything grew eerily silent as everyone listened closely. Ridley tensed up beside me. I felt sick from my thoughts on who screamed. I had my money on Jim for a few seconds, but common sense sunk in. It was a female that shrieked, but that didn't make it any better.

I took in a deep breath and stared off in the distance. When nothing else was heard everyone went back to what they were doing, but I remained still. Something told me this "secret mission" was more than just a simple quest. Whatever happened most likely had to do with this mission, and I didn't want to be apart of it.

Ridley tugged on my arm and I jumped out of my thoughts. "Come on," she urged.

I followed her through the crowd of people. I still felt scared for Jim. I didn't know him well but he was the only other friend I had and the only connection to Silver. He was like Silver's clone, only human, and that's what I liked about Jim.

I couldn't see anyone I knew, not even Critter, but I knew he was still watching. I concentrated on finding the source of the scream, but it was as if it never happened. It made me wonder if I were just delusional. Nobody seemed too affected by it.

I suddenly lost sight of Ridley and I stood alone in the middle of the busy street. She was just ahead of me two seconds ago and just as quickly she vanished. I was startled when a hand quickly grabbed my shoulder.

I opened my mouth to scream but a hand clasped over my mouth.

"Shh," Jim whispered. "Stay quiet and follow me."

I turned around and felt relieved that my friend was alright. I did what I was told and kept my mouth shut as I followed Jim. We entered an abandoned building and Jim immediately ducked behind a barrel. I soon joined him once I saw shadows of men on the wall.

"What are we doing?" I asked.

The shadows stopped talking and turned their heads. Jim clasped his hand over my mouth.

"Shh," he said.

"As I was saying," a creature said as he emerged from a room. "I know he's in hiding. I know where he might be."

"And where is that?" another creature spoke.

"Somewhere beyond here."

"Wherever he is, Silver can't hide forever."

I gasped beneath Jim's hand and listened closely.

"When we find that good for nothing cyborg…he's dead!" the creature banged his fists on a table.

I closed my eyes as they walked right by us without noticing. Once they were gone Jim released me.

"What's going on?" I asked suddenly.

Jim massaged his temples. "Whoever those guys were…they know where Silver is."

I sharpened my eyes into an intense glare. "What does this have to do with me?" I demanded to know.

Jim prepared himself to argue with me. "You knew Silver, didn't you?" he inquired.

"That has nothing to do with you, Jim," I told him. Jim wasn't ready to give up just yet. He was just as stubborn as I was…another known quality of Silver's. He was one heck of a cyborg.

"Why don't you tell me? Silver was my friend, too." Jim was eager to unfold the mystery.

I rolled my eyes and stood up. Without giving him a second glance I left Jim in the abandoned building. He was quick to follow, though. He ran right up on my heels. I was beginning to wish that Jim were involved with the scream, but that was beyond what I really wanted.

"Can't you just tell me," Jim whined.

"There's nothing to tell," I said without looking at him. He was starting to make my blood boil.

Jim sighed in aggravation. "I know you knew him. It won't kill you to talk about it."

I stopped walking and Jim ran into me. I ignored his apology. "How would you know? Your life is…is perfect! I'm always at risk of being killed - whereas you don't have to watch your back every second of your life." I was getting way off subject so I shut my mouth. Venting my anger wasn't the thing to do right now.

Jim stared at me in obvious shock, but he wasn't ready to give up. "Whatever you know I know, too. Silver was an important part of my life."

"Good; I'm sure you two will be happy together," I said as I began to walk away.

"Rei!" Jim called.

The boy never gives up…that was one thing I was beginning to learn. If Jim wanted answers, then damn it he'll get them! I hated him for that. The stubborn twit never knows when to stop.

I was ready to stop and yell at him for being a stalker, but a heavy hand landed on my shoulder. My heart leapt into my throat in sudden shock and fear as Critter stopped me in my tracks. He was ugly as ever; I hated his face. If I were to die, it'd be his face I'd see before I blacked out. He'd make sure of that - and he'd enjoy it.

Critter gave me a smug look. "On the ship with you - now!" he roughly pushed me towards the JBM Silver. I sent him a glare before walking in that direction.

I didn't like this little mission Jim and his crew were doing. I hated Critter for, out of all the ships, picking this one to ride.

Ridley was already aboard the ship, giving me a stern look. Morph danced around her head, not taking any notice to my arrival. He did, though, look up when Jim appeared behind me. Jim was one hell of a sight. When he was mad he showed it - and he was livid. At me, no doubt.

He wasn't ready to give up, and I knew he'll resume this interrogation after launch. Until then he stalked off towards the galley in a childish way.

"What's with him?" Ridley asked as she watched Jim storm off.

"Oh you know, the usual. Big boy hormones. Human guys get those," I told her. She could only laugh.

The day was hitting an end and the ship was ready to launch. Ridley and I were stuck in our sleeping quarters and after the ship set sail, we were put to work.

Rolland was preparing a meal in the galley and requested that I helped him. I had no choice but to accept. He was cutting up food that seemed alien to me. Watching him cook made me sick to my stomach.

"What is that?" I asked as I peaked into the boiling pot. It reeked terribly, causing me to cover my nose in disgust. There were cut up pieces of some animal floating around aimlessly. Rolland took in the vile aroma.

"That, deary, is a secret family recipe," Rolland said.

"Must be some secret," I said as I turned away while he stirred it up.

Rolland seemed to enjoy my unwanted company. His kitchen was lonely, and he seemed happier when someone joined him. I didn't see anyone down here often. It was as if this part of the ship didn't exist to them.

I leaned against the counter and watched as Rolland bustled around his pot. I was becoming accustomed to his company as well.

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