A/N: This story was written for Netbug009's Gibson in the Spotlight challenge. The requirements were that the story must be Gibson-centric, and contain no romance.

Disclaimer: I do not own Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce GO! (If I did, I might have given it a bit of a shorter name.)

Inspiration: Netbug009's challenge, of course, and a line from The Breakfast Club. And hey, guess what? I don't that either.

Other Crud to Know: Gibson's POV.

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Intelligence is a double-ended sword. Ignore it and you're an idiot. Use it and you're a know-it-all. Neither is a very flattering title.

Well, the events laid themselves out, and I ended up being the team know-it-all, while Otto became the team idiot. Now, don't get me wrong. Otto is very smart. Not as smart as I, I suppose, but smart nonetheless. He did make most everything the team uses. But... He goes beyond 'lacking common sense'.

Generally, the jokes get split evenly among Otto and me. (More or less, though it really depends on Sprx's mood.) The 'dumb jokes' are directed at Otto, and I have been dubbed 'Doctor Brain-Strain'. Fair enough, right?

Except, you know, everyone loves Otto. When Otto is called an idiot, it is always done with more-or-less pure intentions. Otto is sweet and innocent and childlike, all of which is added to by his clueless-ness. Otto's complete disregard for common sense is precisely what causes the others to adore him so.

I, on the other hand, receive a fair amount of resentment for my brilliance. When the others call me a know-it-all, it is not a term of endearment. No, it is a no-holds-barred insult. Intelligence is my blessing, and my curse. My intelligence has helped the team get out of some bad situation. There is no doubt that my brain is a valuable asset to the team. It just also happens to make me the target of many an insult. And the stress of being the all-knowing genius of the team is unlimited.

Some days, I truly think that having a brain is more trouble than it's worth.


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