Who am I?

Disclaimer: I don't own the show Supernatural or the characters I just like to play with Sam and Dean and then send them home again.


The ambulance careened around the corner, the sirens blaring through the early morning traffic. 'We're losing him.' The paramedic in the back yelled to the driver as she pushed valuable oxygen into his lungs.

'We're almost there.' The driver yelled back as he shot through the last set of traffic lights and blasted his horn to clear the way to the ambulance bay at the hospital's emergency department. Running urgently through the doors the paramedics accompanied their patient into a cubicle barking stats at the doctors and nurses as they flooded in around him. 'Pulse thready, BP eighty over fifty, pupils dilated, had to resuscitated twice at the scene and again on route, blunt force head trauma, unresponsive to pain stimuli.' The female paramedic reported. The doctor stared down at his newest patient, his features barely distinguishable under the blood, bruising, and grime and shook his head, so young to be hurt so badly.

'Get the mobile x-ray here now I don't want to risk moving him anymore until we get some idea on what's going on.' The doctor ordered, 'any ID?'

'Nope, an anonymous call came in on 911; he was unconscious when we found him.'

'This isn't trauma from an MVA?'

'Nope, we got the call to attend and he was in this condition ... the police are looking into it.' The paramedic shrugged as she finished loading their gear back onto the gurney, 'not much to go on though.'

'Poor kid, how old do you think he is?'

'Dunno twenty, twenty-two maybe.'


Dean woke with a start and stared around blearily, he was still sitting behind the wheel of the impala but after almost crashing he pulled over to get some much needed sleep, even a catnap was better than nothing.

He refused to glance over at the empty passenger seat where Sam normally sat; he was not going to go there. For two months, he searched for any sign of Sam, using all of his hunter knowledge and contacts but it was pointless, for all intents and purposes Sam was gone.

Sitting up straight, he stared at the stranger in the rear vision mirror, unshaven, with dark circles under his eyes and sunken cheeks he looked like a shadow of the man he once was.

'Come on baby let's go check in with Ellen.' Dean muttered as he turned the key and the car roared into life, 'just you and me again baby.'

As he pulled into the roadhouse's car park, Dean ached with exhaustion, physical and emotional and he sat staring at the building for a few minutes as he remembered the first time he came here with Sam. Not that long after their Dad's death Sam found an old message from an Ellen and they tracked her here, since then the brother's found a haven and company from Ellen, her daughter Jo and Ash.

Forcing himself out of the car, he locked her carefully and staggered towards the door, dusting his clothes off as he moved. Standing just inside he waited for his eyes to adjust to the duller light before he continued to the bar and sank down on a stool.

'Honey you look terrible.' Ellen greeted him as she put a beer down in front of him, 'why don't you go and stretch out on the bed out back?'

'Nah I'm fine Ellen, thanks.'

'Hey Dean ... dude glad you're here got something for ya.' Ash hurried out carrying his laptop in one hand while using his other hand to finish pulling his jeans up.

'What is it Ash?'

'Was trolling the usual spots when I came across a human interest story. A month ago a young man was rushed to hospital suffering severe head injuries and stuff in a coma.'

'And?' Dean prompted him impatiently, praying it isn't another false lead.

'He's been in a coma, but came out of it last week. The only thing is that he has no memory at all, nothing, nada, zip, so they put out his story hoping someone will know him. Dude ... they put a picture up.' Ash turned his computer around and tilted it for Dean to see the screen clearly.

Propped up in a wheelchair, looking pale and lost was Sam Winchester. 'Holy fuck Ash does it say which hospital?'

'Would you believe the hospital in Laurence Kansas?'

'He's home?' Dean couldn't believe what Ash was telling him, he kept staring at the photo of Sam as though if he stopped then it would disappear.

'I have to go.'

'Dean you're in no condition to drive...' Ellen started to protest but Dean was gone leaving the bar door swinging in his wake.


The young man sat staring out of the hospital window watching the people moving around outside. The sun warm through the window but he still shivered uncontrollably. He tried to shake the remnants of his nightmare from his thoughts but all he could see in his mind was fire, flames devouring everything and everyone he knew.

'Hey Handsome want some lunch?' Nurse Kelly Rogers came up remembering to speak as she approached him, he spooked very easily and the last time someone scared him he became hysterical and had to be sedated, that and his fits from the effects of his head injury made all of the staff treat him very carefully.

'Hey Kelly, nah not really hungry.' He said glancing up at the pretty young woman, her blond hair framing her face prettily and her ruby red lips formed a permanent sexy pout, she looked so much like someone, he just wished he could remember.

'Nope, not the right answer, remember Johnny, if you don't eat the doctor is going to order tube feeding for you.'

He screwed his nose up at the thought of being force fed and relented to the tray of food. Sighing heavily he nibbled on the corner of a sandwich triangle and managed to swallow the dry bread and cold meat. After a couple of mouthfuls, he gave up on the sandwich and drank his glass of milk thirstily.

'Well better than nothing.' Kelly grinned as she perched herself on an armchair next to him, 'when you're finished I have to take you down to x-ray.'

'Why? Nothing's changed.'

'Doctor's orders,' She smiled, 'we're gonna get you better Johnny.'

Johnny, the name haunted him as much as his dreams, he knew someone by that name but it wasn't his. 'Kelly did I have anything on me when they brought me in?'

'Nope, I wasn't on duty that night but apparently you were only in a pair of jeans, no shirt, no shoes, socks or anything.'

'Oh, and no ID?'

'Johnny you ask me that every day.'

'Do I?'

'You sure do Honey, not that I don't mind. Anyway eat the rest of your lunch and I'll be back.'


Dean tossed his latest speeding ticket on the pile on the backseat and floored the car as soon as the police were out of sight. He was only two hours out of Laurance, two hours away from a reunion with Sam.

Sam, the report said that he has no memory at all, total amnesia. 'Would that mean me too Sammy?' He whispered.

Hauling the last of his possessions into the motel room Dean locked the door behind him, automatically spreading salt across the doorway and windows before going into the bathroom for a much needed hot shower.

Dressed and shaved he felt almost human again, he considered going to the hospital and demanding to see Sam, but he had to do this right.

After talking with Sam's doctor for half an hour, Dean decided to sleep before going to the hospital; apparently, Sam was busy in radiology and having a new round of tests and wouldn't be available for a while.

Dean paced the waiting room feeling like a caged wild animal the doctor kept him waiting for an hour before he relented in letting him see Sam. The questions came thick and fast before the doctor gave any information on Sam's condition.

Kelly walked Dean to Sam's room curious to see what would happen when they met again, Sam ... the name still sounded strange to her, he was still Johnny in her mind.

'Don't startle him, he spooks very easily and well ... just be careful okay.' She cautioned Dean for the third time. Dean gave her a withering look and refrained from shooting off a sharp remark, she was just doing her job.

'Johnny ... we have a visitor for you.' Kelly said indicating for Dean to stay back for a moment she walked slowly over to Sam, who sat once again staring out the window.

'A visitor?' Sam blinked and turned to stare at the new arrival. 'Who is he?'

'He's your brother.' Kelly said gently, 'Johnny we know who you are now.'

'Who am I?'

'Sammy?' Dean's voice hoarse with pent up emotion came from the other end of the room, 'Sammy it's so good to see you.'

'Who are you?' Sam asked frowning at the man.

'I ah I'm you big brother Dean.'

'Dean?' Sam tilted his head to one side as he contemplated the name, he could hear a distant voice screaming out that name, shuddering when he realised that it was his own voice. 'Dean?'

'Yeah Sammy it's me.'

'My name is Sammy?' Sam screwed his nose up, 'prefer Sam.'

'Now that's my boy.' Dean half-laughed, half-wept. 'Dude I have been so worried about you.'

'Dean ... I'm Sam?' Sam tested the names again; they felt right. 'Who's John?'

Dean started with a fright, hoping not to have to bring up the trauma of their father's death already. 'John was our Dad's name.'


'He ah died six months ago.' Dean fought to control his tumultuous emotions, 'the doctors said a stroke.'

'What about our Mum?'

'She died when you were six months old Sam, it's just been us and Dad until recently.' Dean said sadly.

'Oh.' Came the simple reply. 'Do I have a girlfriend or anything?'

'Oh for a flying fuck's sake Sammy', 'once ... her name was Jess.'