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1: Superman, how do you hide your cape in your suit?

2: Hawkgirl, how do you change clothes with your wings?

3: Batman, doesn't your company notice the money gone you use for watchtower?

4:How many Javelins do you wreck a week?

5:Green Lantern, do you even have a secret idenity?

6:Diana, why is your costome the colors of America if you're from Themiscrya?

7:Flash, have you ever actually gotten a date?

8:Batman, why do you grow up old and alone when wonder woman won't leave you alone?

9:Superman, how come no one has figured out your secret idenity I mean glasses, no glasses?

10:Hawkgirl, if you wear yellow how can GL save you all those times?

11:J'onn, how many oreos do you eat a day?

12:Diana, did you ever let Hephaestus losen your suit?

13: Green Lantern, how come the most creative thing you make with your ring is a bubble?

14:Batman, what would happen if all you're girlfriends were locked in a room, and if so that would be a big room?

15:Diana, do you eat beacon any more?

16: Hawkgirl, do you lay eggs?

17: Flash, how do you know you're the fastest man alive what about Superman?

18:Superman, have you ever been mistaken for a plane?

19:Batman, do you eat beacon now?

20: How many people pronounce Justice League wrong and say Just Us League?

21: Superman, when peoples shot at you, you let the bullets bounce of your chest, so why do you have to duck when they throw the gun

22: Wonder Woman, do you have to duck when they throw the gun?

23: Flash, can I have a DJ Rubber Ducky for Christmas?

24: Green Lantern, do you have an illegitimate son with Vixen?

25: Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl once said don't knock it until you try it, have you tried it yet?

26: Hey, Diana, you tried it with Batman right?

27: J'onn, if you ever shaped-shifted into a donkey, does that mean you made an ass out of yourself?

28: Superman, I know you reflect your laser vision off a mirror to shave, but wouldn't it melt the mirror

29: Green Lantern, have you ever considered the color yellow?

30: Batman, did you learn your detective skills from clue?

Reviewers, if you can answer any of these questions let me know, or write a story about, it's a good laugh we could all use

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