This Cannot Be Happening

Chapter 1

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"I'll be there in a couple minutes…I love you too. By babe." Sara flipped her phone shut, clipped it back to the visor, and then turned the radio back up. She was headed into the lab for the start of shift. Usually she rode with Gil, but he had to go in early for a meeting with Eklie and the Sheriff. She felt bad for him, but truthfully she enjoyed the time alone. When the light turned green, she began to press on the accelerator . Before she even saw the pick up it hit the driver's side of Sara's SUV. Sara blinked a few times, trying without success to hold up her head. 'What the hell just happened?' She wasn't even sure this was real.

"Oh my god! Are you okay?" She heard a woman's voice, but could not turn her head to see if someone was there. Sara started to struggle, but her left leg and arm were really hurting her. She reached over with her right hand and tried to open the door, but she didn't have the strength. "Just stay there sweetie, the paramedics are on their way."

"W-w-what h-h-happened?" She struggled to get the words out.

"That pick up ran the red light. Please just stay there," the woman became worried when Sara continued to struggle. She was relieved when she heard the sirens getting closer.


Grissom walked into the break room, ready to hand out the nightly assignments. Without looking up he just announced, "Catherine, you and Warrick finish your open case from last shift. Nick, you and Sara have a missing co-ed. Greg, you're with me, a D.B. with a possible break-in. Any questions?"

"Just one," said Nick.

"What?" Grissom said looking up for the first time since entering the room.

"Where's Sara?"

Grissom began looking around, "She's not here yet?" The others just shook their heads. "She was two minutes away half an hour ago," he said more to himself than to anyone else as he began to dial his cell phone.


Sara could hear her cell phone ringing, but could not reach it. "Just stay still for now m'am," one of the firefighters said to her. 'M'am' she hated that word.

A paramedic climbed in the passenger seat next to Sara and placed a collar around her neck, "Can you tell me your name?"

"Sara Grissom" she quietly responded, her head was pounding.

"Sara, I'm Keith, do you know what happened to you?" He began to check her vitals while she spoke.

"Pick up…hit…me. My… baby." She barely got the last part out.

Keith checked the back seat, not seeing any sign of a child he asked, "Are you pregnant?"

Sara nodded.

"How far along are you?"



Grissom dialed his phone again while he spoke to the group, "Okay, new plan. Cath, Rick you keep your assignment. Greg you take the co-ed, and Nick you take the break-in. When I find Sara one of us will join each of you."

"You'll let us know when you find her?" Catherine asked as she got up to leave.

Grissom nodded, and they headed down the hall to his office.

"Gil," he heard Jim's voice behind him and he turned.

"Jim I can't right now, I'm trying to find out where Sara is."

"Gil that's why I'm here." Grissom froze at his words, waiting for him to continue, "There was an accident; she is still at the scene."

"Is she okay?" He could barely get the words out because he was so nervous of the answer.

"The medics are working on her, come on I'll drive."


"Sara, your leg is caught on the door; we're going to have to cut the vehicle away from you. It may take a bit, just hang in there."

"Okay" She was very uneasy and starting to feel claustrophobic, but she knew she had no choice.

"There may be some pressure, but if you start to feel pain, let us know immediately, do you understand?"

Sara nodded as the fire fighters started to cut the metal way. "Ahhhhh!!!" She screamed.

Keith began to yell, "Hey guys stop!" He then turned to Sara, "What's wrong? Is it hurting?"

"Yyyyes" The pain was so bad that she could barely get the word out of her mouth. One of the fire fighters climbed in the back seat to try to see what the problem was. He motioned for Keith to come over with him.

The two men whispered for a few minutes and then Keith came back to talk to Sara. "Sara, the pain you were having is because part of the plastic from the inside of the door is tangled with your leg. We are working on another plan of attack, but for now, just hang tight."

Sara nodded.


Grissom and Jim pulled up to the accident scene. Grissom nearly choked when he saw her car, 'How could there be anyone in that mangled mess?' he wondered to himself.

One of the uniformed officers came up to them, Jim flashed his badge, and the officer stepped aside.

Sara saw Gil coming towards the car and she gathered all of the strength she could to call out to him, "Gil!" Now the emotion was catching up to her, and tears started to well up in her eyes.

"I'm here honey, I'm here!" He called to her.

Keith climbed out of the car to talk to Grissom, "You must be her husband."

"Yes, Gil Grissom, how is she?"

Keith took a deep breath, "She is trapped in the vehicle. The steering wheel was forced down onto her lap. There is a piece of door plastic stuck in her leg and as a result any attempt to cut the door away causes her a great deal of pain. Right now we have to find a way to remove the door without causing her further injury-"

Keith was interrupted by Sara screaming from the SUV. He climbed back into the car leaving Grissom standing there even more worried.

"Sara, talk to me. What's going on?"

Sara really had to put a lot of effort into talking, "I…think…Con-trac-tion."

"Alright Sara, I want you to try to calm yourself down a little, let me know if you have another one." Keith went to work checking Sara's vitals again. Before he was done, she grabbed his hand and was squeezing it, unable to speak. "Another contraction?" She could only nod. After it was done, he calmly said, "Sit tight, I'll be right back."

Keith walked over to the other medic and firefighters, "We have a problem, she is 24 weeks pregnant and has had two contractions in the last seven minutes. We need to get her out now and to the hospital, or that baby has no chance."



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