I Cannot Believe This Is Happening

Chapter 4

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When Sammy was six weeks old, he was finally strong enough to come home. He was doing great. He was up to six pounds and eleven ounces, almost the size of an average newborn.

Of course two new problems presented themselves, but both were eagerly tackled. They still had not assembled the crib, and they needed a car seat. So the morning Sammy was to come home, the couple stopped at the store and purchased a travel system which included a carrier, car seat base, and stroller. Grissom spent the rest of the morning attempting to put the crib together while Sara installed the base of the car seat carrier.

Sara was easily done long before Grissom, and couldn't resist the urge to go to Sammy's room and taunt her poor husband about it. She walked into the room and immediately had to stifle a laugh. The sight before her was priceless, pieces of the crib were scattered around the room. Grissom was in the middle of the chaos with a side of the crib in one hand, another side balanced against his knee, and a screw driver in his other hand. He was attempting to drive in the screw that would hold the two larger pieces together, but in a matter of seconds all of the pieces went crashing to the floor.

Sara could no longer contain her laughter. Grissom looked over at her, not at all amused, "At just what are you laughing?"

"Are you really asking me that?" By now tears were going down her face. Grissom took a look around himself and began to laugh as well. Before long they were both in hysterics. They needed the release so badly. It was the first time in two months that they had had a good laugh about anything.

Eventually the laughter died down, "Here, let me help you." Sara held the two large pieces so he could connect them.

After a couple more pieces were attached, something occurred to Grissom, "Honey?"

"Yeah?" Sara responded while picking up another side and holding it in place.

"How did you get up here?"

"I walked," she replied, a little confused about the question.

"I mean, where are you crutches?"

"Oh, I don't know. Somewhere I guess." She bit her lower lip, worried that he was going to get all protective on her. She would never admit this, but she loved it when he worried about her.

"Are you sure you should be walking without them?"

"Well I better get used to it. I cannot very well use crutches and carry Sammy, especially when you go back to work next week."

Grissom just nodded as he turned the last screw. He knew there was no stopping her when her mind was set to something, so he decided to drop the issue.

Sara put the sheet over the mattress and set it in the crib. A stray tear made its way down her face, and was immediately noticed by her husband, "Hey, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. Everything's right. Everything is finally right. He's coming home today. It's real. Gil, he is actually coming home today." By now tears were streaming down her face, but the smile proved they were happy tears.

Grissom held his wife, stroking her back for a few minutes before saying, "Are you ready?"

"More than ready, let's go."


Less than an hour later Sara and Grissom were receiving discharge information for Sammy. They both were positively glowing with the biggest smiles either had ever had on their faces. The proud parents spent a few minutes packing up the various items accumulated around their son's area as well as bundling him into the carrier. They left the hospital for the last time and headed to the car with their son.

After attaching the carrier to the base, Sara and Grissom climbed in their seats. Grissom started the car and drove home. When they pulled into their drive, they were not very surprised to see Jim, Catherine, and Lindsay sitting on their front porch. The Grissom family made their way to the porch.

"Sorry guys, we couldn't resist," said Catherine.

"I'm sure you couldn't, Catherine" Grissom responded with a smile.

"Well we brought lunch, if you'll let us inside," Jim offered holding up some Chinese take-out.

Now it was Sara's turn, "In that case, come on in." She was also smiling.

The friends shared the food and conversation as Sammy slept soundly in the middle of the action. "Should we move him to his crib?" Grissom asked.

"He'll be fine there for now. He should be hungry soon anyway," Sara responded. Sure enough, minutes later, Sammy was crying for a bottle. Sara went to the kitchen while Grissom attempted to undo the straps holding his son in place.

Catherine couldn't help but laugh at the intelligent man before her who was fighting with a car seat carrier's straps to release his son. A few minutes later, and Sammy was enjoying his lunch as well. Once everyone was finished, the cameras came out as Sammy was passed around for everyone to hold.

A while later the visitors had left and Grissom, Sara, and Sammy were alone for the fist time in their home. A comfy blanket was laid on the floor for Sammy. His parents lay on either side of him. They spent an hour just playing together.

"He has your mouth, Sara."

"Really, you think so?"

"Your smile too."

"My smile? How do you know? He can't even smile yet."

"I can tell, he'll have your smile," he winked at her.

"He has your baby blues," she smiled at him.

"For now, but they will probably get darker."

"No, I think he'll have blue eyes, won't you Sammy." She reached down and tickled his tummy. Sammy in turn kicked his legs and waved his arms.


Later that night, Sara sat rocking Sammy as he fell asleep drinking a bottle. She continued to rock as he slept, enjoying the warmth of his body in her arms. After a bit, she stood and gently lowered him into the crib. She switched on the monitor and walked to the door. When she turned to watch her son sleeping for a moment, two arms slipped around her waist and two lips brushed her neck. The owner of the arms and lips paused when he noticed she wasn't moving from the door.

"Sara, he's safe."

"I know Gil, but I just keep thinking how close we were to…" She trailed off unable to say the words.

He pulled her to the hall and closed the door, "But, he is safe now. He is healthy." He put his arms around her, standing there holding her in his embrace.

The End

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