Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own TOS BSG in it many forms. This show belongs to Glen Larson and the corporations. This work is a tribute to that show.

Dedicated to Soledad. Here is the follow-up to Faith. It is a rough draft only.

By: FireStar



Personal log- Giving Humanity Hope

Let the word forth to every colony every outpost…

How is it this man's word strike such a cord in all of us. Is it that he is the last surviving member of the Council of the Twelve? Is it because he sound so certain and sure of himself. I saw him coming out of the wreckage of what was once his home. He hands are covered in ash and he is carrying a small black book. What is it he holds? What does he know that we do not. Why is he so steady and strong? I am compelled by some unknown force to step forward and offer homage to him. So I speak suddenly uncertain though all around assume I am in control.

"Commander Adama?"

A hush falls over the crowd who only moments earlier were ready to rip the young colonial warrior to pieces. I remember the one mans words and his that suddenly stopped the violence as fear crept in.

"Where were you? Where were you and those fancy machines when they were killing us by the thousands?"

The warrior pushes back and locks eyes with his accuser "Most of us are dead. Only the Galactica yet survives."

His words seemed to bring a death toll to all of us. We are frozen unable to move or react. What had happened? The morning had broken with such High hopes? We were finally going to know peace after a thousand yearns of fighting our enemies the Cylons. All over the Twelve colonies of man there were parties going on. Our valiant fleet was to meet with the Cylons to sign a peace treaty at Cimitar. A chance to live in peace and put aside war. Then it happened Cylons came in the thousands strafing Caprica many shooting up our largest cities and people. We were sitting Fowl with so many out celebrating. We were caught totally unprepared as they came in with deadly intent.

One moment I was giving the count down to peace and in the next I was running to save my son and myself. As the raiders attacked I knew the only real peace the Cylons intended was to give us the peace of the dead. How we had been fooled with hope….

Now I look over at a man who had along with Commander Cain spoke out against the peace treaty. A man who despite his disagreement supported our government. A man who somehow saved a single Battlestar. The Galactica. I listen now as he offers us the rarest thing in our despair. Hope?

So the word went forth and ships of every shape and size come to the gathering point. I look out and see a colonial mover pass us by. Embossed on its hull. "We move anywhere?" The irony of that is not lost at me as I prepare to cover the event.

I wait with countless others to see what Adama will say. He stands there now even more impressive then he was on Caprica.

"We will go forth to join our brothers and sisters. A family we have not seen in over a thousand yearn…. A thirteenth tribe.

"A shining planet known as Earth"

This man this legend has saved us all and perhaps more importantly given us "Hope!"

End log Serena.