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A/N: Alternate Universe where Adama passes on and its Apollo and company that help Earth. Loosely based on BSG1980 with a few twists and turns of my own that may surprise a few people.

Part 6

The president of the United States was smiling as he called in several key congressional leaders. He was rather certain he was going to shock them. He sipped his coffee with deep pleasure. It had been a long few days. He knew that the news of this new clean power that had been developed would send shock waves across the world. The fact that it was being gifted to his nation was a miracle. He was a little less then pleased that this same gift was being given to several other nations some whom were rivals but, he understood the reasoning. He wondered if congress would be as shocked as he had been? Oh well it hardly mattered he had the agreement and if his country was to benefit they had to agree to give real peace a chance. Something he wanted anyway. What sane man wanted to risk the world and the lives of billions? Not him, not anymore. The telephone rang and he smiled. One last pep talk it seemed. Someone was as nervous about this as he was which he supposed was only natural.

He smiled."Thank you Troy I will be informing the congressional committee in about five minutes. Thank you for that very detailed report. Ah they are here so I will say good bye for now. I will arrange a meeting for you and the doctor soon."

"Good Bye Mr. President. My father sends his greetings and reminds you that this is a hope for a better future for all of humanity."

"I know and good day." He hung up the telephone and rose to greet several people. "Ah please come in ladies and gentlemen. I have just gotten some very good news. News that will change the world forever, I am certain that this day will go down in history."

Several members of congress looked at the President then each other.

"Sir, Mr. President what has happened?" Senator James asked.

"Well Senator I just got off the red phone. It seems that our friends in the Soviet Union have decided to pursue peace. They have offered unilateral disarmament."

Several members of congress froze.

"What!" They shouted as one.

The president chuckled. "I have agreed as like our friends in the Soviet Union I have been given an offer, an offer that well I would be a fool to turn down. It is an offer for unlimited free energy."

Now several of his nation's top leaders looked at him like he had gone crazy. "Coffee anyone, I am sure this is a shock. I would offer something stronger but it is only 10am."

"Mr. President, you called them the Evil Empire."

"Yes, yes I did, and ….well it seems that description worried some people. It worried them enough that they decided to make both of our nations this offer. Because they would not like to see us end up in a nuclear war."

"Huh?" Senator Henry James said. "Ok now I am confused. What offer what energy and how the hell… what the hell is going on ….sir."

The president laughed. "Let's just say we now have Hope. Someone just reminded both myself and Mr. Gorsky that Faith and Hope are universal human emotions. That peace is all mankind's birthright as is freedom. The freedom to choose, sometimes I think we forget that part. That freedom; is not always the same for everyone, that every nations may not share our vision. However Hope and faith are universal and that it can be rewarded. We are getting a "freebee" Clean renewable recyclable energy. "

There was a stunned silence. The various congressmen and women looked at each other and at the president and wondered if he was insane or if maybe….a new era was about to begin.