6Teen Story

Summary-a psycho killer enters the mall and starts capping people

disclaimer- I don't not own 6Teen characters, but the killer is mine

One day, the gang was all meeting at the squeeze, like they always did. They all greeted each other and started drink lemonade while talking to each other about how life and
school was. "Um Jonsey, aren't you gonna be late for your new job?" asked Nikki. "Holy Fuck!!!! I am gonna be late!!!!" screamed Jonsey. Jude burst out laughing when he saw that when he panicked, Jonsey spilled his lemonade, making it look like he pissed himself. "What about you Jude? I herd that fat ass boss of yours committed suicide" Jen asked him. "I don't know what I'm gonna do for a job now, I tried getting into that taco place but the bitch just laughed and then I left" "She did that to you too? Well I'm gonna try to find a job today too" Wyatt added.

Later that day
Has Jonsey was running to his new work, the gun shop, he stopped to notice that a hot chick was waving at him "hubba hubba" she whistled at her. She flipped him off has her boyfriend, who was behind him walked past Jonsey. "Oh Shit! I'm even fucking later now!" he yelled.

So he ran for a bit when someone called him "hey you" "who said that" "me you fuck tard" "who's me?" "Open your fucking eyes and walk to your left" "duh…. Ok"
so he took a step over and waited, waited for something to happen. "so, who are you?" "oh I'm no one you know, I'm here to slaughter you miserable excuses for a fucking human being. Oh when I'm done with you, your gonna wish you were able to crawl up your sluty whore of a mothers pussy!" he laughed. "Fuck you! I'm outa here!"
He ran, ran has fast as his legs would carry him. He never felt that knife enter his back, but he knew he was done for when the guy walked up to him and dragged him away.

From out side the door….

"No, please, don't do this man I beg of you please…AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH gurgle" "heh heh heh, lets see you get a chick with that face now, heh heh heh" the killer walked out cleaning his knife on a piece of Jonsey's shirt, with the arm still attached. He chucked the arm into a nearby garbage can and walked on to find his next victim…….