6teen-End of it All

Massacre at the sports shop.

The killer was in a utility closet, hidden from the view of others. He was going over his check list of people he had killed…

"Nikki, Jonsey, Wyatt, Caitlyn, Wayne, The Clones, only the rest of them to go…"
Jen was working her shift, stocking up hockey sticks and tennis balls when Jude rode up. "Hey bra" "Hey Jude" she replied. She liked Jude; he always made her smile. After a few awkward minutes, "have you seen Jonsey, Wyatt or Nikki?" "No, haven't seen them since this morning, its liked the all died or something" she replied. They shared a laugh, and then Jude skated to work.

Jen finished her task and left to take a break. Little to her knowledge, someone was going to pay the penalty box a visit. She went, grabbed a coffee, drank it up and walked off to work. When she got back, a horrific scene met her. She saw pools of blood, limbs torn off and even some people who have been horribly hurt still alive. She rushed over to someone with missing arms and started questioning him. "What happened, who did this?" "What happened?? Are you blind! Look around!" he died from that last yell. She walked up and down the aisles. "Doesn't anybody notice this?!" she yelled to a group of friends who walked by. "Mom, whys that lady yelling?" some kid called out, across from where Jen stood. Just then, something had hit Jen smack dab in the back of her head…

She awoke in a utility closet. Hazily she looked around. " Where am I?" She saw computer monitors. She noticed that she was stuck in a contraption. She was bleeding and she noticed that it hurt to move, even to breathe. She looked down and found a machine that was inside of her stomach…

A man in all black came out of what looked like nowhere. "I wouldn't breathe to hard, that thing might go off." " What is this…this…thing! Where am I?? Tell me!" "You don't need to know the answers, you only need to know how you will survive." She lay there trying to make head or tails of this. After a long pause, he spoke again " So will you try to get out and die or try to save someone you love?" "What do you mean?" "I mean this!" he hit a button and a piece of the wall flipped up. Her mother was strapped to a machine, which held open her mothers mouth. 4 sharp hooks where sticking out of the corners of her mouth.

"Please tell me what you want me to do, I don't wish to see my mom suffer." "heh…heh…HAHAHAHAHAHA…there's nothing you can do. I want revenge and by hell I'm gonna get it!" he hit another button and Jen's mother got her face ripped in half, her bloody face cried blood. Jen was in utter shock. She thought how could he do this? This can't be happening she then heard the machine in her stomach come to life. It twisted and pulled her intestines, she heard a snapping noise come from inside her abdomen. She cried a tear, she cried another. Her tears eventually became blood being forced out. She coughed up blood and then it was over. Her guts spilled across the stained floor. The machine has done it's job…

" Now only one more to go then I can exterminate the rest of the heathens that infest this mall…"
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