Don't Be Naive

// 'Even if it rains.' //

"Welcome home, honey!"

May smiled brightly as her mother pulled her through the door and into a hug. She barely had time to suffocate in her mother's embrace when her mother traded her in for her younger brother. May didn't mind as she was exhausted and the last thing she needed was a barrage of questions that her mother was so skilled in making. May made her way upstairs, her backpack suddenly seeming too heavy, and stopped a moment to admire her room.

It had been a while, she conceded.

In a moment of total and utter exhaustion, May collapsed on her bed, enjoying the feel of the sheets and the smell of detergent laundry. All those times she had to camp out in the wild, or endure a rainstorm because they couldn't find a Pokemon Center -- well, she appreciated the little things now. She let a smile touch her lips, excitement tingling in her spine. She still couldn't believe that she had traveled so far, and almost won best coordinator. Her, the girl that had grown up her entire life as 'Norman's Kid', or 'The Petalburg Gym Leader's Daughter.' She had gone through the most amazing experiences, and even getting stuck out in the rain seemed pleasant now. Not to mention all of the amazing people she had met. Gym leaders, trainers, coordinators, and even other pokemon specialist. Why there was that time when she--

"May! Come downstairs, honey. Your supper is ready!"

May sighed and slipped off her shoes. They were torn and battered, she thought ruefully. She finally abandoned them with a wistful sigh and skipped downstairs, trying to settle back into the flow of her old life. After all, it wasn't very likely that she was ever going to on an adventure like the one she had just come home from.

Getting bored already?

May shook her head to herself. She was glad to be home, she really was. It would just take some getting used to. Nothing major. Maybe her dad would let her battle some of the trainers at the gym! May felt excitement build up at the prospect and immediately thought about Ash. The guy who lived, breathed, and if he could, eaten pokemon battles. May wondered if he had made it to Pallet Town already.

She slipped smoothly into a chair, her brother Max seated across from her, and stared at the head place on the table.

"Isn't that coming?"

She asked automatically. Her mother gave her a sad smile.

"He said he'd be here honey, but sometimes he just gets held up in the gym, you know."

Of course she knew. It was the one thing she didn't miss. But she had thought, no, worse -- she had hoped, that her homecoming would be an exception. It wasn't her father's fault, May knew this, but it didn't make things any better.

Her mother served the food, Max wasted no time in digging in, but May just toyed with her food. It wasn't that she didn't like the food, it looked very appetizing after her diet of berries, but May missed watching Brock concoct.

"One of these days you're going to poison us, Brock!"

May said, teasingly. Brock only smiled in return before beginning his montage of love.

"Yes and my lovely nurse joy will be there to cure you. How beautiful she--"

Come to think of it, May thought with a smile, she didn't quite miss that part of her day as much. But still--

"So May, tell me, how are your new friends?"

Her mother inquired. May took a sip of the soup before her, before replying.

"I guess Ash made it back to Pallet town by now, and Brock is probably off in a pokemon center torturing some poor nurse Joy or getting arrested by an unfortunate officer Jenny..."

May hadn't realized that she was laughing to herself until she caught her mother's stare.

"You wouldn't believe Brock. You'd have to travel with him to understand, sometimes he's just so--"

May began, but her mother interrupted her.

"Darling, whatever happened to that darling boy--?"

"Ash? I just told you he--"

The interruptions continued.

"No, that other boy, what was his name? Ah, now I remember! That lovely boy named Drew."

"Oh you mean May's boyfriend?"

Max answered, May glared at him.

"Oh I knew there was something going on with those roses, May. When will you see--"

May stood from the table, abandoning her meal.

"I have no idea about the roses, mom. Drew was just... Anyway, he isn't my boyfriend, and I don't think I'll ever see him again. We only met because he was entering the Pokemon Contest just like me, and I don't really know what hes going to do now."

May realized that she finished in a huff, and apologized to her mother.

"I'm sorry mom; I don't really think I'm hungry."

"But your father--"

Her mother tried to interrupt, but May beat her to it.

"He's not coming."

She said, sparing a sad smile, and headed upstairs.


Max called out to her.

"Max, I'm kind of tired right now, okay?"

No one followed her, and May decided that she'd make up it up to her mother tomorrow. As she climbed the stairs May realized that she was tired. She went into her room for the second time in a long time, and eyed her bed with resentment. And for the first time, and not the last time, May wished she could camp out with Ash and Brock.

Even if it was raining.

Drew eyed his pokeballs with a blank stare, almost not really looking at them, but past them. He couldn't concentrate on training that afternoon, and now he was in a Pokemon Center, resting before he made his way to his next destination. He didn't really know where he was going, or why, but aimless wandering usually brought him to a town where he met interesting people. Now, that the contest was over, he really had nothing to do. It was too early to start training for the next year, besides his pokemon would need a good week to recover, and even he was feeling a bit tired.

Tomorrow morning, he decided, he would request a map of the region and see where he should go. There was bound to be a town somewhere near with some sights to see. And besides, Drew thought as he turned out the lights, if he was lucky he might just run into May again.

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