Drew raised a hand, all cool and smirked. "Funny running into you here, May."

Well it really wasn't funny and he should have known better, but things never worked out the way he wanted them to. Or they did, but May always got mixed up in his affairs regardless. Maybe it was a sign, fate or something equally as ridiculous.

Her eyes were so bright as she walked towards him, hair colored fire underneath the sun. Her hair was free of that hat she habitually wore, and she wore a blue shirt with the petalburg gym logo on the sleeve. It was hard not to notice her affiliation with it, but that was unimportant. To be frank, Drew was hoping to run into May after winning a few more awards, catching a few more pokemon. He felt completely unimpressive as she reached him, her hands on her knees, breathing hard. This amused him considerably, because she didn't have to run - he wasn't going anywhere, anyway.

"What a surprise to see you here!" her smile was unrestrained and contagious. Drew smiled back.

"Yeah," he scratched the back of his head. "I just couldn't stay away."

May punched his shoulder without any real force and laughed. "Come inside, Max will be happy to see you again."

What about you? Drew wanted to ask, but didn't. He didn't even have a proper rose to give her. Now he felt completely unprepared.

May took his hand and dragged him in.

"What are you intentions with my daughter?"

May buried her face in her hands for the fifth time that evening. Drew was seated next to Max, who shot his sister a cheeky grin. May's mother paused in mid bite, not even bothering to pretend that she wasn't intent on listening to his response.

Drew swallowed, his throat dry. "Ahem, in regards to what, sir?"

"In regards to everything!" Well, the leader of the Petalburg gym sure didn't waste any time.

"Dad!" May protested, deeply embarrassed.

"Honey, your father only means well..."

"Mom, you're supposed to be on my side!" May looked horribly disappointed. Her mother coughed into her napkin weakly.

"Yeah, do you like my sister or something?" Max chimed in.

Drew was beginning to plot his escape. He could handle the situation. He'd smoothly talked his way out of crowds of fangirls and stadiums, out of conference rooms full of sponsors - he could do this.

"Well, ah, I think this is a question that May should answer."

May looked at him with what could have been a look promising torture or death, or a combination of both and Drew wondered, for the tenth time, if he could fit through the window. He couldn't. May glared at him. Real smooth, Drew...

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