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Naruto is a horrid sleeping buddy.

Even to be around while sleeping. Though Naruto can't help it, Kakashi still wants to take a freshly sharpened kunai and stab the kitsune in the throat over and over again.

The copy cat ninja sighed. "God…how hasn't he attracted-" he cringed as the blonde screamed again. "Our enemies!?" He thought of slapping him, but reconsidered. Naruto would somehow be even louder than he was now.

"Another sleepless night for us, ne, Kaka-sensei?"


Sakura groaned as the other screamed loudly again. "What do you think he's dreaming about?"

"Probably something from 'Icha Icha Paradise'…"


"He's a growing boy. Why, when I was his age-"

"SHUT UP! I don't wanna know!" she looked at Naruto, whose face was distorted.


Naruto Groaned.

"Wet dream."

"You have no faith in him! Naruto's not like that!"

"You're just saying that because it's most likely about you…"


He tensed as her chakra flared. "Kidding Sakura-chan!" he looked back down at the boy, wondering if he SHOULD smack him.

"Oh GOD-" Naruto groaned oddly, making the two stare at him with wide eyes. "SA-SASUKE!!!" he arched his back, completely relaxing afterward.

Sakura and Kakashi stared horrified at the boy in front of them, who was now silent and seems quite content with himself.






Kakashi smirked. "Told you."


What is with me writing these stories that MAKE NO SCENCE!

oh yeah! There fun!

Hope you laughed!