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"It all began when Lindsay and I overheard this bimbo from accounting telling her friends how she was planning to bed Danny after the fund raiser party, and she went on saying how Linds wasn't any competition whatsoever, so… you see… we HAD to do something about it. Really."


"Honest to God. Why don't you believe me? Everyone else seems happy with the story and the outcome…"

"Everyone else doesn't know you as well as I do. So… spill"

She lets out a sigh, defeated. "Oh, all right. If you really want to know. It all began about 4 days ago when Linds and I had stopped at the ladies washroom on the 4th floor right after the budget meeting…."


"So, anyway. I got the dress. I mean, it's like, totally awesome. Makes me look smokin' hot. Really. Like, this cute guy that was outside the dressing rooms, like, waiting for his girl, he was so totally checking me out. Like, offering to help me with the zipper and stuff…"

"And did ya like, hook up with him, I mean?"

"Eww, gross. As if! Totally not cool. I got that dress for someone else, like, to get him eating off my hands, really…"

Stella Bonasera almost had it with this "Britney-meets-Paris" dialogue and was about to leave the bathroom stall when she heard a familiar name and decided to endure them a bit longer to find out what they had in mind. It wasn't gossiping… it was looking out for one of her own.

"So, anyway, about Friday, are you like, really going to the fund raiser. Bo-o-ring."

"Donnie Flack is going"

"What-ever. He's like… old. And he doesn't have a car. And he ain't that hot"

"You're so absofuckinglutely outta your mind! And I really, really, like, need you to come with me. I don't wanna to arrive alone. So please?"

"Yeach… you've like, totally lost it. I mean like, totally spaced out. I could get ya coming to nail Donnie, but coming to get Messer? He's, like, mayor geek."

"Duh… whatever. He's got this cute ass and you know how the secretaries down at the precinct say he's like, hot in bed. Fuckin' A+ fuck. And he's so gonna be mine come Friday…"

"Newsflash! He'll be coming with the other CSI girl, you know, country mouse?"

"Hello? Eww… as if! Once he sees me wearing this dress, she'll be like… gone. Really. So please? Pretty please? I'll hook ya up with Donnie so you don't have to go home alone…"

The rest of the conversation was cut short by the bathroom door closing behind the two girls, who seemingly had the evening all planned out already. Stella felt a mix of sadness and revolt. They couldn't be older than 25 and they were still behaving like teens, relying solely on their looks and sexuality to get them what they wanted. Stella couldn't help but shudder. She knew both Danny and Don were beyond those kinds of games already. But, they were also male, young, single, and by the time these girls put the moves on them, they'd probably be drunk enough to go for it.

She heard a bathroom stall open behind her. "Hey, Linds, do you think we should…."

The next words died on her lips when she realized it wasn't Lindsay, but Emma Lou Stevens, who had come out of the stall and was now at the sinks washing her hands.

"Emma Lou"


Both women took their time getting ready to leave.

"Kids these days", Emma Lou commented, pleasantly, "But, then again, you and I weren't so different back in our days, weren't we?" Stella shrugged her shoulders, noncommittally. "But they're right, you know. That girl from the country? She's nice but average. A bit on the blah side, really. And I'm assuming dear Danny boy hasn't changed a bit. He's still a tits-n-arse guy, isn't he? Surely this girl must know she's aiming too high above her range, right?"

Stella was biting her lips and clutching her briefcase, barely holding her composure. She had already counted to 10 and backwards, both in English and in Greek, and she was loosing the battle with her temper. God knew the last thing she needed was a confrontation with Emma Lou, not after what had happened a couple of years ago, which had kept Stella a household name in the office gossip mill for quite some time. She decided that ignoring Emma Lou was probably the best course of action given the circumstances.

"As for this… Donnie Flack… if he's half as good looking as his dad once was, he must be a real heartthrob. Oh! I'm so sorry Stell… here I am talking about things that, clearly, you know more about that I do. " Emma Lou put her lipstick back into her purse and headed for the door, and then added, as if an afterthought, "But, then again, you always liked younger guys. And if Danny hasn't changed, why should you?"

And with that, she was gone.

Stella threw her briefcase at the mirror and cursed in every language she knew. Emma Lou still knew how to push her buttons, and that made her more angry than the witch's insinuation. Oh, how she hated her! She wanted nothing more than to be able to wipe that smug grin from Emma Lou's face…

Then she heard a noise coming form the last stall in the bathroom and she froze. She prayed with all her might that it wasn't Lt. Tenorio in there. God knew she'd made a fool of herself in front of her boss's boss more times than she cared to remember… including that little scene with Emma Lou at the Millennia fundraiser.

But the door opened, and she came face to face with a clearly upset Lindsay Monroe, and Stella felt a pinch of pity for the woman in front of her. She wished Lindsay hadn't had to hear any of the things the damn bitches from the administrative area were saying about the CSIs. But, no such luck.

Lindsay smiled at Stella, not feeling an ounce of it, and headed for the sinks, where she stood contemplating her reflection on the mirror. She turned sideways, tucked her tummy in, and gave her figure a critical once over. "Clearly, not much of a figure there", she muttered, more to herself than to Stella.

And that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. Or Stella's level of bullshit acceptance.

"The way I see it Linds, we got two choices. WE can pretend none of this ever happened, go back to our happy lil CSI's existence, attend the fund raiser Friday wearing the first thing we find in our closet that resembles formal attire, smile placidly and watch from the sidelines how a couple of bimbos snag our boys form under our noses…"


"Or we could go shopping as soon as we're done with the budget meeting"

Lindsay's eyes grew bigger as understanding made a way through her brain.

"And I don't know about you, honey, but I got a couple of credit cards in dire need of severe retail damage"

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