By: drabble-monger

A/N: Monger's Monger. I mean drabble. I wrote it because drabble made me. Again.

Monger: I do not own Beyblade or it's characters. Yeah.

Drabble: …you suck at this.

Monger: ...I know. :D


There he was now, she was going to prove her friends wrong, but first, she had to catch up to him. He turned the corner. Almost time to turn, then…::BAM::

She was stuck between a wall, and none-other than Kai himself.

"Why are you following me Hilary?"

Dang, he knew she was following him.

"Um…to say hi?"

His silent gaze told her that he knew that wasn't why.

"Well, um…I wanted to show you this…" she quickly searched her backpack for something remotely interesting.

That's when she spotted it.

"- This ladybug mask!"

He gave her a bored look.

"I should care because…?"

"Because…I wanted your opinion on it?" she said, silently hoping he would buy it.

"…No comment." He said as he slowly began to walk away.

She had to think quickly. She needed something to keep him here.

"Kai, wait! I want a REAL opinion!"

Annoyed and without turning around, he replied, "Well what do you want me to say?"

She replied, "How does it look?"

As he turned to see what she meant, he said, "What are you ta-"

He stopped mid-sentence, finally noticing what she was talking about. There she stood. With the mask on her face.

And he couldn't help but notice how cute she looked, with that mask and those determined eyes.

And with the smallest of smiles, he replied, "It looks…interesting."

She smiled back, surprised, yet happy with his answer.

With that said, he turned around, and walked away.

Once he was out of earshot, Hilary quickly ran over to her friends, hiding nearby.

"See? What did I tell you?" said Hilary. With a smile at the thought, she continued, "The Ice Prince CAN smile."



Monger: Based on the fact that drabble forced me too. And she picked the ladybug prompt. We pick each other's prompts. :D

Drabble: …Shut up. You're SO EMO, you can't see past your jaded vision. FROM THE INSIDE OF YOUR ASS. Pwn, Biotch.

Monger::Looks at what Drabble wrote:: I don't get it.

Drabble: GRAWR. …::sigh::pats::.

Drabble 2, on our drabble-mongering quest :D