Title: Where The Heart Is
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: None
Rating: PG
Word Count: 600
Disclaimer: Entirely not mine.
Summary: Sam's thoughts on platonic love upon coming across a dictionary word. Not Wincest.
Warnings: None.
Notes: Thanks so much to the awesome xphoenixrising for the beta.

n. A couple in love with each other; A paramour; A sexual partner.

It's strange, Sam mused, how that single word could bring up so many sexual connotations. Couples were termed as lovers – perhaps husband and wife, or girlfriend and boyfriend, but the secular love always rang out, loud and clear, from behind the term.

Love. It was such a loose word that could be applied to almost anything. An item, a pet, even religion – one could love one's car, or cat, or even God. If you thought about it that way, then everyone was a lover. Everyone loved.

Or maybe, Sam thought, your feelings had to be reciprocated. You had to be loved back.

But what of platonic love? A love based entirely on emotions. A child's love for a parent, or, in Sam's case, a sibling.

If there was one person Sam had always loved, one thing Sam had never doubted, it was the love he and his brother shared. Dean had been the perfect older brother for as long as he could remember – always teasing and annoying the hell out of Sam with his badass comments, yet always there when it mattered. Whenever he'd been sick, or scared, or had a nightmare, his brother was there to comfort him and nurse him back to health. And Sam knew that when it came down to it, he would willingly sacrifice himself for Dean. In a heartbeat.

They had a purely platonic love, yet Sam had no doubt that their love was stronger than the love of most couples. Sam loved Dean without hesitance, without condition, and he knew that it was the same for his brother. Couples based their love on closeness, on pleasure. When those factors were gone, the relationships usually fell apart. But not for them. Even when Sam had gone off to Stanford, and countless states had separated them, the faith, the love, the protectiveness had always been there – guarding him, comforting him.

They'd shared endless experiences throughout their lives. As a child, Dean had practically raised Sam, and even now, his older brother continued to protect him. Countless shrieks of laughter and pain, triumph and hardship – and bonds like that just couldn't be broken. Sam knew that their love was something constant and perpetual – something purely platonic, yet would outlast so many secular loves.

It was almost ironic, he mused, that it was the ones who needed physical love that was termed the "lovers".

He had no idea why people attached such surface terms to something that was meant to be deep and meaningful – it made no sense to do so. Yet a part of him was past logic, at the point where he realized that rationality didn't matter. It was enough to know that Dean was there. And for him, home was with Dean – home is where the heart is.

At some point, Sam had realized – what used to be his dream, his "ideal" apple-pie life and picket-fence house, could never be home – at least, not a loving one – because his brother wouldn't be there. As long as the two of them stayed together, he would always be at home – whether it was hunting demons, or driving down an endless highway with ACDC blasting behind them. His brother was his stability, his support, and for him, that was all he needed - everything that was meaningful.

It didn't matter why the world didn't match up, or why their life was the insanity that it was – as long as Dean was there, he was home.

Home and loved.