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Stolen Memories

01: Indifference

"Hi Haruhi" Tamaki Suou greeted in a comical voice.

"What do you want?" the brown-eyed girl asked in a dry voice. She barely looked up from the book she was reading.

"Nothing" he said as she felt him sit beside her in the couch located in the third music room.

"Then don't bother me" she muttered turning away from him. "I'm just curious about what your reading" he said in a sad voice that made Haruhi Fujioka glanced up at his flawless face. She let out a quiet sigh.

"I'm studying" she said to him. "Why don't you try to do something else"

Tamaki pouted and looked around. "Everyone seem pre-occupied"

Haruhi looked around and noticed that all the host club members were actually doing something.

The dark haired Kyouya Ootori was busy typing in his laptop in the opposite side of the room, in front of him Takashi Morinozuka was sipping tea, while the blonde and cute Mitsukuni Huninozuka was sleeping like a baby. And lastly the twins to her surprise were busy looking at some magazines.

Haruhi then averted her gaze on the most beautiful boy beside her and frowned. "So your bothering me instead, am I right?"

Tamaki smiled. "I like being with you"


"Well senpai.." she said trying to think of something, "Is it because your intrigue I'm a commoner?"

He nodded playing with his hands, "That's one thing and the other is that…"his voice faded, his heart thumping wildly. Haruhi stared at his reddening cheeks.

"Are you thinking about something perverted again?" she asked loudly. Which stirred the twins up and they both approached them.

"My lord is always a perverted" they said in unison grabbing Haruhi helplessly by the arm.

"No! Wait.." Tamaki yelled extending his arms as if to call Haruhi back. "It's not true!"

The twins snickered as they pulled Haruhi far from him. Kyouya shook his head, "Can't you do something right for once?" he asked Tamaki.

"What did I do wrong?" Tamaki asked dramatically clutching his chest. "Your what's wrong.."Kyouya pointed out, "Your insanity goes up to the roof whenever you're around her"


"B-but.." he stammered and looked at Mori who was nodding silently.

"If you want to win her think of something simple" Kyouya advised him.

"Something simple.." he whispered as an idea struck him.

Haruhi hurried across the courtyard in order to catch the bus home. That's when someone jumped right in front of her.

"Senpai!!" she scolded him. "Are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

Tamaki shook his blonde head, "Sorry but I need to ask your permission if I can come to your house this weekend"

She starred at him suspiciously, "Why?"

"I just want to spend time with—" he stopped when Haruhi glared at him, "Look senpai the last thing I need is for you to mess up my house again. So could you please go.." she said walking pass through him.

"But Haruhi I was just trying to.." his voice weak. Her words seemed like ice penetrating his brain. "How come your like this to me?" he asked in a different tone, one she never heard before. A voice with pain in it.

"How come you agreed to go out with Hikaru last time?" he asked.

Haruhi stopped in her tracks. "That was because Kaoru wanted it" she simply answered.

"Then why can't.." he said then he stopped and turn her back on her, "I will never understand you Haruhi, even though I want too so badly" then he suddenly ran away. Haruhi turned and looked at his tall figure. She just didn't understand why she was so indifferent to him.

Not yet for now.

"Tamaki senpai" she whispered then turned to leave. Suddenly somebody let out a blood-curling scream. Before she knew it her feet was carrying her to the direction of the scream. Her heart was beating unusually fast.

A crowd was gathering by the entrance gate of the school. Haruhi pushed her petite body against the throng of people.

Then she stopped dead in her tracks. Her knees nearly giving way as the sight in front of her registered in her mind.

"Oh my god..its Tamaki Suou" somebody cried out.


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