Bathing Beauty

Chapter 21

Warning: M rating is for mature audiences due to tasteful but sexually explicit material.

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Cam is about to leave the building when she sees a security officer walking toward Dr. Brennan's office carrying another package. The item is beautifully wrapped so it's not a package, it's actually a gift. She wonders briefly if it's her birthday or if there's some personal occasion of which she's unaware. It would be like Brennan not to advertise a personal milestone. She can't think of a reason to head into her office so she returns to her own and flips on the computer to the surveillance program. She watches as Brennan signs for the package and then sets down her bags to open it. Once the pale blue wrap has been removed she can see a large silver and black box. It's the kind of box that screams expensive and Cam is more anxious than ever to know what's inside.

She watches Temperance remove the card and carefully open it. When she reads it the unthinkable happens, she begins to laugh. Cam can't remember the last time, if ever, that she has seen such happiness emanating from the normally stoic scientist. The card is put immediately in her bag and she lifts the side of the box to look inside. Cam is willing her with all her might to lift the item up so she can see it. To her great disappointment the box is shut and Temperance is wearing a very amused expression.

Cam is mad at herself; she should have gone to her office and found some reason to detain her so she could be there when it was opened. She strikes her desk in frustration and is about to turn off the monitor when Temperance does something that strikes her as very odd. She walks over to her closet and removes one of her lab coats. It's still covered in the plastic from the dry cleaners so she isn't taking it to be dropped off. With her bags securely tucked on her shoulder and the box and jacket in her other arm Cam watches her shut off the lights and leave.

Where would Dr. Brennan be going with a clean pressed lab coat? Is she moonlighting on a project? If so why would she be wearing her coat from the Jeffersonian? Could there be a project that is happening behind her back? There are currently no classes in session and no events going on that would require the forensic anthropologist's presence. As dedicated as Cam knows the good doctor can be she doubts that the woman is enough of a work freak to wear her lab coat around the house at night. She wasn't leaving with it until after the package arrived so she assumes the two events are linked. What the hell was in that box? It had to mean something, an invitation, a meeting, a project, a case…something.

She shuts down her system and packs her bags. She is headed to the door when she remembers the conversation on the platform from earlier in the day. She walks down the long hall to the buildings security headquarters and takes a deep breath before entering. She walks up to the young man that delivered both of the packages today.

"Hi Dave, I have a few questions for you. Are all incoming packages x-rayed before delivery?" He has his coat on so Cam knows she's catching him on the way out the door which she thinks will work to her advantage.

"No mam, expected and stock deliveries with proper labeling can be delivered directly to their department. The deliveries that are x-rayed are anything without a return address going to artifacts or forensics." His entire speech tells her that although his job is to protect the building and staff his personality is that of a follower.

"So the packages that you delivered to Dr. Brennan today were both x-rayed?" His expression changes to concerned as he pauses.

"Yes, both were x-rayed. Was there a problem with one of the boxes? Dr. Brennan hasn't been injured has she?"

It takes everything in her not to roll her eyes and tell him his precious Dr. Brennan is fine but she refrains. "No, Dr. Brennan is fine but I'd like to see the x-ray from the delivery that was made to her about a half an hour ago." He doesn't hesitate and she sighs with relief when he turns to go retrieve it. He comes back and hands her a large brown envelope and she heads for the door.

"Dr. Saroyan I can let you look at that here but the x-rays are not allowed out of this area." She stops and almost starts laughing because she pegged him as a follower and that did include being a stickler for rules.

"Of course Dave, if you'll just give me a moment, I know I'm keeping you so I'll make this quick." He nods and steps to the side so she has room on the table to set her things down and hold the film up to the light. She suppresses a gasp when she sees the contents. It's some type of lacy bra, possibly a corset, several pair of underwear and a packet containing thigh high hose. The items are stacked so she can't make out the details but the intent of the buyer is crystal clear. Sliding the large sheet back in its sleeve she couldn't be more stunned. If Dave has seen this x-ray it's no surprise he's concerned about Dr. Brennan, she's probably the lead in most of his fantasies. Hell if circumstances were different she'd be a little turned on by picturing the conservative self contained woman wearing that outfit.

She hands the envelope back to him and offers her sweetest smile. "Thanks Dave at least I know we won't be wearing the same thing to the next office party." His cheeks immediately flush with color and Cam smiles as she heads out the door.

She sits in her car for a minute to gather her thoughts. She holds her phone up to her ear so anyone watching will think she's finishing a call. So Dr. Brennan has a wild side, it shouldn't come as such a shock really. Anyone that deals with death all the time has to have some kind of an outlet. She would not, however, have guessed that Temperance Brennan had a sexual kink. It isn't just the underwear that tells the story but the lab coat too. Cam has to know who would have sent such a gift. Seeley never bought her anything like that when they were together so this throws doubt on the idea of them as a couple. She frowns in frustration as she realizes that the more she discovers the less she seems to know.


Seeley has spent most of his time thinking about the fantasy since the moment he realized she was serious. Bones has never been a woman that backs down from a challenge. There have been so many fantasies in his head over the years that he's overwhelmed at first. It seemed for a while that every case sparked some spectacular half naked vision of her in his head. He couldn't help it really; he is after all a healthy red blooded American male with all his hormones firing. It just became almost habit that she was his trigger.

Ever since he danced with her in that little western town he had a whole bunch of cowgirl fantasies that he created. He considered the one involving cowboy boots and a mechanical bull competition at the local bar. There was also a version in which she wore only leather chaps and rode him through the night. He had popped the snaps on her western shirt in one and taken her for a roll in the hay in another. He could hardly wear his own cowboy boots anymore without getting an erection.

He considered telling her to wear her Wonder woman outfit. There's always an endless supply of scenarios in which that character works. In some of them she's actually rescuing him and then he finds all kinds of ways to thank her, in others they are heroes together. He has even used her own truth rope on her and made her admit to her burning desire for him. He has never been so inspired by a Halloween costume.

There have been fantasies at the range, in lingerie, in ball gowns and work out attire. He even had one involving those ugly rubber boots she sometimes wears. Then when he thought he was starting to level off they ended up in Vegas and she became Roxie. The idea of Roxie made his balls ache for weeks. In those fantasies he always dominated her, manhandled the purring sex kitten she had played all too well. She would surrender herself to him with a bat of her lashes and plenty of enthusiasm. Roxie would always be special to him.

He let his mind peruse so many possibilities, Temperance as a waitress, a French maid, a karate teacher, a stripper giving him a lap dance, a librarian, a park ranger, a circus performer…and so many more. Every image tied to a case in some way. He turned them all over in his head with great care as he tried to choose a clear favorite. Just after lunch the answer hit him and there was no more thought required. In truth the only choice was to go with the single sexiest vision in his head and that was simply her. He had started fantasizing from the first time he had watched her all buttoned up in her lab coat giving orders at the Jeffersonian. She's the image that really fuels his fire; the rest of it is just a costume change.

He slips out of work after his last meeting and is stopped at a light when he sees the lingerie shop and the idea of the sexy scientist fully forms in his mind. He pays the clerk forty bucks to get it delivered within two hours and another ten to wrap it for him. He's concentrating on the way home so that he doesn't speed to get there. He has to shower and get dressed and he's so hard he's a little uncomfortable. He takes a deep breath and tries to slow down so he can savor the anticipation of the evening. As it is it's going to take all his self control to make the evening last more than five minutes.


Temperance gets into her apartment and sets down her bags. She actually has a lot to do and not a lot of time before Seeley will be there. She lights candles in each room to make it smell good since she didn't cook and pulls out fliers for pizza. She rinses off in the shower, does her hair and make-up and then gets her gift box and sets it on the bed. She removes each piece and lifts it to examine it more closely. He gave her choices or maybe he wasn't sure of her size. She laughs to her self as she thinks of him trying to shop for these items. He must have been highly motivated. There's a piece that's similar to a corset in a deep red color. The bottom flairs and falls in soft folds that are sheer enough to still see through. The intricate lace covering the breast stops and there's embroidered openings where her nipples protrude through. In keeping with the theme she notes that the matching lace panties have an opening down the center that is tied closed with a bow between her legs.

A tingling sensation runs across her belly as she looks at the items he picked out for her. There's a satiny pink bra which also has the nipple holes and she finds it incredibly erotic that he has revealed so much with his choices. The pink underwear has delicate ribbons that tie on each hip and she smiles. There are two pair of thigh high nylons and a faux leather thong that has her attention for a moment.

Temperance can feel her desire now like a pulse between her legs and clenches her thighs searching for even an iota of relief. She pulls on the wine colored underwear and then a pair of the thigh highs before slipping on her jeans. It'll make her change later much faster. The corset is not going to fit under even her heavy sweater without being noticed so she opts for the pink bra. As soon as she puts it on her breathing shallows. Her nipples harden and ache as she tugs them through the holes and adjusts the fit. She considers changing the underwear because at this rate they're going to be soaking wet before he even arrives. She pulls the sweater over her head and the material drags over her beaded tips. She gasps loudly into the room and squeezes her eyes closed to try and calm herself. Of course this is the purpose of this bra, well this and easy access. She wants desperately to grasps her nipple and tug at it while sliding her other hand into her jeans but she feels like it would be spoiling the evening. Having desert before dinner so to speak would be bad manners on her part.

She was surprised by his choice of fantasy. Having seen him with his comic book and beer helmet she thought he might go with the Wonder Woman Halloween outfit. She had also considered the ever popular nurse or maids uniforms which actually she could have made work. In all her ruminating though it had never occurred to her that he would have her dress in her lab coat as herself. As she thinks about it a rush of feelings she doesn't really understand whirl inside her. Suppressing the panic that washes through with them she continues getting ready.

She puts the rest of the lingerie into a drawer and hangs her lab coat in her closet before heading out to the kitchen. Every move she makes arouses her to the point of distraction. She focuses on the pizza fliers and tries to shift into a casual gear so that she isn't wound so tightly. Even though she's expecting him the sound of her doorbell makes her heart pound faster. She glances out the peep hole and freezes. What in the world would bring Dr. Saroyan to her door after work? She's holding some files but Temperance knows there is no case pressing enough to warrant a visit to her home. Her instincts tell her not to move. Behind her she hears her phone start to ring and glances through the peep hole to see Cam tilt her head and listen. Temperance doesn't move, barely breathes as she waits for the fourth ring to send her voice into the room from her answering machine. As her message sounds she takes the few quick steps to the unit and at the end of her greeting turns the volume down to low. She barely hears Seeley's voice as he tells her he hopes she's just in the shower and let's her know he's on his way but he has stopped to get a bottle of red wine to go with their pizza.

After a moment she eases her way back to the door and glances through the hole once more in time to see Cam turn and slowly go down the hall. She's grateful that Seeley decided to stop for wine so that he didn't run into Cam in her building. It strikes her suddenly that she's hiding out in her own apartment and she's not even sure why. She didn't want to answer the door with her sweater announcing her state of arousal and her overall look a testament that she was waiting for a date but that's not all. She doesn't want anyone to know about her relationship with Seeley yet. She's surprised by how protective she feels of the relationship and at the same time is driven to question why. Is it because she knows he used to see Cam? Would she have reacted the same way if Angela was at the door? No but she knows that she does trust Ange and that she certainly doesn't trust Cam. She sighs heavily thinking that she'll have to discuss this with Seeley later because he'll be able to shed some light on the dynamics.

The doorbell sounds again and she looks out before popping the lock and swinging it open. Everything else slips to the background when she opens the door. It can all wait until later because right now she has plans. He's grinning at her and as his eyes drop down and take in the obvious outline through her thin sweater she watches them darken and his expression shift. He already knows she's wearing the bra. When he looks back up to her face her brow is raised in question.

"You look amazing." As soon as the words leave his mouth they both start to laugh. "I didn't mean that the way it came out, you look beautiful tonight even without the…enhancement." She smiles and as the color flushes her cheeks she gets that almost shy look that still amazes him. She walks into the kitchen and his appreciative gaze moves over her as he follows. She leans her elbows on the counter and reads the pizza fliers. Her concentration is waning as the material of her bra stretches and her nipples tighten. The constant stimulation makes them hypersensitive to the brush of the material and she suppresses a small gasp. He presses his hips to her ass and looks over her shoulder to read. She can feel his erection and it takes all her control not to turn around and just strip him down. She reminds herself that this night is not about her needs, at least not yet.

"So where should we call and what do you want on your pizza?" His hand settles on her waist and he feels her quiver in response. He considers ditching the rest of the plans and just hauling her up on the counter. He squeezes his eyes shut and holds his breath as he counts. When he opens them he steps next to her and removes his hand. He has to get a grip on this thing.

"Okay, lets see, pizza should come from Ella's. There's nothing like wood fired pizza for excellent flavor. They have all those gourmet toppings so you can pick anything you like." She smiles because she knows he's being nice to her.

"What, no lecture on how pizza should only be eaten in the classic style of cheese and pepperoni and not polluted with things like feta cheese and spinach?" She gives him a side glance before walking to the phone. "Last chance Booth, what do you want on your pizza?"

"Cheese and pepperoni on my half and tomato, spinach and feta cheese on your half and a family style salad should do it." He hears her laugh as she dials the phone and places the order. When she comes back into the kitchen he's opening a bottle of red wine, a sweet Merlot from a small vineyard in the Midwest. She knows that she's moving differently and finds it interesting that just wearing the underwear he picked out feels extra sexy somehow. It's when he's pouring the wine that she remembers her visitor.

"I had a surprise earlier this evening, Cam came by but I'm not sure why." Noting his expression of surprise she continues, "You were due any minute and I was still getting ready when the bell rang so I didn't answer. I'm glad I checked the peep hole though because I almost assumed it was you and just opened the door. She was carrying some files but we don't have a pressing case so I really have no idea what she felt couldn't wait until tomorrow." She takes a sip of her wine and is pleasantly surprised at how much she likes it; she isn't usually a big fan of Merlots.

"Was there something you were working on that you forgot at work that she could have thought was important?" She watches him shift his weight and straighten up into his FBI stance.

"No, I was finishing reports in my office most of the afternoon and we had already discussed at length the bones I'm currently examining. Besides, it's a limbo case and I'm the only one that ever seems to have a sense of urgency about those."

"You just ignored the bell? That's not like you." As he watches she sits up in her chair and takes a deep breath. His eyes drop to the rise of her chest and linger for a moment before returning to her face.

"I really wasn't dressed for any visitor except you at that point so I just stayed very still and waited for her to leave." He starts to chuckle at the image of her hiding in her own apartment from Cam. "I was worried that she was going to run into you on the way out but then you called and said you were running a few minutes late so she missed you."

"Well what ever she wanted you can find out in the morning." He stops as the door bell chimes and then in long exaggerated steps he tip toes over and looks out her door. "Just the pizza guy so the coast is clear." He hears her laughing behind him as he retrieves their dinner and he can't help grinning himself.

She's hungry and the scent of the food is remarkable but part of her mind is still on the activities yet to come. She pulled a few items together when she got home to try to set the scene for him but for some reason she's still nervous. She tries to dismiss the feeling, it's not like this is the first time she's having sex with him. Despite her efforts the fluttering in her stomach continues. She distracts herself by getting plates and napkins and topping off their wine glasses before sitting back down.

"So what are you planning on doing with Parker this weekend?" She watches him pull off pieces of pizza and deposit them on the plates.

"I don't have Parker this weekend, that's why I'm trying to get our skydiving scheduled. Rebecca is taking him to her mom's for the weekend because her mom is having hip replacement surgery next week and she wanted to spend some time with Parker before she goes in to the hospital."

"Will you get him the following weekend then?" She knows the time is coming when she'll be spending more time around Parker and she isn't sure how that's going to go.

"Yes and I wanted to take him to the science museum so I thought you might like to join us. There are all kinds of hands on activities that help kids learn the concepts but if he has questions about anything I think you'd be better equipped to answer him." He eats and tries to be casual about asking her to spend the next two weekends with him and include his son in one of them. When she doesn't immediately answer he is suddenly afraid he's blown it.

"I used to love the science museum when I was his age. I could literally spend the entire day there watching the displays. They only had a few activities that we were allowed to do back then but I was hooked. One of the rooms had a table with microscopes on it and each one had something different on the slide. After I went there for the first time I started asking for a microscope and I was relentless about it. My dad finally brought an old one home from school so I'd have something to use until I got one for Christmas." He's looking at her expectantly and for a second she can't figure out why. "Oh, so I would love to go with the two of you."

"Great, I'll call and make sure Rebecca has him up and ready to go that morning." He continues eating and tries to keep his eyes from wandering down her body. "What did you look at under your microscope once your father brought you one?" He likes to encourage her when she indulges in conversations about her childhood. He thinks remembering the good things from her past can only help her.

She looks hesitant for just a second before continuing as though she's measuring whether or not he's serious. "Everything I could get my hands on went onto a slide. In just a couple of months I had several hundred slides all labeled and categorized. I looked for structural patterns in material, cellular structure in plants and micro organisms and dust mites from around the house."

"How did you end up studying bones?" As she talks he can see the young Temperance with her brow creased in concentration and stands of her dark hair escaping her pony tail as she studies each slide.

"A couple of months later I was with my brother, we had ridden our bikes down to a set of railroad tracks that passed not far from our house. He was showing me how he had left some pennies on the tracks and at night when the train came through they had been flattened into smooth copper ovals. We started to walk down the tracks to look for the coins he had left and I came across a dead turtle. It had been dead for over a year because the bones were pretty clean and what little flesh remained had been leathered by the sun. I put all the pieces I could find into my pockets and took it home. I spent the next few days cleaning it and trying to put it back together. The bones were so white and smooth that I could tell how it had been hit just from the breaks and cracks. I learned that every bone I looked at told me something and I think from that moment on I was completely fascinated." She blushes when she stops because she realizes that she was lost in the story.

"Wow, I never had a defining moment like that in my life. I had family and financial situations that I was reacting to and ended up in the military and then the FBI because of them. I don't know what I would have done with my life if I had unlimited options."

"I can't really see you doing anything else because your job is so much a part of you and you seem genuinely happy doing it. Possibly teaching though, you would be a good teacher. Who knows, maybe if you had unlimited choice you would still have ended up where you are today." He smiles at her and pushes his empty plate to the side.

"I like very much where I am today." His mood shifts in that one sentence and she can feel the warmth in her spread.

"Really because I think you could be a little closer." He stands and takes her hand to pull her to her feet and right up against him. He moves his lips down her neck, nipping lightly as he goes.

"Is this close enough?" His breath is hot against her skin and it sends a chill through her. She grasps his hips in her hands and grinds herself against his erection.

"Hhmmm, almost." A loud groan escapes him as he rocks into her in response.

"You're killing me here Temperance." He hears her laugh softly and then to his disappointment she steps away from him. She hands him his glass of wine off of the table and gestures toward her sofa.

"Why don't you go sit down for a minute and I'll clean up and slip into something more appropriate." He automatically grins and walks into the other room because he knows this means she's going to change. His penis grows almost painfully hard as he thinks about what she's going to do.

It only takes her a moment to deal with the kitchen and then she's in her bedroom slipping into the corset and lab coat. Shes glad she had the underwear and thigh highs already in place because when she pulls on her lab coat and steps into her stilettos she's done. She takes a silver table cloth that has only been used during the holidays and spreads it over the kitchen table. She gets her reference skeleton from her office and lays it out next. Then she gets the floor lamp from next to her desk and sets it up in the kitchen, bending the flexible neck so it shines like a work light onto the skull. She checks her pocket to make sure she has gloves and then grabs a clip board and pen to add to the overall picture. The effect is primitive but she thinks the scene will be real enough for Seeley. She pulls out her cell phone and calls his number, hanging up after she hears it ring from the other room.

When he sees her name on the caller I.D. he jumps up and then composes himself so he can walk calmly into the kitchen.

Let the games begin…