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The next day, the group saw Tenten in an unusually cheerful and happy mood. Naruto and Sasuke probably thought she had gone crazy for a bit, but Kasumi knew exactly what it was. She had pretended to be asleep when Tenten came back to their room last night and could tell that she had never been happier than she was now. Of course she knew it was all due to Kazuki that caused Tenten to be on cloud nine as it was.

"Doesn't he just look so cool when he's fighting?" Tenten said as she watched Kazuki spar with Naruto.

"Wow Ten-chan, I knew you loved him but you look like he kissed you or something last night?" Hinata said.

"Oh Hina-chan you just don't know! That moment was absolutely magical! I mean his lips were so soft, his breath was so warm. He even called me his princess!" she was in a complete daze with nothing but Kazuki on her mind. It had her so caught up, she did something that was definitely not her..."Hina-chan, do you think I should start wearing my hair down?"

"Say what!" Hinata exclaimed. She was shocked to even hear that this tomboy of a girl she was a friend with actually asked said question. It was also enough to throw Naruto off from his sparring.

"Hina-chan, what's...oof!!" Naruto grunted as he got hit in the chest from Kazuki while he wasn't watching.

"Whoa, Naruto are you ok?" asked Kazuki as he saw Naruto cringe from the strike.

Naruto just nodded while he tried to shake off the pain, "Yeah, just a little winded, that's all."

"So what do you think? Should I?" asked Tenten as she coyly played with her hair. Hinata took one good look and knew she had lost it.

"Uh boys, be back later. I gotta find Kasumi-chan for something. Come on Ten-chan!" She hurriedly grabbed Tenten's arm and dragged her back in to the palace, leaving the boys stunned.

"What got into those two?" Kazuki wondered. "Have they lost it?"

"I dunno. Was it me or was Tenten looking kind of strange?" asked Naruto.

"Naruto, when has anything around us NOT been strange?" said Sasuke. "I mean come on, I'm engaged to a girl from another world for crying out loud! And she's 9 years older than me!"

"Wha!!" Kazuki said in shock from the news. "Wait, what are you talking about?"

Naruto just shook his head, "It's Kasumi-nee-chan. See, she's really a girl from another world that incidentally saved Hina-chan from getting kidnapped. She nearly died, so my Kaa-san, the Kyuubi no Kitsune saved her life with a blood transfusion that turned her into a kitsune and caused her to become a little kid again. So she got to grow up all over again. That's why she's really older than Sasuke and me."

All Kazuki could do was scratch his head, but who was he to argue, "Wow and I thought controlling time was strange."

"Kazuki, trust me, you have YET to see strange. My sister Haku, she actually turns blue when she uses her powers, and she gets a sword from a shinigami! Not only that but we've actually met older versions of ourselves from another dimension…with a kid even!" Naruto said.

Sasuke quickly remembered what happened during that event…including the bad part. "Oh come on Naruto, don't remind me! I would have rather trained with Rock Lee than having lived through that incident again!"

"What incident? What happened?" Kazuki said in confusion.

"Kazuki let me tell you why you're so lucky not to be half demon." Naruto told him as they went to cool down.

"Ok who are you and what did you do with Ten-chan?" Hinata frantically asked.

"Hina-chan, it's me. I'm perfectly normal! Can't we just act like a bunch of girls?" Tenten replied, hoping to answer her question.

"Well yeah, but you have NEVER worried about your hair. I mean, last night you were paranoid about even wearing a kimono, let alone having your hair down!" Hinata said. "And now you're as bubbly as Sakura was when she had a crush on Sasuke! You're just like a different person now."

"I guess that's what happens when you're in love. I mean just knowing Kazuki is there makes me feel so warm and secure inside. Don't you feel the same way with Naruto?" asked Tenten?

"Of course! Naru-chan is my world! He's what gives me strength when I feel weak." Hinata told her.

"And that's how Kazuki makes me feel. Last night when he held me in his arms, I had never felt so special in my life. Just having him there with his arms wrapped around made me feel safe and secure, like no one would ever harm me. I haven't been called a princess since I was little, and he made me feel like one!" Tenten squealed. "Honestly he's just like Naruto!"

"How is he like Naruto?" Hinata asked.

"Hina-chan, can I let you in on a little secret? Did you ever wonder why Naruto never had a fan club in the academy?" Tenten said. Hinata just shook her head, having no idea what she was saying, but went along anyway. "Well, my guess is that all the girls liked the emo boy in Sasuke. But I found one girl that didn't go for that. I actually found one girl that had a crush on Naruto."

"Wait…you have to be kidding me? There was actually one girl in the entire academy that had a crush on my hyperactive prankster of a fiancé?" Hinata was seriously confused over the news. As bad as Naruto was in the academy, there was actually someone that was a 'Naruto Fangirl'? "Ok so if you know, then enlighten me." That was when she saw Tenten let off a slight blush. "You have got to be kidding me? It was you??"

"Yeah, I had a crush on Naruto. I don't know, it was just his outgoing attitude and the fact that he always had a smile on his face. He always tried to stay positive about everything and just was so fun-loving." Tenten said. "But as much as he was around you, I knew I could never get him, so I kinda gave up."

"And how long have you liked him?" Hinata questioned, wanting to know just what the deal was.

"Since…around the time Kasumi showed up in Konoha?" she replied while slightly fidgeting.

Hinata just stood there with her mouth wide open. She could not believe that Tenten of all people had a crush on Naruto ever since he was 6 years old! It was even crazier that Tenten admitted she was a Naruto Fangirl!! "How in Kami's name did you ever keep from going fangirl around him?"

"After seeing Sakura, Ino, and every other girl go nuts over Sasuke, I didn't want to look like a complete idiot. Plus…Kasumi-chan helped me." Tenten told her.

"Even Kasumi-chan knew!!" Hinata was literally shocked at all of the news. Here she wonders why her friend that had just fallen in love with a guy is suddenly all girly, and now she finds out that Tenten had a crush on Naruto in the academy! Of course Kasumi had just walked in and wondered what was going on.

"I knew what?" asked Kasumi.

"You know about Tenten and Naruto??" Hinata said.

"What about Tenten and Narutohhhhhhhhhhh," Kasumi replied when she saw Tenten with a goofy smile on her face. "So she told you, huh? So what did you think was crazier, the fact that Tenten was a fangirl or the fact that she had a crush on Naruto?"

"Both! And I thought it was bad when she asked me if she should wear her hair down for Kazuki!" Hinata said, feeling stressed from the sudden overload of information.

"Hina-chan, my guess is that all of Tenten's build up emotions are just pouring out now. I mean this is her first boyfriend you know. She just wants to do so much for him. Remember what I did for my first date with Sasuke?" Kasumi said.

"Was that before, or after we tried to spy on you?" Hinata asked.

"A little of both. But seriously, do you think love is ever normal with our bunch? I get proposed to after talking to three ghosts while under the effects of a Sharingan genjutsu, and you got yours while Naruto was flying you two around in the air trying to show off his Bankai for the first time!" Kasumi said. "So what if Tenten has the hots for a guy that can stop time, and she also revealed her secret crush on Naruto. It's just the girl in her starting to show."

"That's right, so I'm normal right?" wondered Tenten. "I mean this is normal right?"

"About as normal as our everyday lives." Kasumi said.

"Ok, ok, enough on Ten-chan's weirdness. Find anything out about Orochimaru?" asked Hinata.

"Nothing. I just talked to Daigo-sama, and he said that none of his shinobi had anything to report. It could be possible Orochimaru is just trying to flee through Rain Country, and might have gotten out already. Daigo-sama said it was a good observation, but he thought we should stay a few more days just to make sure." Kasumi told her. "So we should be ok for now. Besides it will give me a lot more time to research Kazuki's Time Gem. There has to be something about that gemstone that we don't know. I mean how can someone create a gem with the power of time?"

"Maybe we can read some info in their library? I'm sure Daigo-sama will let us do that." Tenten said.

"Works for me. Can we do that after lunch though? All that love confusion made me hungry." Hinata said as her stomach let off a small growl. "Ok it made me really hungry."

"You know something…maybe I should start learning how to cook? I mean I can make some simple stuff, but I guess I should learn how to really make meals for Kazuki-kun." Tenten smiled as she pictured herself in the kitchen for the one she loved. All Kasumi and Hinata did was look at her as if she lost it again.

"Kasumi, is there any way we can turn off all that emotion pouring out?" asked Hinata.

"Nope. Just be glad Ino and Sakura aren't here. Then it would be time to go insane." Kasumi laughed.

"And why am I your kitsune sister again?" Hinata just gave Kasumi a sarcastic look, wondering if she had lost her mind as well.

"Because I helped you get over your excessive stuttering?" Kasumi smiled.

The three girls headed back into the palace to meet up with the boys for lunch. Kasumi had asked Kazuki if it was possible she could do some research about his Time Gem in the library. He was sure his uncle wouldn't mind so after giving her the Time Gem; he led her to the palace library.

"You sure you're gonna be ok in here Kasumi-san?" Kazuki asked.

"Yeah I'll be fine. I just wanna see if I can find out more about your gem and your powers. There has to be something in here." Kasumi told him. "I figure a good two or three hours will be fine."

"By yourself?" Kazuki said in shock, wondering how one girl was going to go through the massive amount of books.

"Kazuki-kun, I'm a kitsune. Plus I know a nifty little jutsu that will help. KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" Kasumi said, forming the cross seal. She instantly created 50 clones and sent them all into various parts of the library. "I've got enough chakra that having this many clones out won't even break a sweat."

"I guess I still have a lot to learn about my new teammates." Kazuki said. "Ok, well I'll come back later and let you know when dinner is ready."

"Thanks Kazuki-kun." She said, as she found a table to sit at. She booted up her laptop and started going to work analyzing the Time Gem. "Time to see what this little gem can do."

Kazuki began to make his way back to the group when one of the palace guards approached him.

"Kazuki-sama, your uncle requests your presence in the main hall. He also asks that your guests join him," said the guard.

"Ok, inform him that I will be there shortly." Kazuki replied. The guard vanished in a flash of smoke as Kazuki went back to meet with the group. "I wonder what Uncle Daigo wants?"

After meeting back up with Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, and Tenten, the five went to the main hall to meet with Daigo.

"Uncle, I've come with my friends. Why have you summoned me?" Kazuki asked.

"Ah Kazuki, I have some important information for you." Daigo told him. He began to look around and noticed Kasumi was missing, "Where is Kasumi-sama?"

"She's in the library doing research on my gemstone, uncle. I told her it would be ok if she used the library for a while." Kazuki said.

"I see. Very well, I'll see she's not disturbed." Daigo replied. "Now as for why I've called you here. One of my shinobi has apparently gotten a lead on Orochimaru. He was supposedly seen in the Ruins of Orichalkos to the north."

"The Ruins of Orichalkos? What are those?" asked Hinata.

"Its an old Rain Country legend. Apparently back when the Elemental Lands were forming, a great battle took place between two mighty forces, Chronos and Orichalkos. Chronos was said to be a mighty warrior with the ability to meld time and space itself, while Orichalkos was a great and powerful beast, bent on destruction." Daigo explained.

"Chronos…Kazuki, do you think that might have some kind of connection to your Time Gem?" Sasuke wondered.

"Honestly I have no clue." Kazuki replied, shocked to even hear the news.

"Daigo-sama, what happened in the battle?" Tenten asked.

"Apparently legend says that the two fought for years, ravaging the lands. In a final effort Chronos used the last of his strength to seal away Orichalkos for all eternity. However it came at a price. It was said that in sealing Orichalkos, Chronos had pulled all of the dark clouds of the world over this land, causing it to rain for all eternity." Daigo said.

"So that's why this is called Rain Country." Naruto replied. "Interesting."

"It is one of the greatest stories of Rain Country. But I fear Orochimaru may try to do some snooping." Daigo said.

"You don't think he's looking for Orichalkos, do you Daigo-sama?" asked Hinata, worried if something bad was going to happen.

"No, that's impossible to do. Legend says that only one possessing the full power of Chronos would be able to unseal him. Even our greatest scholars have researched it, even taking Kazuki's gemstone into account. But even with the amount of power Kazuki has, that would be nowhere near enough power to summon Orichalkos." Daigo said. "Kazuki would literally need to be able to control time and space itself to even come close to having enough power."

"So that's why Orochimaru's lackeys approached you from time to time, Kazuki-kun!" Tenten said, remembering what Kazuki had told the group earlier. "When they heard you were a shinobi that could do things like stop time, they must have thought you could be a key!"

"Well it's a good thing that Kazuki doesn't have that level of power. Legend says that if Orichalkos was released, it could be a match for even the powerful Kyuubi no Kitsune!" Daigo told the group.

"No way! There is no way some washed up demon could take down my Oka-san." Naruto said. "She's THE most powerful sacred beast in existence!"

"I see. However I would like it if you went to investigate Kazuki. I believe your friends will be of great help to you." Daigo asked. "If you find anything suspicious, let me know about it."

"Thank you Daigo-sama. Hopefully this will help us out a lot!" Hinata bowed to thank the Feudal Lord.

"And do not worry about Kasumi-san, I will let her know of your whereabouts." Daigo said as the group turned to leave.

"Great. Three hours and nothing! There has to be something in these books, but what?" Kasumi said to herself after another clone dissipated. "Not only that but what is up with Kazuki's Time Gem? No Bankai information? No activation code? Nothing! All I got out of it was two different abilities…Chrono Control and Chrono Trigger. But how in the world did his powers activate?" She had spent the last three hours with all her clones going through books, and as they dispelled and sent her the information they got, it was taking it's toll on her. Even with her laptop barely telling her anything about the Time Gem, she was at the point where she wanted to scream.

"Ok, this is driving me insane. I'm going to take a nap." She said as she laid her head on the table and dozed off. What she didn't know was her Light Gem began to resonate with the Time Gem, causing a very unique effect…

(Kasumi's Dreamscape)

"I needed that nap. Now maybe I can…get back to…" she said as she awoke to notice she wasn't in the library anymore. "Just where in the world am I?" She took her time and looked around, only to notice that she was in a large old world city. The place looked like it had seen some massive destruction as buildings were burning and crumbling, cries of pain and death could be heard from all over, and she could smell blood everywhere. "Ugh, I think I'm gonna be sick!"

Kasumi quickly took off into the city to try and find someone who could tell her what was going on. Unfortunately all she could see was nothing but scattered bodies on the ground. "Ok this is bad, this is really bad. I gotta find everyone else!" She flicked her wrist to reveal her transformer and tried getting in touch with her teammates. "Naruto-kun, Sasuke-chan, come in. This is Kasumi, do you read me?" She heard nothing. "Hina-chan, Ten-chan, are you guys there? Kazuki-kun, come in! This is Kasumi!" She still got no response. Now she was really getting scared. "Ok this isn't right. I can't reach anyone, I don't know where I am, just what happened?" Everything just seemed to get worse, until something actually did get worse! "What the…"

Kasumi quickly turned to see a large gray lizard thrown back into a wall. What really got her was that it looked like there was a shinobi fighting the beast. And somehow this shinobi looked like he was summoning things from out of nowhere! "How in the…what is going on?" She continued to watch the fight as the warrior and the beast continued fighting for what seemed to be hours. She had just about had enough when she heard the warrior yell, "CHRONO TRIGGER SEAL", causing what looked like a tear in the fabric of space to open. "Wait, how does he know Naruto's Dimension Warp Jutsu?" she said to herself, wondering if this shinobi warrior had a connection to the older Naruto from the alternate dimension. As the tear expanded, all the debris and rubble from the surrounding area was pulled inside, almost as if a black hole was created.

"Ok I better back off!" She quickly doubled back and found a more secure spot while she watched as the lizard was slowly sucked into the tear. It struggled, roared, and started to unleash whatever destruction it could before slashing into the warrior that opened the tear. The warrior quickly grabbed hold of its claw, only to have a strange looking stone knocked out of his gauntlet. After that, the two were sucked into the tear, only for it to seal and cause the duo to vanish without a trace. Kasumi quickly took advantage of this and headed to the battle scene to look for clues. "Just what were those two? And why did that shinobi say 'Chrono Trigger Seal'? It was almost as if he was using Illumina Power or something." She kept exploring the area when she noticed the gemstone on the floor. "Hey this looks like Kazuki's Time Gem? But why would it be here? I really don't understand any of this!" She reached down to touch the gem, but the moment she did so, a bright light began to overtake her. "Oh boy! This isn't…"

(End Kasumi's Dreamscape)

"Huh, what in the…oh yeah I fell asleep." Kasumi yawned as she tried to wake herself up. As she rubbed her eyes, she could see her clones were getting exhausted from all the reading, considering that they hadn't found much information to help her out. She was about ready to give up when she caught wind of a conversation somewhere else in the library. Of course lucky for her, she had advanced Kitsune hearing, so she could easily keep her cover. Swiftly moving next to one of the bookshelves, she focused her chakra into her ears and began to focus on her hearing.

"So those ninja from Konoha have gone to investigate the ruins right now?" asked one voice.

"They have. Apparently Daigo-sama believes they may find something very useful," said the second voice.

"Good. Soon we'll be able to make our move," the first voice said.

This really had Kasumi confused even more. What ruins were they talking about? And was something going on behind the scenes?

"Ok, something strange is going on here and I don't like it one bit. Some kind of ruins, Kazuki's Time Gem, that weird dream…it's just not adding up." Kasumi said to herself. "Maybe it's all the information I tried taking in." That was when her clones all dispelled and she really felt the aftereffects of taking in all that information. She was out cold from information overload.

"So these are the Ruins of Orichalkos?" Hinata said as she surveyed the area. "Hard to believe a demon was sealed here."

"Well there has to be something important if Orochimaru was supposedly spotted here. We just have to find it and make sure he doesn't get it first." Naruto told the group as he looked through some rubble.

"But don't you find it kind of weird? I mean this place supposedly having a connection to Kazuki-kun's Time Gem?" asked Tenten.

"Well we don't know that for sure. For all we know, this place could be some old ruins or whatever. Though I kinda wish Kasumi-chan was here. She could use her laptop to scan a lot of this stuff and we could research it back at the library." Sasuke said.

"Why don't we split up? We can cover more ground and maybe find some clues." Kazuki said. "With this large of an area, there's bound to be something."

"Good idea Kazuki. I'll go with Hinata, while you go with Tenten." Sasuke replied. "Naruto can go solo since he knows Kage Bunshin, and it would be good for you since Kasumi has your communicator."

"Gotcha Sasuke. I say we meet back here in an hour. If you guys find anything suspicious, contact us on the communicators." Naruto said as he ran off in one direction.

"Good luck you two. And Tenten, one more thing," Hinata said before she left.

"What's that?" asked Tenten.

"Try not to spend all your time making out with Kazuki-kun now that you have some alone time!" Hinata laughed as she and Sasuke ran off.

"What's that supposed to mean!" Tenten wasn't sure what she said, but she figured Hinata was just picking at her. Too bad it got Kazuki to let off a slight chuckle as well. "And what's so funny, huh?"

"Nothing Tenten-hime. I just noticed you have a little hint of cuteness when you get upset." That easily shot a hint of blush on Tenten's face. "Come on, let's go see what we can find here."

The five split up, heading in all different directions of the ruins. They all spent the next hour doing some heavy searching but it didn't go too well. Naruto didn't have much luck even with his Kage Bunshin because somehow he ended up getting distracted and started sparring with himself. The same went for Sasuke and Hinata. Tenten and Kazuki however had a little better luck.

"What is this place?" Tenten asked as she and her boyfriend entered what looked to be a large chamber. There looked to be an altar with a large stone door behind it. In front of it looked like a large pit, but it was covered by some kind of stone.

"I don't know. This seems like some kind of ritual chamber." Kazuki said, taking notice of the strange markings. "But why does it feel like I've seen this place before?"

"You don't think it could have been a vision you had a long time ago, do you?" she wondered.

Kazuki shook his head in confusion, "I don't really know. I mean anytime I've ever had a vision, it was always an event that would be happening soon. It was never something that would happen much later."

"Well, it has to be something. All we can do now is just keep exploring." Tenten said before she came across some strange text on the altar. "Wait a minute…this text isn't like the rest!"

"What's it say?" Kazuki asked.

Tenten started overlooking the text, noticing it was an inscription of some sort, "It says, To call forth the Beast of Ages, offer up sacrifice. Unleash the power of the Chronos to bring the destructor."

"Beast of Ages…that must be the Orichalkos! Uncle Daigo was right!" Kazuki exclaimed. "The story of Chronos and Orichalkos was real!"

"I'm gonna get the others here. They need to see this too." Tenten said as she flicked her wrist. "Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, it's Tenten. Kazuki-kun and I found something you guys need to see. We're in the eastern part of the ruins."

"Naruto here, I'm on my way Tenten." Naruto responded.

"Hinata here. Sasuke and I are coming. Is everything ok Ten-chan?" Hinata asked.

"No major problems, but you guys just need to check all this stuff out." Tenten replied. "That whole legend Daigo-sama told us about…well it's not that much of a legend!"

"Ok we'll be there soon to check in out. Hinata out." Hinata said, closing off communication.

"So do you think the power of Chronos has to do with your Time Gem?" she asked.

"How could it? Chronos was said to literally control Time and Space itself. If my Time Gem really has the power of Chronos, then it's something that needs to be destroyed." Kazuki said. "But what I don't understand is how could Chronos' power be used to summon the Orichalkos, when it was supposedly used to seal it away?"

"Got me. I never really got all that technical stuff anyway. Kasumi was the one that normally did that." Tenten said, as she read over more text. "Look here's more. This says, On the night of the full moon, the keyhole will reveal itself. Once the Key of Chronos is given, the sacrifice can be made."

"So, if someone wanted to summon the Orichalkos, they can only do it on the night of the Full Moon, and they'd need the Key of Chronos?" Kazuki questioned.

"Looks like it." Tenten replied. "But what's the key?"

"Maybe we should get Kasumi-san on this. You said she might be able to help a lot more." Kazuki answered.

"Yeah, if anyone can try to shine a light on this situation, she probably has the best chance. Her laptop should even be able to decipher these other weird looking markings as well." Tenten said as she went over some more of the weird markings. "Yeah we should definitely get her back here."

After Hinata, Sasuke, and Naruto arrived, Tenten explained what they found and figured they should come back with Kasumi. After making it back to the palace, they went back to the library only to find Kasumi out cold.

"Kasumi-chan, wake up? Are you ok?" asked Sasuke as he tried waking his fiancée.

"Ugh, turn down the noise." Kasumi said as she clutched her head. "It's bad enough I have a killer headache."

"Is she ok? She's not hurt is she?" Kazuki asked in concern.

Sasuke nodded to reassure him, "No, chances are she was using Kage Bunshin and dispelled too many clones. She probably had an information overload and that knocked her out."

"Well she does have the right idea. I'm worn out myself from checking that place out. I say we crash for a while and go back to that place tomorrow." Naruto yawned.

"Naru-chan's right. Plus I could really use a bath from being out in that rain again." Hinata agreed. "I'm sure you wouldn't mind joining me Ten-chan?"

"You read my mind Hina-chan." Tenten agreed. "Mind taking Kasumi-chan back to our room Sasuke-kun?"

"Sure." Sasuke said as he picked up Kasumi bridal style. "After our break we can meet up after dinner and plan for tomorrow."

The group all headed to their rooms to rest and recuperate. After dinner they headed back to the library to go over their findings, and the plan to return to the ruins to find out more information.

"Ruins of Orichalkos?" asked Kasumi.

"Yeah, we were told by Daigo-sama that it was supposedly the place where a great battle happened. It was said that Chronos and Orichalkos fought there. The aftermath of their battle is said to have brought the rain to this land." Hinata said.

"Chronos and Orichalkos?" Kasumi said in shock, remembering her strange dream. "Those must have been the two I saw in my dream!"

"Kasumi-san, you saw them?" Kazuki questioned.

Kasumi just shook her head, "Yeah, earlier today I had this weird dream. I was in a city that looked like it was being destroyed. I walked around to see if I could find anyone, but the only thing I saw was a shinobi that was summoning things from all over the place, and a giant gray lizard. The one thing I remember were the words 'Chrono Trigger Seal' and then the two vanished."

"Chrono Trigger Seal?" Kazuki asked. "But what could that mean?"

"I'm not sure, but here's the weird thing, when I was checking out your Time Gem, I found out that you have a technique called Chrono Trigger. I don't know what exactly it is, or how you use it, but I know you have it." Kasumi said, as she handed Kazuki his transformer back. "Here's the weirder thing, that was the only thing I could find out about your gem. I don't know what caused your powers to activate, but there was nothing else, no Bankai info, no activation code info, nothing!"

"Speaking of that, here's another thing strange. I haven't taken in any of his Time Gem power yet either." Tenten said. "I mean I should have gotten a small shot of it almost instantly."

"Ten-chan you're right! I should have had the same thing happen! Here, give me your Gravity Gem." Kasumi said, as she flipped open her laptop. She took her own gem out and placed it by the small scanner eye on her computer. "Something's not right with Kazuki's powers and we're gonna find out why."

"If you say so Kasumi-chan." Tenten said, handing her gem over. Kasumi typed in a few things on her computer, and then started scanning the Light and Gravity Gems. She pulled up all the abilities of both gems and saw that Tenten's suspicions were correct.

"You were right Ten-chan. Your gem possesses none of Kazuki's Time Gem energy, and my Rainbow Dance didn't acquire his Chrono Control technique." Kasumi confirmed.

"Um, sorry to ask, but what are you talking about Kasumi-san?" Kazuki asked, wondering what in the world Kasumi was talking about.

As Kasumi handed Tenten her gem back, she started to explain, "Kazuki-san, Tenten and I both have special abilities with our Illumina Power that draw from the other elements. Tenten has the ability to infuse her weapons with any of our elements, or use my Light element to fuse multiple elements together. As for me, in my Bankai form, I can use all of the first level attacks from each person's gem with my Rainbow Dance. What should have happened when your gem activated, was that Tenten should have absorbed your Time Gem energy so she could infuse it in her weapons, and I should have gained the ability to use your Chrono Control technique. But that didn't happen."

"You don't think that his gem could be even more unique, do you?" asked Hinata. "Remember the way the elements go. There are 4 primary elements, 4 secondary elements, and 2 higher elements. Maybe the power of Time is a higher level element than Light and Shadow."

"She may be right. And I'm thinking that the Ruins of Orichalkos hold a lot more than we know about Kazuki's power." Sasuke added. "Kasumi-chan, did you by chance come across any books that had information on some weird markings like this?" He took a sheet of paper out and wrote down a few of the symbols he copied before they left.

"I...think so." Kasumi said, as she tried to sort through all the info she took in earlier. As she tried to think however, she started getting another headache, most likely a leftover side effect. "Ow, my head!"

"Don't strain yourself Kasumi-chan." Sasuke comforted her, and got her to stop. "We can go back tomorrow and you can just scan everything. Maybe your laptop can crack whatever code is there."

"Ok, that'll work." Kasumi said, before she did remember one more thing. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Before I blacked out, I overheard someone talking. Apparently it seems someone is making some sort of plans as well. I heard them talk about you going to the ruins, but I couldn't be sure of what it was."

"It's not possible that someone is plotting against my uncle, is it?" asked Kazuki. "I know there were others that were followers of Orochimaru, but there's more from inside?"

"That's the shinobi life. You never know who's an ally and who's an enemy. For now we should keep on guard and stay alert." Naruto recommended. "Most likely whoever is plotting something will be waiting for the opportune time, and that's when they'll make their move. We just have to figure out when it is and who it is doing it."

"That's another thing. The text on the stones we examined said that in order to summon the Orichalkos, it has to be on the night of a full moon." Tenten said, remembering the text. "That's only about 4 days from now, so we can probably assume something will happen then."

"Ok the plan is this. Tomorrow we'll go back to the ruins, try to find some more info out. We'll see what else Daigo-sama can help us with, then we'll make our move." Kasumi said as she closed up her laptop.

"Hey I thought I was leading this mission?" Naruto whined. "Remember, Baa-chan said I was in charge?"

"Alright Naruto, what's your plan?" Kasumi sighed, knowing he'd probably say everything she just did.

"Well, since you, as our lead tactician came up with a good plan, we'll go with your idea Kasumi-chan." Naruto replied. Everyone just looked at him with a huge sweat drop on their heads.

"My brother/fiancé is an idiot." Sasuke, Kasumi, and Hinata all thought to themselves.

Over the next three days, the group spent their time helping Kazuki hone his Time Powers. What really had the group confused was that even though Kasumi couldn't figure out his activation code, he somehow knew it himself! He got a lot better at his Chrono Control ability, easily making it so he could not only slow time, but he could even speed it up, and distort it around people. As for the ruins, Kasumi was able to scan all of the text in the large room Tenten found, and surprisingly enough, her computer went to work deciphering the text, but it wasn't as fast as she thought. As for Kazuki and Tenten, the two became even closer as a couple. Tenten even shocked the entire group when she decided to actually wear her hair down out of her trademark buns. You'd almost think she looked like Kasumi's human twin, well before the Chuunin Final match when Kasumi had longer hair. Of course life was going perfect for Tenten until the final night...the night of the new moon.

Kasumi was headed back from the library to meet with the rest of the group when she walked past the main hall. Lord Daigo was inside talking to his subordinate Shinosuke, when Kasumi overheard a very disturbing conversation.

"Shinosuke, are the preparations complete?" Daigo asked.

"Yes Daigo-sama, we've kept watch over your nephew and the power of the stone is growing immensely. Due to the exposure of his stone with the ones the Leaf shinobi possess, the key has will be ready by tonight." Shinosuke replied. "The plan has gone off without a hitch."

"What plan?" Kasumi thought to herself as she stayed in the shadows.

"Perfect Shinosuke. What of the sacrifice?" Daigo questioned.

"We have the perfect one. The one called Tenten who has gotten close to Kazuki will make a perfect sacrifice." Daigo said. "Tonight the Orichalkos will be mine once and for all!"

"No way! You mean he's the one that's gonna try to summon that thing?" Kasumi thought. "This is not good, I gotta tell everyone!" She was about to leave when she heard footsteps. Deciding not to reveal her position, she stayed in hiding when she noticed Kazuki heading in to talk to his uncle.

"You summoned me?" asked Kazuki while he was walking into the main hall.

"Yes my nephew, I bring terrible news. It seems that the non-aggression treaty with Konoha has been annulled!" Daigo said.

"It has? So does that mean we're officially establishing an alliance with the Leaf?" Kazuki said in excitement.

"I'm afraid not my boy. The Fire Country Feudal Lord has declared that the treaty was nothing but a farce, and that an alliance would do nothing but cause trouble. Any Rain Shinobi in Fire Country could be accused of spying, and could be taken into custody." Daigo said regrettably.

"But...what about us?" asked Kazuki, fearing for his friend's safety.

"We have no choice but to arrest any Leaf Shinobi in the Hidden Rain." Daigo said.

"That can't be right! They've done nothing to us! We're even on a united front against Orochimaru! You can't possibly believe..." Kazuki was frantic. There was no way that the home country of his friends could even do something so atrocious.

"Kazuki, calm yourself. I understand how you feel about all this, but remember you are a shinobi of the Rain. As I am Feudal Lord, I must place my people before myself, and for the protection of my people I must do what I must." Daigo instructed. "As you are a shinobi, you must show loyalty to your home, lest you want to be branded a missing-nin. As for your friends, they have been in our walls and had a chance to learn too much about us. Plus with the amount of power they possess, they are now a dangerous threat to the Rain. Kazuki, you must kill them to prevent anything from happening."

Those words instantly caused Kazuki to freeze in his place. For his uncle to ask him to kill his friends, let alone the girl he loved with all his heart...there was no way he could go through with it. "Uncle, do you even know what you're asking me to do? Not only are they my friends, but also you're asking me to kill the girl I love! I could never draw a weapon against Ten-chan!"

Daigo was furious. His own nephew was talking treason! "Kazuki, do you even know what you're saying! Refusing to follow these orders is high treason! You would endanger the lives of not only your village, but also your country? All for your own personal gain?"

"'s just..." Kazuki stuttered, worried about what consequence his answer would hold. That was just before he was hit with a sudden vision.

"Kazuki, have you made your choice?" Daigo asked once more.

"Very well Uncle. I will not turn traitor to the Hidden Rain. But do not have anyone else interfere. I will deal with the Leaf Shinobi myself." Kazuki said to his uncle.

"This is not right at all! I need to get back to the guys and fast!" Kasumi whispered to herself before she bolted through the hallways. "We have to get out of here now! Even in full Bankai, there's no way we could take on the entire army of Rain shinobi."

"Now Kazuki, I hope you will be swift. When you finish come to the Ruins of Orichalkos. I will be waiting there for you." Daigo said as he took his leave.

"Very well Uncle." Kazuki replied. In his mind however, "I hope I can get to Kasumi-san and everyone else fast enough to help them escape! I just hope she honestly believes I was deceiving my uncle." With that he quickly took off to meet the others.

"Hina-chan, this is Kasumi, come in." Kasumi called out. "Hina-chan please come in!"

"Kasumi-chan, what's wrong?" Hinata asked, wondering why Kasumi sounded so alarmed.

"We have to get out of here now! Apparently the Non-aggression treaty is dissolved and now we're considered the enemy in Rain Country!" Kasumi warned. "Tell the others to be ready to go!"

"What about Kazuki-kun!" Hinata was still wondering what was going on, but figured Kasumi knew what she was talking about.

"He's on his way kill us! He has orders to kill us on sight, since we're deemed a threat to Rain now! Hinata with his Time Power, we may not be able to stop him even in Bankai form!" Kasumi said.

This really had Hinata reeling, "Kasumi-chan, you can't be serious!"

"I am Hina-chan, I overheard the whole thing. Daigo-sama is planning on reviving the Orichalkos as well!" Kasumi replied.

"Ok this is really not good!" Hinata said, starting to feel worried herself.

"That's not the worst part. What am I gonna do Hina-chan? I can't tell Tenten something like this. She loves Kazuki way too much." asked Kasumi. "It would destroy her to hear something like this."

"You have no choice! Not if he's trying to kill us!" Hinata said. "Look just get here fast. Hinata out."

"This is just great! Ten-chan meets the boy of her dreams and now he's forced to kill her! Can this day get any worse!"

Kasumi made it back to the common room to find her friends, except for Tenten, all ready to go. That of course caused even bigger confusion.

"Where's Ten-chan? Shouldn't she be here by now?" Kasumi asked. "We gotta go now!"

"And why do we have to go Kasumi-chan?" said Tenten as she entered the room. "We don't have to head out to the ruins until later tonight."

"We're not going to the ruins Tenten, we're leaving this place now!" Sasuke said. "You should grab your gear and get ready."

"But shouldn't we let Kazuki-kun know? I mean I don't want him to worry..." Tenten said with a hint of nervousness.

Kasumi was trying to think of how she was going to say this, and she knew it was going to be one of THE hardest things she would ever have to do. It could possibly destroy one of the best friendships she has! "Tenten, I don't know how to say this...but on his way here to kill us right now."

Tenten's look immediately changed. She was shocked that Kasumi would even say something like that. "WHAT?"

"The Non-aggression treaty has been dissolved. We're now considered enemies of the Rain. Kazuki was given orders to kill all of us." Kasumi said, hoping things wouldn't go from bad to worse.

"'re lying!" Tenten said.

"She's not lying Ten-chan. He really is..." Hinata tried to explain before she was cut off.

"No! I refuse to believe that he's working for the enemy!" Tenten cried. "It's all a lie!"

"Ten-chan, it's all true! I overheard the entire conversation in the main hall!" Kasumi said, trying to get through to her friend.

"I don't believe you Kasumi. I love Kazuki too much to believe that he's trying to kill us!" Tenten said.

"But I'm not lying!" Kasumi replied, hoping to have something get through.

"No! Why is it that for the first time I experience true happiness, it has to be ruined! And by you! You were the one that told me he was the one! And now you're trying to destroy that?" Tenten was a complete mix of emotions right now. She was enraged, confused, hurt, saddened, and didn't know what to believe. "I'll find Kazuki-kun myself and prove you're wrong!" With that she stormed out of the room in the hopes of finding Kazuki.

"I knew that wasn't going to go well." Kasumi said. "Now she's in more danger!"

"Well we need to find her. Otherwise we're in..." Naruto said, just as the door opened. There stood the one person none of them wanted to see.

"Finally found you." Kazuki said.

"I know this is all just a lie. Kazuki...he's just too sweet. He could never do something like this." Tenten just ran through the halls trying to find Kazuki. She knew if she could get to him, he could clear everything up. Unfortunately for her, she was hit with a tranquilizer dart and was out cold. Out of nowhere a group of shinobi snatched her up and vanished into the shadows.

"Alright Kazuki, we know why you're here. Don't think we're going without a fight!" Naruto quickly readied a kunai, preparing to take his former friend down.

"Look it's not what you think." Kazuki explained. "Seriously you have to believe me."

"Believe what?" Kasumi spat out. "I heard everything Kazuki. We know you're out to kill us. And trust me on this; you're going to be dealing with 4 very powerful Kitsune Illumina Knights. We're not going down without a fight."

"I know! That's why I had to find you! I had a vision that you'd run here and tell everyone what you heard Kasumi-san." Kazuki said. "Look I lied to my uncle! I had to in order to warn you all!"

"That's a likely story. How can we be sure you're not going to try and attack us now?" questioned Sasuke.

Kazuki then took off his transformer and threw it towards the group. He also too all his kunai and his tool pouch and threw it towards them as well. "Because I don't attack my friends. And I would never attack Tenten-hime. I would rather die a traitor of the Rain than to kill the girl I love with all my heart."

"Guys, I think he's telling us the truth." Hinata said, noticing the sincerity in his eyes.

"Hina-chan how can you be sure?" Kasumi asked.

Hinata then released the genjutsu around her eyes to reveal her active Byakugan. "I had my Byakugan active the whole time. I could see his chakra flow and the whole time it never fluctuated. If he was lying, his chakra would have been erratic. But it was in a stable flow the whole time."

"I don't believe my uncle one bit with this. Why would he all of a sudden turn against you like this, even when your intentions were to see about Orochimaru and his supposed whereabouts." Kazuki asked.

"Wait, now that I think about it, this really has seemed kind of strange. Kasumi-chan, do you still have the new orders we got from Tsunade-sama?" Sasuke started getting suspicious himself.

"Yeah, it's right here. Along with our original orders as well." Kasumi said, taking two scrolls out of her backpack. "Why, is something bothering you?"

"Yeah, and I think Kazuki had the right idea to be suspicious." Sasuke said, opening the two scrolls. "SHARINGAN!" Upon activating his bloodline, he began to scan the scrolls. Within seconds his suspicions were confirmed. "I knew it! This wasn't a mission at all!"

"Sasuke, what do you mean?" asked Naruto.

Sasuke shut off his bloodline and rolled up the scrolls. "I used my Sharingan to check the print on the scrolls. I scanned the original mission scroll from Tsunade-sama, and then scanned the new one. Whoever copied her handwriting was good, but not that good. I could tell the other one was a complete fake. There's no mission for us to investigate Orochimaru's whereabouts here."

'That must also mean the news about the treaty being dissolved was a lie! This whole thing was a setup to summon the Orichalkos!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Guys we gotta get to those ruins and fast! If Daigo is gonna release that demon, we're in for one major fight." Kasumi said. "Let's go!"

"Wait, where's Ten-chan?" asked Kazuki, worried about his girlfriend.

"She ran off to find you. She didn't believe us when Kasumi said you were out to kill us." Sasuke told him.

"Yeah, I really feel bad now that it was just a lie. She was right all along...oh no!" Kasumi said before she remembered the earlier conversation with Daigo. She quickly yelled into her transformer, "Tenten, where are you! Tenten, it's Kasumi, please come in!" Nothing but static was heard. "Ten-chan, please! You were right! It was all a lie! Daigo is behind all of this!" There was still static. "No...we gotta run NOW!"

"Kasumi-san, where is she? Is she ok?" Kazuki asked.

"Kazuki...Tenten...they must have her!" Kasumi said, voice trembling. "They're planning to sacrifice her in order to summon the Orichalkos!"

"Like hell he is! Kazuki I bet I know exactly what you're feeling right now." Naruto said. "You wanna go up in there and open up a huge can on your insane uncle for putting your girl's life in danger, am I right?"

"Naruto, I sure didn't need a vision to know you were going to say that." Kazuki said, as he put his gear back on. "If my uncle does as much as lay one finger on her I will personally make his life a living hell."

"Well Sasuke, I've heard enough. What about you?" Naruto said, cracking his knuckles.

"Oh are you asking me if I'm ready for a major beat down?" Sasuke smiled, knowing just what kind of fun they were about to have.

"You got that right. See Kazuki, the guys of the Illumina Knights have an unwritten rule." Naruto said.

Kazuki easily knew what Naruto was talking about, because he had a feeling that if something happened to Hinata, he'd be ready to do the same thing. "And what would that rule be, might I ask?"

"The rule is, if ANYONE puts the lives of the girls we love in danger...we send them on a one way trip straight to hell!! It's time to take this game into overtime!" Naruto screamed as he flicked his wrist. "Plus I wanna hear your snazzy activation code."

"I aim to please Naruto." Kazuki replied. "But of course I say we let the ladies go first."

Hinata and Kasumi let out a slight giggle at how silly the boys were being, though they couldn't help but admire their chivalry. "Kazuki, you definitely are the perfect person for Ten-chan. Let's go get her back for you." Kasumi said. "Come on Hina-chan!"

"You got it!" Hinata replied.

"SUPER ILLUMINA ACTIVATION!" called out the four Kitsune.

"ILLUMINA OF TIME: ENGAGE!" Kazuki screamed. In a burst, the Knights and their newest ally were ready to go.

"Illumina of Time: Engage...I like that." Naruto said.

"Talk about it on the way. We gotta get to those ruins now!" Kasumi commanded.

"Tenten-hime...hang on! I'm coming!" Kazuki thought to himself as the group ran through the palace. "I swear on my life I won't let you die."

"Ugh, what happened? What hit me?" Tenten was slowly waking from the effects of the tranquilizer. However she wasn't in a prime position to be waking up from. " I, and why am I tied up?"

"So you've finally awakened my dear. A shame you won't be around for the rest of the festivities." Daigo boasted. "But I need you to put my plan into action."

"Daigo-sama, what are you doing? What's going on here?" Tenten asked as she struggled from her bonds. "Where's Kazuki-kun!"

"He should be here soon. And when he arrives your friends will be dead, and soon, so will you." Daigo laughed. "Then I will control the great Beast of Ages and the Elemental Lands will be under my control!"

"'re trying to summon the Orichalkos! Are you insane! There's no way you can control that thing!" Tenten screamed. "We'll all die if you summon that!"

"Not necessarily my dear. You see once I get the Key of Chronos from Kazuki, I will wield control of a demon more powerful than the mighty Kyuubi!" Daigo said. "And you will be the sacrifice that calls the beast."

"No, I'll never agree to that!" Tenten cried. "Kazuki-kun will stop you!"

"You don't have much of a choice." Daigo said, just as the rest of the group arrived.

"Uncle! What is the meaning of this!" Kazuki demanded. "What do you think you're doing endangering the lives of all these people!"

"So Kazuki...what are they doing here! I ordered you to kill them!" Daigo roared. "You dare defy my order!"

"He doesn't take orders from a madman. Now give us back Tenten and surrender nicely!"" Naruto said.

"I'm not a madman, per se. I see myself as a great leader, soon to be a mighty ruler of these lands." Daigo said as he snapped his fingers. In an instant, a large group of shinobi surrounded the Knights, easily restraining the kitsune as well. "Now Kazuki, I believe you have something I need."

"Uncle, release them now!" Kazuki commanded. However his uncle didn't seem moved by his commands at all.

"Kazuki, I believe I'm the one in charge here." Daigo said as another shinobi had an arrow aimed directly at Tenten. "Now be a good boy and do as I say."

"Kazuki, don't listen to him! You can beat this guy! With your time powers you can easily take him out!" Naruto said.

"I wouldn't count on that. My shinobi are trained with split second timing. The moment they see Kazuki make an attempt to retaliate, you would all be dead before he could make a move." Daigo said, moving over to the pedestal on the altar. "Now Kazuki, if you would be so kind as to place the Key of Chronos into the keyhole, we'll begin."

"Key of Chronos...what are mean my Time Gem?" Kazuki said, looking at his gemstone.

"That 'Time Gem' as you call it is known as the Chronos Stone. It contains the very power of the mighty warrior Chronos himself! With it constantly around the energy of your friends, it has been revitalized and can now call forth the great beast! And now that the light of the full moon has revealed the keyhole we can continue. Kazuki, if you please." Daigo instructed.

Kazuki looked at his situation and knew it was a no-win. He couldn't risk the lives of his friends, so he did what he had to. Removing his gem, he placed it into the now revealed slot on the large circular stone. The energy began to intensify as the weird markings began to glow intensely. The stone began to open, revealing a large flaming pit. After the stone fully opened, Kazuki's Time Gem shot a beam into the large stone door behind the group. "There, it's done."

"Excellent. Now to begin the summoning!" Daigo said, as the torches behind him erupted in flame. The pit began to bubble violently as the stone door started to open, revealing what looked to be a portal of some sort. "Lower the girl in now!"

"Kazuki-kun! Help me!!" Tenten cried as she was slowly lowered into the pit. "Please! I don't wanna die!"

"Hang on Ten-chan!" Kazuki said, trying to calm her. He went back and got his gem, and hoped he could do something to stop this. "Uncle, look at what you're doing! Don't do this! You're risking the lives of everyone here!"

"Foolish boy. Like I care what you think. I will become ruler of this world with the power of the Orichalkos, and all will bow before me!" Daigo laughed maniacally.

"That's it! You're going down Uncle!" Kazuki threatened. Unfortunately his threat was in vain as the moment he made a move, he heard four screams. Turning back he saw that the shinobi holding Sasuke, Kasumi, Naruto, and Hinata had slaughtered the four in cold blood. What made things even worse was the moment he turned his back, the shinobi with the bow shot his arrow, not striking Tenten, but cutting the rope lowering her into the fiery pit.

"Kazuki!!" she screamed as she fell to her doom. Kazuki ran as fast as he could to the pit, even using his Time power to get him there, but he was too late. Tenten was out of his grasp and out of his life forever.

"TEN-CHAN!!" Kazuki cried out. In an instant he had not only lost his four new friends, but he had lost the most precious thing in his life…the girl he loved with all his heart. All he heard was his uncle cackling as the strange portal behind became active and a large gray lizard began to emerge. His rage had gone beyond inhuman. For the first time Kazuki was literally out for blood. "Uncle…you will PAY FOR THIS!!"

"Come if you wish nephew. I await your death with open arms." Daigo smirked.

At that moment, Kazuki ripped off his headband, his power flaring there was only one thing he had…his most powerful ability. "CHRONO TRIGGER!!" In a flash the entire world came to a complete stop. "What in the world??" Within seconds, a portal had ripped open, sucking Kazuki in. He was flung through the halls of time before he came to a stop. When he got his bearings, he realized that he now stood before a legend…

"Hmm, just what are you?" asked a mysterious man. "I know I didn't summon you?"

"Ugh, where am I? Where's the Orichalkos?" Kazuki said, getting his bearing back.

"Orichalkos? What do you know of the demon?" said the man. "And why do you have my Chronos Stone on your wrist?"

"Chronos Stone…you're the legendary hero Chronos!" Kazuki said, as he stood before a tall warrior with flaring white hair quite like himself.

"That I am. And who might you be?" Chronos asked.

"My name is Kazuki. Apparently my Time Gem, I mean the Chronos Stone somehow brought me back here." Kazuki said, dusting himself off. "But where is here?"

"This is the Land of Sun. A wonderful country it is. Though I fear it may not be much of anything as long as Orichalkos is still loose. Speaking of which, you mentioned the beast? What do you know of it?" wondered Chronos.

"Where I come from, my uncle just sacrificed the love of my life in order to summon Orichalkos for his own desires. My own friends were killed in cold blood as well, and I couldn't do anything to save them. I was about to retaliate when I used Chrono Trigger." Kazuki said.

"I see. I take it you were trying to attack with that skill. Well that wouldn't have worked. Chrono Trigger allows one to travel the paths of time to anywhere they want. The same is for Chrono Trigger Seal, although that will seal a great evil into the void of time. I fear I will have to use that ability when the time comes, ending my existence in this world." Chronos explained.

"Then is it possible that I can use the Chrono Trigger to prevent the deaths of my friends?" Kazuki asked, hoping he had a chance to save Tenten and the others.

"It is. But I think you may want to spend some time with me. I can see that you are a courageous soul that cares for many friends, and you will need full control of your power if you wish to succeed." Chronos said. "I believe we can get a lot of training done in just about no time."

"But how?" Kazuki asked.

"You forget my boy, we control Time itself. We can take a full year and make it seem only like a minute." Chronos smiled. "Now let the training commence."

With that, Chronos summoned a large dome around the area. Kazuki spent the next three years training and perfecting is Time Powers, of course to the outside world, it only seemed like three minutes.

"Now go. Save your friends and prevent the return of Orichalkos." Chronos said proudly. "I know you can do it."

"Thank you Chronos-sensei. And I know what I must do if Orichalkos is summoned. I only hope that it does not cause too much pain for Tenten-hime." Kazuki said, opening a rip in space-time.

"Her love for you is true. She will understand your sacrifice if it comes to that." Chronos said as Kazuki entered the portal.

Now, back to the moment before everyone was killed….

Kazuki returned just a few minutes before he had left. The world was still frozen in time, and he could see everyone just where they were. He even saw himself just as he picked up his Time Gem for the first time. Knowing exactly what would happen, he made a few changes, namely disarming the shinobi around his four friends, moving them out of the way so they have a better position to attack as well. He even moved himself a hint closer so he could get to Tenten fast enough. Finally he took the arrows from the bow shinobi and hid them elsewhere. "Now time to write a better future." He focused his Time Energy into his body, merging with his past self. Once time began to move again, things would be completely different.

"That's it! You're going down Uncle!" Kazuki threatened. "Kasumi, Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, look out behind you!"

"Huh, what in the…" Kasumi said as she turned around. She saw the shinobi that had restrained them, but noticed they were all disarmed.

"Get 'em!" Naruto screamed as he and Sasuke began to unleash a pummeling.

"What! They were restrained! No matter, I will still summon Orichalkos!" Daigo said, as he threw a kunai and cut Tenten's ropes, causing her to fall into the pit.

"Kazuki-kun!!" she screamed, as she was about to fall to her death.

"Not this time! I got you Ten-chan!" Kazuki said, jumping over and catching her before she fell in. He quickly undid her binding and was welcomed with a large hug.

"Thank you Kazuki-kun. I knew you'd come." Tenten said gratefully.

"Actually I lost you last time. I had some time to train and get stronger so this time I wouldn't lose you." Kazuki replied.

"Kazuki, what are you talking about?" Kasumi asked, as Naruto and Sasuke were finishing off the shinobi.

"All of you were killed and somehow my Chrono Trigger ability activated when Ten-chan fell into that pit. I was sent back in time and actually met Chronos himself. He then trained me for the next three years and helped me take full control of my power." Kazuki said.

"But you don't look any older?" Hinata wondered.

"When you control time, you don't have to worry about that." Kazuki smiled. "Now as for you Uncle…it's time you pay for your crimes."

"Not this time boy! Shinosuke, come forth!" Daigo commanded.

"Yes Daigo-sama?" Shinosuke answered as he appeared in a flash of smoke.

"Destroy them!" Daigo ordered, as another 100 shinobi appeared.

"As you wish. Attack!" Shinosuke said, sending the horde of shinobi towards the Knights.

"Hey Naruto, it's time to party!" Sasuke said, tightening his headband.

"Hehe, you read my mind bro! Hey Kazuki, you want in on the fun?" Naruto asked.

"I'd love to join in, if it's ok with Tenten-hime?" Kazuki smiled. Tenten just blushed at his playfulness.

"Well Ten-chan, can Kazuki come play?" Naruto asked, knowing exactly what she was going to say.

"It will give me time to change into my good clothes, so…why not. Go have fun Kazuki-kun." Tenten said with a smile.

"Thanks Ten-chan." Kazuki replied, giving her a quick kiss. "And no matter what anyone says, you still look cute in that outfit."

"You heard him Ten-chan, time to get into your good clothes!" Hinata said.

"With pleasure! SUPER ILLUMINA ACTIVATION!" Tenten screamed as she assumed her Knight form. Taking Masamune from its sheath, it was time for the blood to fly.

"Let the party begin!" Naruto cried, as the Knights began their assault.

"Foolish children, how dare they ruin my plans! They've ruined the summoning of Orichalkos!" Daigo said to himself. "What can I use now?" He took a quick survey of the area and completely forgot that Shinosuke stayed back to command his ninja. He then had the perfect idea… "Shinosuke, even in all this combat you still remain loyal to me, do you not?"

"Of course Daigo-sama. My life is in your hands." Shinosuke bowed in respect. At that same time, Daigo grabbed him by the throat, choking the life out of him.

"Good, then serve your master even in death!" Daigo said, casting Shinosuke into the fiery pit that Tenten was originally to be cast into. "Now come forth…ORICHALKOS!!"

"What!" Hinata said, overhearing Daigo's voice. "He didn't!"

"Oh yes he did! We gotta stop the summoning!" Kasumi cried out.

"Give us a break nee-chan! It's not every day you're trying to keep one of the most dangerous demons from being brought into the world!" Naruto replied, dropping another shinobi to the ground.

"I know, I know! It was the heat of the moment!" Kasumi said.

"Girls…" Sasuke grumbled.

"Can't live with 'em…" Naruto said, causing the three girls to get a little upset.

"But never want to live without 'em! Am I right guys?" Kazuki said.

"Got that right." Sasuke added.

"It doesn't matter. Now that the sacrifice is made, I will take control of the Beast of Ages and kill you all!!" Daigo screamed. The entire chamber began to shake as the portal behind the summoning chamber became active. "Yes…come forth…obey your master Orichalkos!" The group could see the burning red eyes of the great demon. Its head emerged, showing it's vicious face. The long neck, followed by his massive body emerged and now the team was face to face with one of the most dangerous demons ever. (A/N for those who want to try to get an image of Orichalkos, the closest thing I could come up with was taking Giratina's Body with Palkia's Head, Neck, and Arms, and fuse them together, then color it all gray, and give it all of Palkia and Dialga's Time and Space power.)

"Oh…hell!" Naruto said as he looked at the immense demon. "We're in some deep crap now!"

"You're not telling me you're scared Naruto?" Sasuke asked.

"Scared…of that thing? Please! That thing should see Oka-san whenever she gets really pissed off! Now THAT's scary!" Naruto replied.

"Don't remind me. Guess it's time to take this fight into overdrive." Sasuke said as he crossed his arms. "This freak is about to get a taste of some real power!"

"You think you have the power to stop the almighty Orichalkos? Don't make me laugh!" smirked Daigo, full of his own self-pride.

"Then you've never seen what happens when Illumina Knights tap into their full power! Unleash it now!" Kasumi screamed.

"BANKAI!" With a yell, Kasumi, Sasuke, Naruto, Hinata, and Tenten released the limiters on their power, sending a wave of energy coursing through the chamber.

"Now what was that about us not having power?" Naruto said, as a bright green Rasengan began to form in his palm.

"So these are your Bankai forms...very nice." Kazuki said, admiring the Knights at full power. "And I have to say I love the shine Ten-chan."

"Flirting and flattery will definitely get you somewhere Kazuki-kun." Tenten smiled as she focused her energy into her blade. "So, ready to pay this guy back?"

"Absolutely!" Kazuki said.

"All I gotta say, is let's see how that freak likes a Rasengan down his throat!" said an enraged Naruto.

"Naru-chan, don't get cocky. I already lost you once before, and I don't want to lose you again!" Hinata said in slight worry. "This thing may even be more powerful than Shadow Sasuke!"

"Don't worry, we're gonna finish this thing and then the six of us are going back to Konoha." Naruto replied, causing a slight wave of relief to flow over everyone. "That's right Ten-chan, I said all six of us. I have a feeling Kazuki would make an awesome Leaf Shinobi."

"Then what are we waiting for! Let's kill this freak!" Sasuke said, running full speed with lightning arcing from his hand. "CHIDORI!"

"Save some for me Sasuke!" Naruto yelled. "RASENGAN!"

"Ready Hina-chan?" Kasumi said.

"Ready Kasumi-chan." Hinata replied.

"KITSUNE PRINCESS DOUBLE ATTACK: HYDRO CANNON!" the duo unleashed a spiraling blue wave of light and water, hoping to do some intense damage.

"My turn! GETSUGA TENSHOU!" Tenten said, unleashing static purple blade of gravity energy.

"Guess I shouldn't be outdone." Kazuki said, forming what looked to be a black spear of energy formed in his hand. "See how you like this! CHRONO SPEAR!"

"Worthless fools! You cannot fathom the power of the Beast of Ages! Orichalkos, unleash your mighty roar!" Daigo commanded.

The great beast roared in rage, causing the walls around to begin to crumble. Even though the group had unleashed their attacks, that roar easily threw all of them back, doing no damage.

"Yes Orichalkos, they are your victims! They have been offered up as sacrifice to your power!" Daigo was hysterical. As Orichalkos kneeled and he took his spot on the head of the beast, the group could see they were dealing with more than just a madman...they were dealing with a madman that controlled one hell of a demonic beast!

"Ok, that's not what was supposed to happen." Naruto said, climbing from some of the rubble.

"Yeah, someone get that thing a king size breath mint too!" Sasuke said, waving his hand in front of his face.

"Anyone got any good ideas now?" Tenten asked.

"I have one...YOU DIE!" Daigo cackled. The Orichalkos began to summon energy in its mouth, preparing for another attack.

"How about we do this! RUN!" Sasuke screamed. The entire group scrambled as Orichalkos unleashed a giant fireball, incinerating everything in its path. Though Tenten didn't move...

"Ten-chan get out of there now!" Kazuki yelled. "You can't stop something like that!"

"No! I'm not gonna run! Not after everything that's happened! He's about to get a taste of his own medicine!" Tenten placed her hands in front of her and channeled her energy. "Time to show you just what my Bankai can do! REFLECTION FORCE!" Instantly a large crystal mirror appeared as the fireball crashed into it. Tenten was pushing everything she had into the mirror as the fireball continued to push through.

"What's she doing?" asked Kazuki.

"It's her Bankai attack. See Tenten is probably the most unique Knight out the entire group. She was the only one that never had a combination attack until she unlocked the last half of her Gravity Power, she can fuse any element into all her weapons, control the power of gravity...and the best thing is that her most powerful attack isn't really her own attack." Kasumi explained. "Her Reflection Force takes the attack of her enemies and sends it back with double the power!"

"Dude, your girlfriend is totally cool!" Naruto gave Kazuki a small punch on the arm, causing the Time Knight to let out a slight blush of embarrassment.

"I swear man, if only my girl was as cool as yours!" Sasuke added, causing Kasumi to get a hint of jealousy.

"Oh, so now I'm not cool enough?" Kasumi pouted. "I'm still just as good. So what if I can't create a big mirror." Hinata was just laughing at the whole thing.

"Are you guys always like this?" asked Kazuki.

"Yep. And trust me, it only gets better." Naruto said, as he turned back to the battle. "Alright Tenten, let him have it!"

"You can do it Ten-chan!" Kasumi and Hinata cheered.

"Show him the power of Gravity!" Sasuke added.

Kazuki could see the support that the others gave. Now he understood why the Illumina Knights were a force to be reckoned with. No one ever fought alone; they would always have each other giving their strength in battle. And it was time he lent his own... "Tenten-hime, I know you can win! I love you!!"

Tenten looked over to see her friends cheering her on. She could feel that she had the power to do something to put a stop to this. It was solidified when she heard those three words from Kazuki himself that pushed her even further. "Kazuki-kun...thank you so much." She turned her focus back to the task at hand. "Alright Daigo...see how you like a taste of your own medicine!" With all her strength she reversed the fireball, adding in her own gravity energy, and sent it flying back with twice the power. The fireball hit, actually causing Orichalkos to roar.

"She did it! She actually damaged him!" Kazuki said, watching the giant beast stumble.

"Ok, let's hit him hard and hit him fast! Sasuke, Kasumi, time to go airborne!" Naruto said.

Sasuke and Kasumi jumped into Naruto and Hinata's hands, getting a serious boost from the duo. "Go for it Naruto!" Sasuke said as he pulled all his fire energy together.

"ILLUMINA DOUBLE TECHNIQUE: TSUNAMI STRIKE!" Naruto and Hinata said together, unleashing a massive tsunami of water and wind.

"FIRE AND LIGHT COMBINE: STAR FLARE BURST!" said Kasumi and Sasuke as they fired off their spiraling beams of fire and light.

"Ten-chan, are you ok?" Kazuki said as he helped her off the ground.

"I'm not done just yet Kazuki-kun." Tenten said. Her hand started glowing in a blue and purple aura as she prepared for her next attack. "Think you can combine your Chronos Spear with one of my own attacks?"

Kazuki quickly formed a spear in his hand and smiled at his girlfriend, "As long as I'm fighting by your side, I can do anything."

"Ok, let's do it!" Tenten said. "Alright Daigo, time to unleash a new power! Prepare to feel the force of Gravity and Time combined!"

"ILLUMINA SPECIAL ATTACK: CHRONOS SHOCKWAVE!" Tenten and Kazuki screamed. Tenten slammed her fist into the ground, creating the strongest Magnetic Shockwave she could. With the power of Kazuki's Chrono Spear combined into it, it now ripped along the ground with even more power than before. This was also a new surprise to everyone since Tenten had never done a combination attack!

"No way! Tenten..." Naruto said.

"Actually did a combination attack!" Hinata finished.

"You go Ten-chan!" Kasumi thought.

"Alright people, turn up the power!" Sasuke said. The group all pushed as much energy as possible into their attacks, hoping to cause as much damage as possible. The three combination attacks all hit, creating an intense explosion that threw the giant demon back and actually off balance! After the hit the Orichalkos roared in pain from actually suffering damage!

"Oh yeah! That's what I'm talking about!" Naruto said. "Hey Sasuke, fist pound!"

"Haha! You bet!" Sasuke said, as he and Naruto hit their fists together.

"Ten-chan, I can't believe it! You actually did a combination attack!" Hinata said in amazement.

Tenten was trying to be modest, but it wasn't really working. "I guess my Gravity powers are a lot more flexible than my Metal Powers. But it wasn't that good."

"Come on Ten-chan, quit pulling the modest bit. You know you wanna flaunt your ego a bit." Kasumi laughed.

"Ok, you're right. I was so awesome back there!" For the first time Tenten just let her ego go wild. They all knew she was happy that she finally broke out of the mold, and they let her live it up. Too bad it was short lived.

"Insolent fools! You dare attack the almighty Orichalkos!" Daigo was enraged. To think that 6 teens could damage the Beast of Ages. He was furious and out for blood, and decided that nothing would stop his ambition. That's when things got worse. The beast began to glow as Daigo started to actually merge with the creature! "I will erase your very existence!"

"Ok now he's merging with the thing! That...that's just wrong!" Naruto said.

"Everyone hit him again before he can..." Sasuke said, but it wasn't quick enough. Before he could even finish, the new Daigo-Orichalkos unleashed a massive wave of energy bursts that not only flung the team into the leftover ruins; it also completely destroyed the land around him. His power was literally out of control as he was filled with rage.

" the part I hate." Kasumi slowly said. She wiped the blood from her face and tried standing, but couldn't due to her leg being shattered from the debris. "Is everyone ok?"

"Yeah...barely." Sasuke said, clutching his shoulder. "I think I dislocated my shoulder, but that's it. Naruto, you ok?"

"I'm fine, but Hina-chan's out cold. Kazuki, Tenten, say something?" replied Naruto.

"We're ok...somewhat." Tenten said as Kazuki helped her limp over to the group. "I think I broke my ankle though."

"Guys, this isn't good. Daigo's become far too powerful ever since he merged with Orichalkos. We may be outclassed here!" Kasumi winced in pain from her leg. Even though she was half demon, the fact that her leg was broken in multiple places made it hard to begin healing.

"We have one more option...well I have one more option." Kazuki said, as he looked at the rampaging beast.

"! You can't! Kazuki-kun, you can't do it! I won't let you leave me!" Tenten cried. She knew Kazuki was planning to sacrifice himself, but she wasn't about to give up the most precious person in her life. "I haven't even gotten to introduce you to all my friends, my parents, even to Tsunade-sama!"

"Tenten-hime, listen to me please. When I trained with Chronos-sensei, I learned that if it came down to it, I have to give up everything to protect that which is precious to me. And right now there's five people that I have to make sure can see another day. Orichalkos is too dangerous to walk this world, and as the wielder of the power of Chronos, I have to seal him away into the void." Kazuki said, trying to dry her tears. "I plan to send him to the very end of time itself, never to return ever again."

"But what if someone tries to summon him again! Who will..." Tenten said, before Kazuki silenced her.

"I'm taking the Chronos Stone with me. I will destroy it in the void of time and it's power will never be seen on this planet ever again." Kazuki said. "Ten-chan, you don't know how hard it is for me to stand here right now, telling you that we will never be together again. But I want you to know one thing."

"What's that Kazuki-kun?" Tenten tried her hardest to keep her tears in, but they kept streaming down.

"You are the first girlfriend for me...and you are the absolute best one too. I have never met anyone as beautiful as you, and I will never forget you. You told me that you were just a normal girl, but in my eyes, you truly are a princess." Kazuki said, as he caressed her hair in his hands. He could see the tears streaming down her eyes and could feel just how much she was hurting. Tenten tried to say anything, but all she did was kiss him. Even though she couldn't find the words, she hoped that her final kiss would tell him just how she truly felt. "Kazuki-kun..."

"I know. And...thank you." Kazuki said.

"Oh how touching! Why don't I end this farce and kill her first dear nephew!" Daigo said, trying to ruse his nephew's feathers.

"I will never let you do anything to my friends or to Tenten ever again!" Kazuki screamed as he ran towards the raging beast. "This ends now!!"

The group watched as Kazuki ran to his doom. It was hard watching their new friend and ally willingly sacrifice himself, all for their safety.

"You will not win Kazuki! The Orichalkos is invincible!" Daigo laughed as he continued to unleash his attack on Kazuki. Though what he didn't expect was that Kazuki had tapped into the final stage of his power...Space Control! As Kazuki tried avoiding the attacks, he noticed that there were strange portals opening up, absorbing all of the attacks coming from Orichalkos.

"Chronos-sensei was right! Well, it's time to end this for good!" Kazuki said, channeling all of his power into his gemstone. "Be gone from this world for eternity!! CHRONO TRIGGER SEAL!!" A large portal began to appear behind the Orichalkos as Kazuki started forcing the demon back. Daigo tried to command the beast to move out of the way, but the force of the portal was too strong, drawing the beast into the void. Kazuki was quick to follow, but before he vanished from all existence, he turned to smile one last time to the person who had made the last days of his life the greatest days ever. Even though it was short lived, the love he had for her was a love that could be felt through the ages. He could only hope she would still be strong to continue forward in life, and not to let the memory of himself cause her to weep. "Tenten-hime...I will always love you...until the end of time." he whispered as the portal closed, erasing all traces of the great demon Orichalkos, and the Time Knight Kazuki Hitsugaya.

"Farewell...Prince Kazuki." Tenten said softly as she broke down and cried. To have found her true love, only to have lost him was more than she wanted to bear. She was lucky though...for she wasn't alone. Kasumi was right there by her side, doing her best to comfort the weapons mistress.

Three days later...

"Well, this is definitely interesting." Tsunade said, after reading Naruto's report. "You get a forged mission order, lured into a trap that summoned a demon that could destroy the entire world, and even found a new Illumina Knight?"

"Yeah, hard to believe it was just supposed to be a simple border patrol mission." Kasumi replied, as she tried to keep herself up on her crutches.

"I also take it you and the others are making a good recovery?" asked Tsunade.

"Almost all of us. We don't really know about Ten-chan." Kasumi answered. "She probably had the worst experience out of all of this."

"Enlighten me." Tsunade said, intrigued to find out what happened.

"Let's just say...she went through a lot of firsts in the past week." Kasumi said.

"You guys found a new Illumina Knight! No way!" Haku said in excitement.

"Yeah, turns out a shinobi we met on our way to the border ended up being a new Knight that controlled time." Hinata said, sipping the soup from her ramen. "His name was Kazuki, and let me tell you he was really cool!"

"And you ended up fighting a demon that was said to be more powerful the Oka-san herself?" Haku asked.

"We did. Honestly if it wasn't for Kazuki, we'd probably not even be here right now." Sasuke added.

"Its really bad that Ten-chan went through what she did. I mean to find the boy of her dreams, only to lose him in less than a week. How has she held up after all of that?" said Sakura.

"She's been home mostly. We tried calling her, but she'd never answer her phone. Tsunade-sama gave her an extra week off to recover, but I think it's going to take longer than that for her scars to heal." Hinata said. "I know she was really looking forward to bringing him back to Konoha too."

As for Tenten, all she did was stare out at the sunset. Since everyone else was getting back into the swing of things, and she had a week off, she decided to keep to herself for the time being. She still remembered the first night in Ame, when she and Kazuki kissed for the first time. It was a memory she would never forget as long as she lived.

"Knew I'd find you up here." Naruto said to the weapons mistress.

"Naruto, I...well..." Tenten stuttered out. "How did you..."

"This is where I come when I'm feeling pretty bummed myself." Naruto said, sitting next to her. "I like to watch the sunset as well. It helps me calm my spirit."

"It's worked a little. But I think it will take a lot of sunsets to make me feel any better." she said, pulling her knees to her chest.

"You still think about him, don't you?" asked Naruto.

"Every single night. I keep thinking he'll use his Time Power to come back and hold me in his arms, but I know it will never happen." Tenten cried. "I just wish that I could have met him sooner."

"Tenten, you should be happy that you found someone to love you like that. He was honorable, noble, courageous, and just an all around nice guy. You don't find too many people like that in this world you know." Naruto said. "I'd say you got really lucky."

"Actually Naruto, he did remind me of someone I know." Tenten said.

"And who could that be?" questioned Naruto. "Anyone I know?"

"'s you. Kazuki was just like you Naruto. Now I really know how Hinata feels when you're with her. She feels secure and safe, always knowing you're by her side to protect her. Kazuki did the same for me, and I'd never give up that feeling for the world." Tenten said.

Naruto felt honored that she'd think of him that way, even a bit humbled as well. "Wow, thanks Tenten."

"Actually, there's more Naruto. I feel like I should tell you why he reminded me of you. It's something I've never told anyone, and as of right now the only people that know are Kasumi and Hinata." Tenten took a deep breath to prepare her for revealing one of her deepest secrets. "Naruto, promise me you'll always keep this a secret ok."

"Uh ok." Naruto said.

"You're not going to tell like you did when the other Naruto was here, are you?" she asked.

"Tenten, that was for the benefit of our training. This is something personal and that's different. I won't betray your trust, I promise." Naruto said.

"I know you wont. Well here goes. Did you ever wonder why you never had a fan club back in the academy?" Tenten asked.

He just scratched his head, "No, never really thought about it. I just thought all the girls were crazy over Sasuke. Why?"

"The reason is, that I was the only member of the Naruto Uzumaki Fan Club. I just never showed it." Tenten admitted. "Yeah Naruto, I had a crush on you."

Naruto instantly blushed on hearing this. Tenten actually had a crush...on him! "You''re not serious are you?"

"I'm completely serious Naruto. I've actually liked you ever since Kasumi came to our world. But with you around Hinata all the time, and you two becoming Konoha's Sweethearts, I knew I'd never have a chance to compete against her. I mean even the clan differences separated us. She's the heir to one of the most powerful clans in Konoha, with one of the most powerful bloodlines, and you're the son of the Yellow Flash and the Kyuubi no Kitsune herself! And now with her being Second Princess of the Kitsune...there was nothing a normal girl like me could even do." Tenten said. "But you probably shouldn't worry about that."

"Hey now, I'm not the type of person that would turn an ear to the president of my fan club. Though I will say, I never really thought I'd have a fangirl, let alone it be you of all people. But I guess that's what made you so unique Ten-chan." Naruto said. "Besides, you wouldn't want a guy like me. I'm loud, crazy, I eat like a wildebeest, and I slurp my ramen."

"And you're brave, courageous, you take pride in your family and village, you're willing to die for your precious people. And that's why I like you." Tenten said. "And that's also why I love Kazuki...because he was everything that you are."

"Listen Tenten, you know Kazuki would never want to see you like this. He would want you to enjoy your life, to go out and experience new things. Even find another new love in your life. And you know I'm telling you the truth." Naruto said.

"I know that, but it's's just really hard." she cried out. "I mean the pain of trying to start over is too much to bear sometimes."

Naruto just put his hand on her back to reassure her, "And that's what we're here for. Me, Hina-chan, Kasumi-chan, Haku-chan, Sakura-chan, Sasuke, Chouji, Neji...all of us are here. We don't let our friends suffer. We're here if you need us for anything."

Tenten suddenly felt a little bit better now that Naruto had comforted her. It was almost as if it was Kazuki, but close was good enough. "Naruto, thank you so much. Hinata really is the luckiest girl in the world to have you as her fiancé."

"And I'm lucky I got friends like you too." Naruto said as he stood up. "Now come on, I have a job to do."

"What's that?" she asked.

"Well, I'm going to treat the president of the Naruto Uzumaki Fan Club to some ramen, if she's ok with that." Naruto said, as he extended his hand.

"Naruto...I'd really appreciate that." She took his hand as he helped her to her feet. The moment that happened, he got something very unexpected. Tenten got to her feet so fast that she nearly crashed into him, and instead kissed him...right on the lips. This of course had Naruto flipping out simply because he was engaged and kissing another girl!

"I...I...I...Tenten I'm really sorry!!" Naruto freaked out because he though Hinata was going to kill him!

"Naruto, it's ok. Hinata gave me permission. I said she knows about how I felt about you, and she told me, that if I had the chance...I could get one kiss in, and I did. And don't worry, this will be another memory I'll lock away forever and no one will ever know." Tenten said with a smile.

"She gave you permission?" he asked.

"Sure did. Only because of how bad I was feeling, but you know, I think I feel much better now. So can this fangirl get extra teriyaki in her ramen today?" Tenten said.

"You bet Ten-chan, you bet." Naruto said, as the two headed into town.

Unknown to the world there was one person looking from the void of time. He had seen the future and knew that Tenten had a happy life ahead of her.

"Don't worry're going to have a long and wonderful life. Always know that I will be with you in spirit." Kazuki said as he faded into nothingness.

And there you have it. The first chapter of the trilogy is finally done. Yeah I know it took a while, but all this means is that the group will be back stronger than ever. New enemies, new powers, new allies, and a lot more chaos is waiting for our now teenage shinobi heroes. There's gonna be more demon clans, more teamups, and even some new romance. But of course, to all my readers who have been with me since the beginning, I leave you with this...Since Tenten did such a wonderful job in the movie, I figure...why not give our fans a little sneak peak about her from The Bijuu Wars! Enjoy everyone and see ya in the sequel!!

"Let her go Deidara! There's no way you're going to get your hands on Yugito-sama!" said Sakura. "There's no way you can take on the two of us and think you'll get out alive!"

"She's right. We're not letting you get away, and Akatsuki won't get their hands on another Bijuu!" Haku added. "Plus if you even make one wrong move, I'll freeze you in so much ice it will take 10 years just for your head to thaw out!"

"Yeah right. Like you two can do anything. Your friends couldn't stop us when we captured the Ichibi, so what makes you think I won't be escaping with the Nibi in tow?" said Deidara as he began to fly away on one of his giant clay birds. "Besides, I think I can use her for my art before we seal her for good! And too bad that worthless excuse of a nekomata couldn't do anything either. I shoulda blown him up."

"Kyoji-kun would have taken you down if you didn't threaten to kill Riyu-chan! What kind of person threatens to kill someone's little sister!" Sakura retorted.

"I know exactly the kind of person Sakura-chan!" said a familiar voice. "It the type of person that's going to end up dead!"

"Ten-chan!" Kyoji exclaimed. "'re alive! But how!"

"You'll find out soon enough. Right now, you, Sakura-chan and Haku-chan take Riyu-nee-chan out of here and get her some help. I'll deal with this freak." Tenten said, as she instantly assumed her Knight form. What was more noticeable was her power seemed to be leaking from her Gravity Gem.

"Ten-chan, are you sure? I can help you out with this guy." Haku asked, but Tenten stopped her.

"You don't wanna be anywhere close when I do this. Yugito-sama is the only one that can survive this attack, so just stay back." Tenten said, as her power continued to increase. "Now Deidara, I'd like it if you would kindly release my future mother-in-law before I have to get really angry!"

"Like you can do anything, you're on the ground. We all know you can't fly without the power from that Naruto kid." Deidara laughed, underestimating the Gravity Shinobi.

"You know, you're right. I can't...until I do this! GRAVITY OVERDRIVE!" Tenten exploded in a massive burst of power. This wasn't like her Bankai, it had gone beyond that!

"Gravity Overdrive! What the heck is she talking about!" Sakura screamed.

"Kasumi-chan told me about this! The same thing happened to Naruto when he came in contact with a large dose of Shukaku's chakra! Apparently it pushes our Illumina power past the Bankai limit! That's how he was able to activate his Wind Overdrive and create his Omega Cyclone attack!" Haku said. "My guess is somehow Tenten has been exposed to Yugito-sama's chakra and that's how she unlocked this power!"

"So Deidara, you think you can get away now?" Tenten said as she began to rise into the air. "You see I don't need wind in order to fly when I control Gravity itself!"

"Fine then, you want to play?" Deidara said, as he threw Yugito's unconscious form towards the trees. Zetsu was waiting and grabbed her, then instantly vanished into the trees. "Now that I put the cat in the bag, I can have my hands free."

"Oh you think you put the cat in the bag? Well trust me, I'm about to let the cat OUT of the bag!" Tenten screamed. "GRAVITY CRUSH!" Tenten focused all her newfound Overdrive Power all around her and increased all the gravity around her in a 50-foot radius well over 50 times. That much power sent Deidara and his clay bird crashing full force into a crater made from the immense gravity. Not only that but the sheer force even ripped the ribbons out of her hair, causing it to fall and flow in the wind.

"What in the..." Haku said, when she noticed Tenten in the air.

"That's what Oka-san did to save her! When she asked her about a binding contract, I didn't think that's what she meant!" Kyoji exclaimed. "It's the only way to save a human from the effects of Hellfire!"

"Kyoji-kun, you mean to say that..." Sakura said.

"Yeah...Tenten's a Nekomata now!!" Haku said, noticing the pair of black cat ears and tail on Tenten.

"And she's one angry kitten too!" Kyoji added. "Heh but that's my girlfriend for you!"