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Boys. Stupid boys, all she was doing was trying to help. She was doing the right thing, so she was a bit heavy handed. That's just the way she was, surely they realised that by now? And it was just a broomstick for goodness sake, it wasn't a matter of life and death. If she was proven right, well they'd thank her then, or not. They were unpredictable like that. They probably wouldn't, just blame her for the broom being taken away from Harry. But she had done the right thing, if Harry had gotten on it, and it had been cursed, it could have thrown him off. He could have died, it was worth being looked over. There was a notorious murderer that wanted him dead after all, it wasn't outside the realm of possibility. It doesn't matter if she was trying to help Harry, she had overstepped some invisible line, and well that was just unforgivable.

Sometimes she wished she had more friends, or just someone else who would listen, and would understand her. Preferably a girl, boys tended to agree on most things, and she had broken some kind of sacred oath today, don't come between them and Quidditch. She should have remembered this one from growing up, trying valiantly to convince her dad, her grandfather, male cousins - anyone, to come and do something with her. 'Not right now, cricket's on'. She didn't care one bit about the cricket, sport held no interest to her at all.

She had left them in the common room, not that they would have noticed she had left. Harry was no doubt moaning about the loss of his broomstick, and Ron was commiserating with him, he still wasn't happy with her. She really didn't think that Crookshanks would have eaten Scabbers, he wasn't a vicious animal, of course it was ingrained in a cat's mindset to chase and eat them, he didn't do it. And that was that. She was going to go see Hagrid, they would work some on his defence for Buckbeak. No way was Mr Malfoy letting that poor animal be executed. Not on her watch.

So intent she was on her path that she neglected to notice the mess at the top of the steps, slipping over, falling down the last few steps, right into seemingly waiting arms.

"Alright there? Good thing I was here to catch you, would have been a right nasty fall."

"I am not a Snitch. It isn't required that you catch me," she said hotly.

He chuckled as he set her on her feet, "Well I'm a Seeker, reflex to catch pretty things that fly at me."

She raised an eyebrow, "Don't tell me that actually works on girls?"

"You'd be surprised," he laughed, and to her shock he winked at her.

"Well, thanks for that," she said, moving past him.

"Anytime Granger, anytime."