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First Words




"Sakura! Sanosuke's crying again? How do you shut him up?"

It had been approximately two years since Sakura and Sasuke had been married, and one year since they had their first child, Uchiha Sanosuke.

As everyone had expected, Sanosuke turned out to be a handsome baby, inheriting favorable traits from both his mother and father. His hair was a lovely shade of dark raven just like his father's- except maybe it was a little bit flatter. His eyes were a startling shade of bright emerald green, much like his mother's. He was still one years old, but he already showed promising signs of growing into a handsome young man.

Sasuke had inherited the Uchiha family's main house after his father passed away in peace- and they had been living as a happy family in the large mansion. But unfortunately, much to Sasuke and Sakura's chagrin, peace at home did not last very long.


"Sakura, your son is making me deaf!"

"Uchiha Sasuke, you know very well that Sanosuke is your as as well!" A very tired looking Sakura walked out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on the dirty apron around her waist. "You should learn to take proper care of your own child," She angrily scolded him, tying her pink locks into a messy bun. Her green eyes locked onto her husband, who was hovering over a crib that was violently rocking back and forth.

"Sakura, I think he inherited your monstrous strength." Sasuke said with a wince, trying to reach his arms towards the wailing child. He wiped the sweat off his forehead as he leaned back, pleadingly looking at his wife. Sakura finally gave up with a sigh, taking her apron off as she walked over to their child.

"You have no common sense when it comes to children." She shook her head, leaving him to scowl at her as she reached for the baby. As soon as the child was in his mother's arms, his cried almost immediately quieted down into quiet whimpers. "There, there, Sanosuke." She cooed, rocking the baby back and forth. Sanosuke sleepily closed his emerald eyes and started to breath evenly as he fell into a deep sleep. She turned to give Sasuke an accusing glare. "We're having guests for dinner tonight Sasuke, and I'm going to be busy cooking. You better take care of Sanosuke yourself."

"It's not my fault he never shuts up when I try to calm him down." Sasuke argued back.

She simply rolled her eyes in response. "Sasuke, you can't glare at Sanosuke when you're trying to comfort him." She told him exasperatedly. "You're obviously going to scare him with that scary expression on your face. You have to make a sweet face!"

"Sweet face?" He repeated, looking slightly confused.

She nodded, gently placing Sanosuke back into the crib. "Like this," She told him, and her frowning face was immediately replaced with a beautiful smile that reminded Sasuke of why he had fallen in love with her in the first place. He immediately snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her into a short, chaste kiss. She let out a squeak of surprise at his sudden actions.

"Sorry," He shamelessly apologized with a smug smirk. "I guess your sweet face works magic on me as well." She blushed at his words, a lovely pink hue overcoming her cheeks.

"Screw you, Uchiha Sasuke." She muttered in an embarrassed tone, as she put her apron back on.

"I'd love to, Uchiha Sakura." Sasuke murmured suggestively. "Care to help me restore more of the Uchiha clan?"

"Pervert!" She squeaked out, shoving him away. He let out a low chuckle and followed her into the kitchen.

"Who's coming over for dinner?" He asked, hovering over a pot of delicious curry.

"The usual." Sakura replied with a sigh. "Shikamaru and Ino, Naruto and Hinata, Neji and Tenten..." She stirred the soup, thinking some more. "Oh yeah, the Sand siblings are coming in two days as well. We're going to be having another group dinner but I was hoping we could go to a restaurant instead. All this cooking is killing me- Naruto's appetite ismonstrous!" She complained, shaking her head.

"I don't remember giving you the permission to have Hyuuga over." Sasuke muttered under his breath, looking displeased. Ever since their young days at Konohagakure, Sasuke had never quite gotten over the fact that Sakura and Neji had briefly been semi-together. Though he would never admit it out loud, sometimes he was jealous of the relationship they used to have.

"Are you still scared that I might be having a secret relationship with Neji?" Sakura asked, rolling her eyes. "Kami-sama Sasuke, that was what... over five years ago?" Sasuke sulked, deciding not to answer her. Unfortunately, this only ignited her fury. "And you're the one to talk!" She exclaimed, waving a spatula at him. "You almost to another girl!"

"You always say that, even if you know perfectly well that it was an arranged marriage." He grunted, looking annoyed.

She smiled at him, letting out a small giggle at his expression. "I know, I know, I was just teasing you." She said, lightly patting him on the back. "I'm glad you saw I was worth it." She smirked at him. He loved it when she smirked- there was something so incredibly sexy about the way the corners of her lips slightly quirked upwards... he was about to kiss her again when the doorbell rang.

"Damnit." He cursed, pulling back as he glared at the front door. "Isn't it too early for dinner?"

To his confusion, Sakura's face brightened up. "Oh, that must be the others!" She chirped, happily.

"The others?"

He didn't receive an answer as she floated towards door. He sighed as he returned to the living room, sullenly throwing himself onto the couch as he listened to the new voices that filled the hallways.

"You've changed a bit." A familiar gruff voice said.

"Well no shit Sherlock, the last time we saw her, she was nine months pregnant. That tends to change people."

"Deidara, you're being loud."

"Aw, shut up Sasori-danna! I finally have chance to insult Sharkie over here, but nooooo, you have to ruin it all!"

"Sh, Sanosuke's sleeping!" Sakura quiet voice interrupted their fight.

Sasuke inwardly groaned. Just what he needed- the Akatsuki boys. Or the Three Stooges, as Naruto liked to call them.

"Oi Uchiha Junior, long time no see!" The boisterous blonde greeted, marching through the door. "I haven't seen you in a year- I was kinda hoping you and Sakura-chan would have divorced by now, but I guess I'll have to wait a little longer for that."

The raven haired boy pointedly ignored Deidara's words. Sasuke had spent a lot of time in the blonde's company after getting married to Sakura- enough for him to learn that the best way to deal with Deidara's taunting was to ignore him. Sasuke briefly wondered when Deidara was going to cut his hair, before looking out the window.

Kisame and Sasori followed in after him, both looking extremely disgruntled at their partner. "Good to see you Uchiha." Sasori politely greeted. Sasuke nodded back- at least Sasori was someone he could stand.

"Sakura, as this scum been treating you right?" Kisame suspiciously asked, sending Sasuke a threatening glance.

"Yes, yes, he's been treating me fine." Sakura answered him with a sigh. "Plus, if he didn't, I would have kicked his ass myself. I may be a mother and a wife but I can still take perfectly good care of myself." She pushed Kisame away from Sasuke so they would stop glaring at each other. "And for the tenth time, lower your voice, Sanosuke is sleeping in the other room!"

"Oh, I haven't seen him yet!" Deidara exclaimed giddily. "Can I see the brat?"

A vein throbbed on Sakura's forehead as she smacked him in the head, sending him crashing to the floor.

"He's not a brat," She told him in an irritated tone. "And you better be quiet if you want to see him." She motioned for him to follow her as she led him towards Sanosuke's crib. She peeked in to check up on him-

But he wasn't there.

Sakura loudly groaned.

"Sasuke, Sanosuke's left the crib again!" She rubbed her temples in frustration. "Sanosuke-chan tends do to that alot. He must take after Sasuke in stealth- I never notice him sneak out of his crib." She explained distractedly.

"Not again." Sasuke grumbled, walking over to inspect the empty crib. "You go check the bedrooms and bathroom upstairs, I'll search the rest." He told Sakura, and within a second, they both disappeared.

The three Akatsuki members looked at each other in confusion.

A sudden gurgling sound came from behind the couch, drawing their attention. All three of them whirled around to face the adorable yet dangerous offspring of the Uchiha and Sakura. Sanosuke crawled on all fours, gurgling again as he inched forwards. Deidara let out a very unmanly squeal of delight, running towards the baby boy.

"Oh my god, he's adorable!" Deidara exclaimed in a high pitch, as Kisame and Sasori shot each other disturbed looks at the blonde's strange antics. "You totally have your mother's eyes! And your daddy's hair!"

Sanosuke could only give him a toothy grin in response to Deidara's incessant babbling. "That short guy over there is Sasori." Deidara told the baby, pointing at the redhead. "Just hope you grow to be taller them him when you'll be a man." A vein slightly throbbed on Sasori's forehead. "And that big scary man over there is Kisama, also known as Tuna-sama to your mother!"

The baby looked up in delight at the blue-skinned man, who clearly was uncomfortable upon having Sanosuke's attention.

"Hey Fish-chan, I think he likes you!" Deidara exclaimed in delight, and consequently, Sanosuke clapped his hands together a couple of times. Deidara ruffled the boy's raven hair, as Sanosuke beamed up at him. "Well at least you don't scare him! I thought he'd cry at the sight of you. Or maybe he's just hungry and he thinks you're food?"

"Go eat shit Deidara." Kisame grumbled, turning away.


There was a moment of awkward silence.

Deidara froze, as Kisame slowly turned around to face the baby again.

"Was that…"


Sakura chose that moment to come rushing back in, followed by a breathless Sasuke. She let out a sigh of relief as she spotted her son sitting on the floor, sitting in front of Deidara. "Oh thank god you guys found him! I was actually starting to get worried." She gave them a thankful smile, reaching out towards Sanosuke.

"Eat shit!" The baby cried out excitedly.

There was another moment of silence.

Sasuke was painfully quiet. "Did Sanosuke... just..." Sakura spluttered, unable to find the right words.

"Eat shit!" The baby exclaimed again.


"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY POOR BABY?" Sakura cried out in desperation, grabbing Sanosuke away from Deidara. "Why is my son saying such foul words?"

Deidara guiltily scratched the back of his head. "Eh... Sakura-chan, calm down." Deidara tried to soothe her down. He shot an anxious look towards Sasuke- it was never a good sign when the Uchiha was quiet for a long period of time. "It wasn't me!" Deidara immediately shrieked, hiding behind Sasori. "I just said something to Kisame, and he told me to go eat shit!"

Kisame's eyes widened as the blame was shifted to him. "No wait, it's all a misunderstanding." The blue skinned man anxiously answered, raising two hands in front of him. The look in Sakura's eyes was screamed 'murder'- and Kisame happened to value his life.

Kisame almost cried tears of joy when the doorbell rang again.

"I'll deal with you later." Sakura threatened, stalking towards the front door.

"Good evening everyone!" An energetic voice chirped. Everyone turned around to stare at Naruto, who entered with Hinata right behind him. Hinata squeaked in surprise at seeing the three Akatsuki members, as Naruto comfortingly squeezed her hand. "We brought Nina-chan along, I was hoping she could play with Sanosuke-kun!"

"Hey Nina-chan!" Sakura cooed, crouching down so she was at eye-level with the two year old girl. Uzumaki Nina had bright blond hair, similar to her father's, except a tad bit darker in color. Her eyes were an enthralling shade of lavender, just like every other person with Hyuuga blood in them.

"Say hi Nina-chan." Hinata whispered reassuringly to the timid little girl. Nina nervously peeked at Sakura from behind her mother's legs.

"She just learned to walk about a month ago!" Naruto beamed, ruffling his daughter's hair. "She might seem shy like Hinata-chan at first, but she's a monster with people she's familiar with. She doesn't talk though- she only uses physical gestures."

Hinata looked slightly worried. "I think she's a bit too shy to talk." She admitted, looking down at her daughter. "I didn't say my first word until I was three years old."

"Three years old?" Deidara asked incredulously. "I was blabbering my heart out at that age!" Sakura hit him over the head.

"That's because your purpose in life seems to be to annoy everyone around you." Sakura dryly told him.

Naruto immediately felt the tension in the room. "So has Sanosuke-kun said his first word yet?" He enthusiastically asked, hoping to lighten up the mood. "I bet he won't take much longer- after all, both of his parents are super smart!" The tension in the room skyrocketed.

"He just said his first words right now." Sakura mechanically admitted, as Naruto nervously looked back and forth between the fuming Sasuke and the cowering Deidara.

"What did he say?" Hinata asked with a warm smile.

"Eat shit." Sakura whispered in a mortified tone. Another awkward silence filled the room.

"Oh dear," Hinata covered her mouth with her hand.

"Where did the kid learn that?" Naruto asked incredulously. Sakura shot a death glare towards Kisame, which pretty much cleared things up for the other couople. Kisame decided that right now was decisively a good time to change the subject.

"So how's your sexual intercourse?" He blurted out the first thing that popped into his mind. He mentally slapped himself in the face. Was the best he could come up with? Hinata slightly swayed on her spot as she looked like she was about to faint, which further aggravated Naruto.

"That's none of your business!" Naruto snapped back, as Kisame tried to shrug it off. "Pervert fish." Naruto muttered, loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Hey I was just asking," Kisame said. "It's not like sexual intercourse is a thing to be ashamed of."

"Se-xual… inter-course!" A small voice pronounced the syllables carefully.

Everyone in the room froze.

"You must be kidding me." Naruto groaned, as Nina beamed, looking quite proud of herself.

"Se-xual in-ter-course!" The girls pronounced the syllables again, her wide lavender eyes looking up towards her father, looking for praise.

"Surprises me how such a young kid can say that word so well." Sasori raised an eyebrow.

"She is Hinata's daughter after all," Sakura forced a laugh to break the tension. "Hinata was always a very smart girl."

The said girl fell to the ground with a thud.

"Oh I knew she was going to faint again," Sasuke muttered, rubbing his temples. "What a disastrous dinner."

"Hey Sakura, the door was open so we decided to come in anyways- whoah what's going on in here?"

As if the situation couldn't get any worse for Sakura, the owner of the familiar obnoxious voice of her female best friend barged in, followed by her lazy husband carrying a young two year old brown haired toddler in his arms.

"Naruto, will you please lift Hinata onto the couch?" Sakura said irritably, and the blonde immediately complied. "I'm sorry for the mess Ino, please do come in."

"Okay," Ino said cautiously, looking around. Naruto gave Kisame a look that clearly said that this was not over. Kisame was dreading the moment he would be left alone with both Naruto and Sasuke. The blue-skinned man had never felt so intimidated before.

"Hello Shikamaru," Sakura greeted tiredly, as the little girl in his arms slowly awakened. "Hello Gemma-chan! Did you have a nice nap?"

Their little two and a half year old girl was the oldest between their circle of friends, seeing that Shikamaru and Ino had been the first couple to get married. Gemma had rebellious light brown hair, a clear mixture between her father's dark brown and her mother's blonde. She had Ino's clear blue eyes which stared up innocently at Sakura as she blinked a couple of times.

The girl yawned as Shikamaru set her onto the floor. She gurgled an agreeing sound as she walked over to Nina.

"Has your daughter learned her first word yet Shikamaru?" Sakura asked curiously, as the two babies simply giggled together.

"No not yet." Shikamaru answered truthfully, taking off his jacket. "Although Ino is trying to get her to say 'mama' before 'papa'. Her and her troublesome rivalry…" He shook his head, looking exasperated.

"I expected your daughter to already have learned her first word," Sakura said in surprise. "She is your daughter after all,"

"And probably lazy as he is," Ino interjected, scowling at her husband who only sighed in irritation.

The doorbell rang one more time.

"Oh that must be Neji and Tenten," Sakura said, glad for the distraction. "I'll be right back guys."

While Sakura walked over towards the door, the two little girls had taken a liking to Sasori and his long cloak. The man tensed up, not being extremely comfortable around children- and when the girls pulled the cloak up to hide inside, he was showing clear signs of irritation.

When Naruto's daughter, Nina, finally ripped off the end of his cloak, his patience flew out the window. "DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!" He snapped loudly, snatching the tail of his cloak away from the girls' hands. Nina started to cry, while Gemma stared up at him in wonder, looking extremely curious.

"Damn you all to hell." The little girl calmly said, with perfect pronunciation. Ino gasped and Shikamaru eyebrow skyrocketed into his hairline.

"Shika-kun… that was… Gemma's ... oh god!" Ino shrieked and grabbed Gemma away from Sasori, as if he was contagious. "What have you done to my baby?"

"I didn't mean to-" Sasori tried to explain but Ino wouldn't give him the chance.

"It's all your fault!" Ino hysterically screamed. "You're the one who taught this to my baby!"

"Listen woman, for the last time, I did not do it on purpose!" Sasori said angrily, but Shikamaru interrupted him.

"Oi you, I suggest you don't talk to my wife like that." His tone was careless and lazy, but there was a threat lacing his words. Sasori just mumbled to himself.

"Here we are!" Tenten exclaimed, waltzing into the living room. "Oh wow Sakura, I love your house! It's really wonderful!"

Neji walked in next, a little dark haired boy marching right next to him proudly. He stumbled a couple of times, but immediately regained his pace, straining to keep up with his father.

"Reno-kun just barely learned to walk, you'll have to excuse his continuous stumbling," Tenten said lightly, and smiled proudly at her kid.

Reno was a handsome two year old boy, with long dark hair just like Neji's which reached down past his shoulders. He had extremely pale light brown eyes, so pale it almost seemed a mixture of brown and white. He held a high posture, much like his father and wore the confident look Tenten always seemed to have.

"Hello there Reno-kun," Sakura greeted, crouching down to meet his gaze. He did not wave or say hello back; rather, his strange eyes held an appreciative look.

"He's a looker," Deidara said, observing him carefully. "I bet he'll be surrounded by girls when he's older."

"You've all grown so much!" Tenten exclaimed, looking at the other three children in the room. "Have I missed anything?"

Almost at once, the three kids burst out together.

"Eat shit!" Sanosuke exclaimed.

"Se-xual-in-ter-course," Nina carefully pronounced.

"Damn you all to hell," Gemma almost lazily said.

Neji and Tenten exchanged bewildered looks.

"Oh god." Sakura slapped her forehead.

"That was all Kisame's fault," Deidara explained to the baffled couple. "He didn't watch his language in front of his kids and he let the words slip out. He's such a twat!"

"TWAT!" Reno exclaimed gleefully right after hearing the word. Tenten nearly hyperventilated.

"No Reno, bad Reno!" She exclaimed, waving her arms in front of his face. "That's a bad, bad word!"

Neji glared at Deidara, before marching up to him and grabbing him by the collar of his shirt. "Who do you think you are, teaching my son such vulgar words?" Neji asked threateningly. "Do you know who I am? Do you know who he is? I am Hyuuga Neji and he is the future leader of the Hyuuga's main house!"

"Sasori… Deidara… Kisame…" Sakura growled, glaring at them.

Oh crap, now they were going to get it.

"Do you have any idea how much time I spent organizing this important dinner?" She asked, veins popping on her forehead. "And do you have any idea that you have ruined it all in less than ten minutes?"

The rest of the parents glared back at them, while the kids innocently stood aside and watched, wondering why in the world their three uncles were so scared.

Oh yes, the three were in for a long night.

-Peep at the Future-

A handsome raven haired boy entered his house later, looking like he was in his mid-teens. He closed the door quietly behind him, smiling as he entered the kitchen to find his mother busy cooking snack for him.

"Oh Sanosuke-kun, welcome back home!" She exclaimed cheerfully, setting the spoon in her hand aside.

"Good afternoon, okaa-san," Sanosuke politely said, his green eyes staring hungrily at the tomato soup his mother was making.

"How was school today?" She asked him, continuing to prepare his favorite snack.

"Oh we have a new project," Sanosuke said, his face brightening up.

"Oh? And what is that" Sakura asked her son.

"We have to write an essay about how we learned our first words. We were told to ask our parents about that." Sanosuke said eagerly.

Sakura froze.

"Oh honey, I don't think that's necessary…" Sakura trailed off.

"But mom, it's for a school project!" Sanosuke insisted stubbornly.

"Your first words were 'eat shit'. Deal with it." A gruff voice said from the hallway and Sasuke appeared, looking quite tired from work.

"Oh welcome back Sasuke!" Sakura exclaimed, her face burning bright red in embarrassment while Sanosuke simply looked shocked.

His face suddenly split into a wide grin.

"Oh, just wait 'till I tell my friends!"

He was indeed their son.