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Author's Note: I should be writing my NaNoWriMo entry but the wrong plotbunnies keep biting. This one came to me last night when I was staring out the window after getting the urge to watch An American Tale. Timing this time is before the whole series, Yoh's first few nights in Tokyo.

Staring Blankly Into Space

The night was clear on Funbari Hill then: not a cloud in the sky and a good view of the stars against the empty blackness. Above the world, they sparkled like a million tiny pinpricks in black velvet that let in the tiniest amount of sunlight upon the world. Yoh was grateful for the sight. Nothing calmed him better than a moment of stargazing after a long day. And quite a day it was, really. He had come to this new town, knowing no one but the ghosts.

He turned his eyes downhill at the usual undead collection. Same old story, same old party. The owners of the graves on Funbari Hill were more than accommodating when he first showed up. Of course, they had been a little suspicious at first. It was rare for them to come across someone who could see them. They were friendly enough when he first introduced himself. After a while, he was more than welcome among them. The company was good, really. He left them alone and they let him hang around and look at the stars. He found himself humming again as he turned his eyes up to the sky. There was quite a view and it was indeed best here, away from the lights of the city, away from people who would bother him. There was something soothing about the view, something about it that made him think of home.

After all… wherever you were on the planet, the sky never changed.

Was she thinking about him right now? Did she ever think about him? If she was, then… it would be crazy to think that she thought of him with the same frequency that she invaded his thoughts. Secretly, he wondered if somewhere out there was a young itako looking up at the sky like he was and thinking about him. His eyes wandered the night sky and eventually, he found himself staring at the moon. Now there was something that never changed, no matter where you were on the planet. Stars changed, the positions and all but then moon was the one single constant. If she wasn't looking at the stars, she could definitely see the moon.

He let out a sigh as he rested his hand on his palm. The thought comforted him, really. It made him seem closer to his Anna though physically, they were miles and miles apart. A soft chuckle escaped his lips as he wondered what she was up to. Watching TV, maybe… or having dinner. Maybe she was still training. He wasn't certain. He pulled a knee to his chest as he continued his stargazing. Wherever she was, he was sure she was safe.

They were so far away but the moon could keep an eye on her for him.



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