Title: Four Fathers Talk

Summary: Uzumaki compares his son to the sons of the Sand, the Hyuugas and the Uchihas. Humor and Yaoi.

Warning: Yaoi. A little AU. But still in the world of Konoha, but not really. (confusing.) Yaoi.


Two fathers were talking quietly at one of the tables in the Konoha local bar.

"You know Hyuuga," a middle-aged man with red hair patted the shoulder of his companion, "my son Gaara is now the Kazekage at the mere age of 15! He owns more than half of the land in the Wind Country, and just last week, he gave one of his friends a lot and a mansion that was as big as his." Gaara's father sat upright proudly.

"He's nothing compared to my son Neji." The man with gray eyes spoke in reply, "Here in Konoha, my son is the strongest after he became the head of both family branches of the Hyuuga clan." He sat squarely just across the father of the Kazekage, proud and dignified (the way all Hyuugas should be). "This season, he was able to raise the finest horses for the country. Nobles and dignitaries travel from afar just to bid for our horses. He is so rich and successful now, that just last week, he told me that he gave his horse with the finest breed to a friend."

"Hah!" Another father, who was listening to their conversation, joined them at their table. He had black hair and coal eyes, "Your sons don't even have the success my son has." He folded his arms in front of his chest, "My son, Sasuke, became ANBU captain. He was recognized by the clan, the country and even by the Hokage as the strongest jounin. The skillful warriors of our village all trained under him and he has taught them well. Sasuke commands so many ANBU shinobis now, that just last week, the Hokage told me that Sasuke's best friend just received the full protection of a strong ANBU bodyguard."

Then another father, one with blue eyes and blonde hair, sat down to join them. "I apologize for being late." He said to his companions.

Neji's father nodded, "We were just talking about how rich and successful our sons have become."

The Uchiha senior agreed, "What about your son, Uzumaki?"

The blonde father stared blankly back at them, "Oh, my son's gay." He said so casually, while grabbing a drink.

"Oh, that's sad."

"Very unfortunate of you."

"Tough luck, Uzumaki."

"Oh, really, not at all!" The blonde smiled, "Actually, I love my son so much and so do most of his friends." He continued, "In fact, during his birthday last week, a lot of his suitors came. Naruto just received a big lot with a gigantic mansion, a very expensive horse with the finest breed and the ANBU captain of Konoha just swore to be his personal bodyguard!"



This is a little AU. The fathers are still alive here. :)

Got the idea from a message one of my friends sent me. Hehe.