A tisket, a tasket,

a green and yellow basket,

I wrote a letter to my love,

and now I've gone and lost it

"..What about the other boy?"

"What other boy?"

"The one who was with Riku and me all the time---we played together on

that island…"

"Are you sure you didn't make him up?"

She stood on the cobblestone path, looking over the ocean.

"So you fell from the sky?"

Her shoes clicked on the road as she head down.

The other boy… The one no one could remember. If she closed her eyes and thought really hard, she could see him. He had… blonde hair and.. No, it wasn't blond, it was brown. With a bright smile and…

She couldn't remember his face.

"We're going to find where out where you came from!"

"Yea, we'll explore all the worlds too!"

"You'll be out guide… right?"

"Kairi, where are you going..?"

"I wrote him a letter. To the boy I can't remember."

"Let's go, just the two of us."

"What? What about Riku?"

Sand filled her shoes and rubbed against her skin as she neared the shore. The sun beat down on her red hair and a small gust of wind blew.

She pulled the letter out of her school pack, crinkling slightly as she slipped it into the bottle.

"I knew I'd find you here! Wake up and help us get supplies for the raft."

The boy… She knew he'd get it, no matter where he was. There was no doubt in her heart.

The boy… What was his name again?

"You don't remember my name? Thanks a lot, Kairi! Okay, I guess I can give you a hint. Starts with an 'S'!"

The bottle floated in the ocean, going further and further away.

"You'll get it, isn't that right… So-ra?"

I lost it,

I lost it.

Then I went and lost it.

Someone else, picked it up

and put it in their pocket

"Sora, it's a letter for you."


...Yeeea. This idea attacked me randomly during class. Forgive me if the style is odd. But I found the rhyme rather fitting, don't you think? (And if you can't tell, the last line is what Riku said to Sora when he find's Kairi's letter at the end)

Reviews are loved anyways.