Hokage. The word itself made it sound so honorable. Whoever claimed the title of Hokage of the hidden leaf village would receive such respect and honor. Only one boy with great determination and ambition was eager to prove his rightful name. Uzumaki Naruto. Unfortunately, this boy who strived so willingly is dead...

What the boy didn't know was this: You don't need to be Hokage to earn respect. All you need to do is care for someone—die for them if you love them so. Naruto was young. As a child, he was often looked down for containing the kyubbi. Too many people in Konoha misjudged him and was always looked down upon. Little did they know they would later eat those words…

How he died was a mystery to all. Only three people who remained living knew what went down. His sensei, Hatake Kakashi. His female comrade, Haruno Sakura. And finally, his comrade and forever rival, Uchiha Sasuke.

Those three later went their separate ways. Hatake Kakashi died from a mission regarding the Akatsuki. Uchiha Sasuke's whereabouts are unknown. He was last witnessed killing his brother for revenge. And Sakura…she's done many things in life. For one, her medic skills would be impossible to outdo. Second, her monstrous strength remained well…monstrous. Her accomplishments and the advantage of being Tsunade's apprentice earned her position as Rokudaime Hokage. Having proven her worth at such a young age, the people of Konoha grew stunned and learned to love her.

Tsunade felt heartrending not to give the duties of the Hokage to Naruto, since his death—but was proud to pronounce Sakura the profession before she died herself.

So, Sakura sat there doing nothing. The Hokage office was too quiet even at this time of night. She stared at the piles of papers laid before her desk—undone. A calm wind blew from the opened window swaying the curtains. The aura of the room began to worry her. Her senses became oblivious.

She suddenly piped up on the inside as she suspected someone was right behind her….

Too afraid of whom it may be, she doesn't turn around.

"So you're Hokage now Sakura?" the voice spoke. She knew who it was.


"I would've never guessed you would turn out to be Hokage"

She felt her hands turn themselves into fists. If she striked the wall behind her…the Hokage tower would collapse.

"I never would've guessed you would come back here..on such a random night"

"I need a break" he explained

"Oh is that so?" Sakura asked "I thought you killed your brother"

Sasuke flew from the window and right in front of her desk. This time, Sakura was forced to look straight at him. He still had the same uniform Orochimaru had given him.

"Naruto would've been a better Hokage" he spoke up

"I agree Sasuke" Sakura's answer seemed automatic—very quick. "But he's dead. I'm stuck here living his dream and you're out there putting his name to shame. Why come home now?"

"I'm not here for home" Sasuke told her

Sakura glared at him. "Then why are you here?" she asked fiercely "Naruto died killing Orochimaru! He died for you! He's not here anymore!"

"I know" Sasuke let out without feeling. That only got Sakura angrier.

"How can you just do that?!" Sakura cried "How can you shut down your emotions so easily and feel only hatred for your brother?"

Sasuke eyed her. He did not feel bad for her, envy her, nor did he suddenly love her that moment. He simply looked at her.

"When was the last time you cried Sakura?" Sasuke asked

Sakura looked down. "I cried when Naruto died. That was the last time. Six years ago"

"That's a long time" he stated

"I can't cry anymore. He shed all my tears with him, therefore I can't cry any longer" He says nothing about her remark—for he had nothing to say.

"You don't have to be brave all the time" Sasuke assured her

"Oh, but I do" she argued "I'm Hokage now"

"I understand that" he said

"No" she clarified, shaking her head. "you don't"

Sasuke looked at her again. She hasn't been smiling either.

"I'll go away now" Sasuke told her "You've changed Sakura. For the better"

Without caution, Sasuke disappeared from her presence. Sakura couldn't believe what she had just done. She let him go…

Sakura couldn't hold herself any longer and she burst into tears, covering her face on the piles of papers left undone.

So many years..why did you return now Sasuke? Is this what you want Naruto? He's the reason why you became strong. He's the reason I'm like this now. He came back to this village, and I lost him.

Sasuke watched her from the building just behind the tower.

For the first time in six years..she's crying. She's the Hokage...yet she's still very fragile.

Sakura was unaware of his presence just right behind her. As the Hokage, she hated what he's done to her. As a human, she remained loving of him.


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