"Sasuke-kun, what are you doing?" The sun awoke behind time..and Sakura was reluctant to awake at the crack of dawn. But, a body hovered behind her, playing and sniffing her hair. She twisted over into the thick blankets, now facing her husband.

"Morning" she greets with a smile. "But seriously..I don't have any missions..so I'm gonna go back to sleep"

He knew it was a playful threat. When Sakura was awake, she attempted to fall back into sleep again but never manages to succeed. He was now familiar with her routine every morning after two years of marriage.

This time, he flipped her lean body over the bed, forcing her to face him once more. "But I have a mission" he said. "You'll be spending an entire week without me"

Same old Uchiha.

I'm just making a memory here"

Sakura smiled teasingly. "Yeah right" she sputtered. " I think I'll live"

Sasuke–now known as Team three's sensei. Team three was headed for their second B ranked mission. It was a little deal Sasuke and Naruto, now the Nanadaime agreed upon. Is thee Uchiha Sasuke capable of guiding his team throughout a dangerous mission. Maybe he rushed into conclusions when he agreed to bet but he had complete faith in his team. Especially the female leader of the cell, Rin. He learned that the girl was not so humble as she seemed two years ago. She was extremely skilled in medic-ninjutsu–as well as taking charge of her men.

"You know you'll miss me" Sasuke teased.

He was half right in the sense that he'll miss her as well. "Okay.." Sakura agreed. "Well then, what did you wanna do?"

Sasuke shrugged. Sakura rolled her eyes and said, "Fine. I'm gonna go and take a shower. And when I'm done, you're gonna be gone"

Sasuke smirked as she rolled out of bed, heading towards the bathroom.. "I'll race you" he called out, rushing after her.


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