He placed his gloved hand upon the ancient tablet; the pentacle on the back of the glove shone a brilliant green. From beneath his black hood, Hakim smirked, it was working. His lips parted and out of his mouth came an ancient rune calling on the first spirit of the dead that heard it to come forth. Like the pentacle, the stone tablet began to glow as well. It somehow sent a screaming Hakim flying back, hitting his head on the nearby wall. A torso materialized, but not entirely, for it looked to be made of pure energy. To Hakim's horror, it began to speak in a threatening voice.

"Who has awakened me from my sleep?"

"I-I did. I need your aid on my quest, please fully materialize and join me." Hakim almost stumbled over his words.

The spirit laughed,"Bwahaha, you thought that it would be that easy? Anyhow let's make a deal, I am too powerful to materialize without the energy of innocent souls.

If you can revive me, then I may aid you. But I must tell you, there is one soul that I want in particular…."

"It's a deal!" replied Hakim, smirking.