Chapter 2:

Hi, Lilichan here, I am sorry about the last chapter, it was pretty boring. ; . Fortunately, it has set up the plot for the rest of the story; Action is coming soon, so hold on to your seats!

Somehow, the days had passed quickly, and Malik found himself standing in front of the gates of a large mansion, actually, it was more like a castle, it had to be about five tomes the size of a normal house. From its ornately decorated roof emerged equally beautiful spires, upon which gargoyles sat, fiercely keeping watch. Unfortunately, Malik couldn't go near it, for the gate was in his way. Chatter of hundreds, thousands of people was in the air. Malik was not alone, Men, women and children, all holding Duel disks on their arms were watching, waiting, until at last, the front door of the mansion opened.

A man stepped out; he wore a long, cream-colored robe adorned with gold. He had tan skin and long ebony hair, which he wore in a ponytail. He stopped in front of the gate, eyeing the crowd, his crowd, with a grin. He began to speak.

"Duelists, I invite you to join my tournament, The Battle of Illusions, with witch I will decide who is worthy enough to enter my mansion for the finals. My name is Hakim. The rules are as follows: You each get 2 antae cards. Duel whoever you like, but be cautious. If you loose, one of the cards will be taken away. The first individuals to collect 5 of said cards will join me in my mansion." And with that he walked away, leaving the tumult of the cheering crowd behind. Malik pulled the two antae cards. Pictured upon them was the mansion in front of him.

Suddenly, Malik felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and faced Rin.

"I couldn't find everyone else." She said, adding a small chuckle at the end of her sentence "It's no surprise, seeing as there are so many people here."

"Yeah." Malik replied simply.

"Listen, you've not been yourself since the day we told you about the tournament. What's up? I thought that you liked dueling."

"I do, it's just that, this tournament brings back……….memories."

"Like what?" Rin asked her eyes where full of concern, but no sooner than she had spoken, a man with green hair and anger in his eyes approached. Rin jumped back in fear.

"It's been a long time "Master" Malik." said the strange man mockingly. Malik winced.

"Kenji, what are you doing here?" asked Malik nervously.

"I'm here for payback; I challenge you to a duel!!!"

Each man activated his duel disk and inserted his deck. The life point meter read 4000.

"It's my turn, I summon a monster card face down in defense mode." Kenji stated, placing a card upon his duel disk, an image of a card appeared to hover above the street. "Turn end."

"I summon Witch of the Black Forest in attack mode. (Atk: 110 Def: 1200) Attack his face down card!" Malik shouted. A woman with purple hair and a baggy black dress appeared, she pointed aimed a beam of dark energy at the opposing monster.

"Unfortunately, you have triggered my Man Eater Bug!" Kenji laughed. A large brown insect materialized, it devoured the Witch. Her agonized screams echoed throughout the block.

"I do however, get to add a monster from my deck to my hand thanks to her effect." Malik said, fanning his deck before him. He selected Revival Jam. "I summon "Revival Jam in defense mode, (Atk: 1500 Def: 500) and I place one card face down." A blue, slimy blob appeared on the field.

(To Be continued)