Four years later

Dominic looked at his entire family, he was happy that they had gotten together. He watched his four year old daughter Mackenzie the love of his life, she was her mothers daughter. She had long wavy dark hair, big chocolate eyes, caramel skin and her mothers attitude mixed with a look of pure innocence. One look at her and you'd think she would never do anything wrong. He looked at Letty the first love of his life the only woman he'd her love more then life its self, she was happy and that's all that mattered. He watched her for a moment she was six months pregnant with his son. He was happy with his family.

Leon had finally married Layla after much coaxing. They had a one year old son who looked exactly like Leon. They'd stayed in Mexico, running the garage they had put up.

Jesse and Madeline had had Jessica five months after Mackenzie had been born. Then two years later they had Michael. They where a happy family. They had moved to Chicago where Jesse reunited with his father. He also opened up another garage there.

Later Vince found them. He said that he looked in Mexico only to find out that they had left. When Vince arrived he came with Cynthia, they had married months after the heist. He had a daughter Christina who was three, she looked just like her mother with Vince's temper. They both still lived in Los Angeles.

Then there was Mia, who had somehow contacted Letty. Here she was looking exactly like their mother. She was beautiful, he had missed his little sister more than anything in the world. She came with a husband who's a doctor just like her. They had twin girls Vanessa and Jessa age three and a son Anthony age one, named after their father. Mia had said that she had followed Brian but that things ended right away, she never said why. After that she went back to L.A. She went back to school and graduate from medical school. She was now Dr. Mia Thomson. They lived in Los Angeles in their parents house.

As for he and Letty, they had moved two years after Mackenzie was born to Tokyo, Japan. That was home now, he dominated the racing world in both drag racing and drift racing. He was king of the streets in Tokyo and Letty was Queen, like him she could do both drag and drift racing. It came as second nature to her, as if it was just another part of her. They where happy, at the moment going back to the States wasn't in their plans maybe later.

For now he enjoyed this family reunion, family that's all that matters now in this moment.

The End.

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