"Clark, maybe you'd like to run ahead and see if the butler's still there," Chloe said, hinting for him to use his powers and apprehend the butler.

"I would, but I've been feeling a little green or I should say blue," he said, knowing she would pick up the reference to kryptonite.

"When did you start to feel that way?" Chloe asked concerned.

"Since dinner."

Lois, who was becoming annoyed at this exchange said, "Everyone's been feeling green and blue, since we found out Lionel knew our secrets. Now let's quit chatting about Clark's health and get a move on."

Just as soon as they began walking to the hall, they stopped because Chloe, who had been leading, stopped and said, "I don't think he'd still be hiding in the hall. Either he's left or hiding somewhere else. Have you guys checked the room over there yet?"

"That's the billiard room," Lex said.

"So have you checked it?" Chloe asked.

"No," said a few people at once.

Lois was the closest to the door. She was the first one through, followed by Clark. She came to a sudden stop and turned in horror. She buried her face into Clark's shirt. She was used to seeing and dealing capably with horrifying things, but this one caught her off guard. Up to now, she had been holding out that it was a game.

Clark wrapped an arm around Lois and studied the scene before him. Lionel was hanging from a rope that was tied around the light fixture. The pool table had been knocked over and the balls were scattered around the room. It was a homemade hanging device. Lionel's face was still contorted with the shock that he had been about to die. He had become very pale and stiff looking.

Everyone came into the room and saw.

"I think now would be an appropriate time to call the police," Lex said.

Lois, who had regained her composure but still held onto Clark, gave Lex his phone back, and he called 911 to report the murder.

The police arrived and making a thorough investigation and asking all the questions, confirmed it was probably the butler.

Clark got a relived, happy look on his face and asked to be excused. Using his super speed and x-ray vision, he found the butler hiding in the garden shed on the Luthor property. Clark didn't have to fight. He simply grabbed the man's arms and placed them behind his back. He walked back slowly to allow enough time to pass so that it wouldn't look suspicious.

The police handcuffed the man, who was named Jenkins, and on seeing the body, he made a confession to killing him. He said that Lionel had been a thorn in everybody's side, and he had simply done what everyone else had only thought of doing. He had been the one to make the lights go out with a timer and to quietly chloroform Lionel. He had already hung the rope with the pool table directly underneath. He had strung him up with ease and waited until Lionel had revived, so that he could enjoy his death. Then he kicked out the table from underneath him. He had been the one to spray the perfume and make it seem like a woman had done it. It was a lucky coincidence that it was the same perfume Martha and Lois were wearing. He had tried to make it out of the mansion, but with the group moving, he had to keep hiding and ducking. When he finally got to the door, he had to hide because Chloe came through the door. Then he had to hide in the garden shed because the police came. He was taken to jail.

Ollie offered to drive Lana somewhere. She chose to be driven to Pete's, so she could tell him the truth about their unborn son. Lois felt like spending the night with the Kents, and everyone was secretly smiling about Lois and Clark holding hands. Something the two didn't seem to be aware of. Chloe left too. Lex was alone at last.

He grinned wickedly, as he stared into the billiard room. His father was dead. He had deserved it for playing with people's lives, namely his life. Lex had been keeping an eye on his dad for a long time, and he knew the instant his father had discovered his secrets. He knew Lionel was arranging a night of Clue to play mind games. Lionel just had no idea that it was going to be a real game. His dad, in preparing for the game, had put kryptonite in the dining room and muttered something about no powers to cheat, but Lex had no idea what he had been talking about. Lex had turned his head when his father thought the construction was secret out of curiosity. Besides Lana and Martha, he hadn't discovered the other's secrets, but he would, if it was the last thing he did. He had hired the butler to do the job. The reason why Jenkins hadn't ratted on him was that he expected Lex to pull some strings and get him out. He would pull strings alright, strings to kill Jenkins in prison. A dead man doesn't talk, a piece of wisdom he lived by these days.

He peered at his hands. He had once had a vision, where his mother showed him all the blood that would be on his hands. It used to bother him, but now he thought it amusing. He had never killed someone ruthlessly with his own two hands, but that didn't make him less guilty of murder. Did his mother know some of that blood came from his father? He laughed when he realized that he was the only one to win at this game of "Clue". It was Colonel Mustard in the billiard room with a rope.

The End