Title: Sound

Disclaimer: Me no own, You no sue

Warning: Implied slash and character death.

Notes: Ignore the ". . . " The way I had this formatted on paper, certain lines were supposed to be indented, but this place isn't letting me do that so I had to improvise. Also, this is dedicated to The Bloody Rose, who has reviewed all my other Let Dai fics (of which there are a grand total of two though it's about to go up to four) and kept asking for more... did that just rhyme?



Soft and barely audible
Escaping and drifting
. . . Over sweat-soaked skin



Rough and filled with agony
Promising death and hours of
. . . Pain in the truest sense.



Overwhelming and pregnant with tension
He backs away from the dead boy
. . . and Lucifer's son steps forward
. . . bringing his wrath down upon
. . . his lover's murderer.