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In the meantime, I have had a load of stories, mostly half-way done on my computer that I wrote on whenever I was in a ahem maternal mood. Yes, they are Jack/Sam kid fics. So, with the cancellation of Stargate by Scifi, I thought I would start posting them as a "Next Generation" series. The stories are standalones. They have absolutely nothing to do with the other besides the fact that they involve Sam and Jack having children. This is the first one I am posting. I will probably post another tomorrow. I want to edit it a little first. Anyways, here's chapter one, let me know what you think!


A Son for a Father


"So, should we just head to the village or….." Daniel Jackson trailed off as he looked at the big man standing next to him for guidance.

"It has been many years since we have been on this planet, Daniel Jackson," Teal'c returned. "I believe it would be in our best interest to inquire for O'Neill in the village."

"Yeah, that's what I thought," Daniel replied in a quiet, sad voice and started trekking towards the village on the other side of the small grove of trees and shrubs.

As the two men walked, their eyes took in the scenery around them. "This place has recovered nicely from the meteor hits," Daniel announced nonchalantly.

"Indeed it has," Teal'c replied.

Daniel looked at his friend. Few words were common for the larger-than-life jaffa, but in the past few years, the big man had really opened up and spoke more than he ever had before. However, Daniel could hear the graveness in the man's voice and knew he was trying to cover it up by returning to his stoic, short replies in the aftermath of their tragedy.

After a small trek, the old-fashioned village came into view and the two men looked around for any familiar faces. Daniel smiled when the first face he recognized was none other than Laira, the very woman who could direct them to Jack.

"Dr. Jackson, Teal'c," Laira greeted with a smile as she approached the familiar aliens in the middle of the village. "It has been many years, what brings you back to Edora?"

"Uh, we're hear to see Jack," Daniel told her, looking around to see if he could see his old friend lurking anywhere.

"He is not here," Laira replied with surprise in her voice. "He left a long time ago."

"He….left?" Daniel asked incredulously. "Why?"

Laira diverted her gaze to the ground in discomfort. "Jack was not happy here…..with me….shortly after we returned, he became…..restless. He stayed by my side for much longer than I ever expected him to. But, eventually, I could no longer take his distance. I told him he could leave."

"And he did?" Daniel exclaimed in disbelief.

Laira nodded. "It took much convincing, but finally he relented."

"Do you know where we can find O'Neill?" Teal'c asked, not seeming at all surprised by Laira's news.

"Yes, yes I do. He found an abandoned world and set up a kind of base. He has recruited different people from different worlds and they travel through the stargate, much like you."

"Can you give us the address?" Daniel asked.

"Yes, of course. Come, I will walk you back to the stargate."

Daniel and Teal'c fell in step with the small woman. "So, uhm, Laira?" Daniel started in curiosity. "What about your child?" He had to ask. Maybe it was none of his business, but he just couldn't see Jack O'Neill leaving his child.

Laira's head lowered again and an air of sadness surrounded her. "I was mistaken in my belief that I was with child, Dr. Jackson."

"Oh?" Daniel replied, even more curious.

"I had many symptoms of pregnancy. That is why I dialed your world and informed Jack. However, once we returned here and several months passed without my stomach swelling, Jack became quite concerned."

"I can imagine," Daniel cut in.

"Our doctor's are not as advanced as yours, but Jack still insisted I see our local doctor. He had been on your world during the three months our stargate was buried and he had learned much of earth medicine. He examined me and told me I was going through the barren-cycle."

"I'm sorry, what is that?" Daniel asked.

"It is when my body changes from that of a woman capable of having children, to one incapable."

"Oh, yeah, we call that menopause on earth!" Daniel exclaimed in excitement, forgetting it was a very touchy subject.

Laira grimaced. "Yes, well, the symptoms often mimic that of pregnancy as the body changes. I was fooled."

"I'm sorry," Daniel replied sincerely.

Laira gave the archaeologist a small smile in response. "Here we are," Laira announced as they approached the DHD and then proceeded to give the two men the coordinates.

Daniel and Teal'c stepped through the stargate to the new world.

As soon as they rematerialized, they saw the group of armed men pointing weapons at them. "Don't shoot," Daniel told them, holding his hands up in surrender. "We are looking for Jack O'Neill."

A man stepped forward. He was about Daniel's height with red hair that hadn't seen a hairbrush in much too long of a time. He was dressed in clothes made up of some sort of rough-looking brown cloth, and the scowl on his face showed his dislike of the two men who had just invaded their world. "What do you want of him?" he gruffly asked.

"We're his friends. We come from earth. Please, we have news we must deliver to him," Daniel found himself pleading.

The red-haired man contemplated the two men standing before him. "What are your names?"

"I'm Daniel Jackson, and this is Teal'c."

The red-haired man looked over at a young, skinny boy and nodded. The boy nodded back and took off at a fast run through the trail in the forest.

"Allab will send word to O'Neill, if he wishes to see you, he will say so," the red-head told them, crossing his large, burly arms across his chest.

It only took a few minutes before the boy, Allab, came running back through the forest. Out of breath, the boy bent slightly over, resting his hands on his knees for a few seconds to catch his breath. "O'Neill says to bring them. He was quite pleased," the boy finally breathed out, his own excitement evident in his breathlessness.

Daniel grinned and nodded at Teal'c as two of the men escorted Teal'c and Daniel towards the forest.

Moments later, the forest opened up to reveal several small, wooden buildings, and right in the middle stood one retired colonel, Jack O'Neill.

"Daniel, Teal'c! Long time no see!" Jack exclaimed, a wide smile on his face as he walked up and embraced his old friends in a manly hug. "What brings you by, after all this time, to my little neck of the woods?"

Normally, seeing Jack again after all this time would have been a time to celebrate, and Daniel and Teal'c would have returned Jack's obvious jubilance to see them again. However, these were not normal times.

Hating himself for having to wreck Jack's good mood, Daniel cleared his throat and turned compassionate eyes up to his long-lost friend. "It's Sam, Jack."

Those three words plunged Jack's happy soul at finally seeing his friends again back down into the depths of despair. The smile disappeared from his face and shadows of fear replaced it. "What about Sam?" he croaked out, his voice broadcasting the fear that had quickly settled in his chest.

"She's gone, Jack," Daniel whispered, his own voice betraying him.

"Gone where?" Jack barked.

"Colonel Carter failed to return from battle, O'Neill," Teal'c announced.

"No," Jack moaned and covered his face with his hands. "She's dead?" he asked, his voice muffled from behind his hands.

"Her body was not recovered from the planet, however, we are under the assumption that is the case, O'Neill. Daniel Jackson and I both saw her fall in battle."

Jack groaned, desperately trying to keep the tears from falling. This could not be happening! Carter was invincible, damn it! She was invincible!

"There's more, Jack," Daniel broke into Jack's torment.

Jack lowered his hands and closed his eyes, turning his face up towards the sky. This could not be happening!

"She uh…..left you something…..in her will…..it's really important, Jack…..and you need to and…..get it," Daniel stuttered out.

"What?" Jack barked in irritation.

"I think you should come back with us," Daniel replied.

"Damn it, Daniel! I have a life here! I can't just leave these people, just tell me what the hell it is and I'll make the decision whether or not it's important!"

"It is your son, O'Neill," Teal'c's stoic voice sounded.

Jack's dark eyes turned to the jaffa. Scrunching up his face in confusion, he turned from Teal'c to Daniel's worried face, and back to Teal'c. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Sam had a son, Jack. Nine months after you returned to Edora," Daniel said, a slight hint of accusation in his voice.

Jack closed his eyes as long-pushed away memories assaulted his mind.

He had been whistling through the corridors of the SGC, happy that his team had forgiven him for his time undercover to bring down the NID's off world operation. He had said some awful things and he had worried they would not be as forgiving and understanding as they had been.

The klaxons sounded and he met up with Carter and General Hammond in the control room.

"We're receiving the Edoran's IDC, sir," Sgt. Herriman had announced.

General Hammond and Carter had both looked at him and he just shrugged. "Open the iris, sgt.," Hammond had ordered.

The iris had opened and Laira had walked through. Looking over at Carter and Hammond, who were both staring at him, he shrugged again and then headed down to meet the woman who had accepted him when no one else on her world had.

"Jack," she greeted, with a worried smile on her face. Her eyes fell on Carter for an instant as the major and general followed into the room behind him. Jack noticed the look of guilt that crossed the older woman's face before she turned her attention back to him.

"Laira," he greeted and hugged her. "What brings you by?"

"I am sorry to disturb you. I know we went our separate ways, but I wanted you to be aware that I am carrying your child."

Jack's mouth dropped open and his ears easily picked up the sharp intake of breath from Carter standing behind him.

Hammond had offered Laira accommodations and even a visit to the infirmary, but she had refused and only asked to be allowed back home. Her people were unaware of her trip to earth, and she wanted to get back before they realized she was gone.

Jack had hugged her, holding her tighter than before, the knowledge that she had a part of him growing inside her creating a bond he couldn't explain. He told her he would come to see her in a few days and she returned through the gate.

Jack didn't know what to do. On the one hand, he had a life, friends, family, everything he needed right here. On the other hand, Laira was carrying his child. His child. The chance to be a father again, to have a second chance, it was too great to walk away from. He made his decision.

With a heavy heart, he had informed both Teal'c and Daniel of his decision to retire and move to Edora to be with his child. Both men were upset, but understood. Jack O'Neill had been a father, without a child, for many years. It was time for him to return to the role he was meant to be.

Carter had left base right after Laira had arrived and had requested a few days of leave, so Jack had gone to her house to tell her good-bye.

She opened the door after he knocked, her face puffy and blotchy, obvious signs that she had been crying. He took one look at her and his heart broke. He loved her. He really, truly did. He didn't know when his feelings of respect and comradeship had turned so dangerously into attraction and desire, but they had, a long time ago, and as the months and years passed, they had morphed into a deep love that he had fought everyday to hide from the rest of the world.

And now, he was going to leave her. The woman he was in love with, albeit, she had no idea. As he stood on her doorstep, staring up into her blue, watery eyes, he knew he could never feel for Laira the way he felt for her. They had a connection he had never shared with anyone else. And, his heart cried for her. But, he had to leave. He had to be with his child. The need to be a father again was too great.

"You're leaving," she whispered, knowing exactly why he was there.

Jack licked his lips. "I'm sorry," he whispered back.

Sam looked at him, unable to stop the tear that escaped her eye and ran down her cheek. "Me, too," she whispered, her voice catching as she tried to stop a sob from escaping.

And then, Jack felt a fire flame up in his gut. A need he could no longer ignore. Cupping her face, he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her with all the passion he had been suppressing for the past couple years.

And, much to his surprise, she returned his kiss with a passion of her own, and before either could say another word, he was in her house, the door was shut, and clothes were being removed.

They had made love without a word passed between them. They both knew he was leaving, that their afternoon together, was just that, an afternoon together. A last chance to know the other intimately. And no words were needed.

She had fallen asleep in his arms, and after holding her for much longer than he should have, he slowly scooted out from beneath her and dressed. Sitting on her bed, he gently brushed the hair from her face and gazed lovingly down at her sleeping form. "I love you, Sam," he whispered before kissing her lightly on the forehead and walking out of her life.

"My son?" Jack's voice broke as he asked the question.

"Yeah, your son, Jack," Daniel's quiet, poignant voice confirmed.

"You're sure?" he asked, his face showing signs of shock.

"Well," Daniel started. "He looks a lot like you, and he acts a lot like you, and not to mention, Sam said he was yours and the DNA test proved it, so yeah, we're sure."

Jack closed his eyes and took in a deep breath of air, his body parts feeling numb and tingly at the same time. How could this be happening?

"Give me ten, I have to let the guys know what's going on," Jack whispered, his eyes still showing the pain that both Daniel and Teal'c had been feeling for days.