Lips of An Angel II: Love Ever After?

Author: SVURaider1-6

Pairing: Olivia/Casey, some Olivia/Alex (eventually)

Disclaimer: Not mine...blah blah blah…you know the drill. Dick owns 'em I'm just borrowing them to have a little fun.

Sequel to Lips of an Angel. You have to read that story to really understand this one..

Notes: Takes place about five years or so after Alex went into WPP. Elliot got a promoting and is now Captain of SVU since Cragen retired. (Don't worry he still helps out the squad) Olivia got a promoting as well and is now Detective Sergeant (But her job really hasn't changed, if that makes sense). Fin and Munch both have the same job only because they're really laid back and don't care (don't hate me for that if you're a Fin or Munch fan) Everything else should be explained in the up coming chapters but if you're at all confused feel free to e-mail me or whatever and I'll try to explain everything for you.

Summary: Now that Alex is coming back Olivia has to choose. Who will it be? Casey and the Baby? Or Alex Cabot?

An alarm clock sounded and the half asleep arm of Olivia Benson reached out to the nightstand to turn it off. Rolling over she curled back up with her wife. Her hand moved from its place on the hip of the woman in her arms under the cotton shirt to rest on the warm body's stomach, slowly drawing small caresses over the skin there. "Hmm, good morning." Casey moaned and moved deeper into Olivia's arms. Liv chuckled and kissed the back of the blonde's neck. Casey rolled over to face Olivia who wrapped her arms tighter around her lover. The brunette's hand softly moved up and down her lover's back in light caresses, while Casey placed gentle kisses down Liv's neck.

"Hmm, someone woke up in a good mood." Olivia chuckled.

"Uh huh, I get to stay home and sleep in while you go chase down bad guys." Casey teased as she moved her kisses up to Olivia's ear. "You're enjoying this way too much," Olivia stated with humor.

Casey grinned at her wife and pushed Olivia to her back then straddled her. "Oh you know you like it. I work from home now because of the baby which means that you come home to a clean home and a hot meal. Stop complaining."

Olivia evilly grinned and rolled them over so she was trapping Casey under her. "Who said I was complaining?" She leaned down and took the blonde's lips in a deep kiss. Casey wrapped her arms around Olivia's neck and pulled her closer, she moaned at the feeling of Olivia on top of her and the sensations that were resulting from it. The alarm sounded again interrupting their kissing. "I gotta get up and go." Olivia said sadly as she pulled back from her wife.

"Take the day off, please." Casey begged. "We could have a little morning love making. I know how you love sex in the morning." The blonde offered running her hand down Olivia's chest and kissing her neck.

Olivia moaned at the thought and sensations. "I'd love to baby, you know that. But Eliot said no more days of until this little guy is born." She placed a hand on Casey's belly and leaned down to pressed a chaste kiss on her lips. "Plus, I have a meeting at One P.P. Sometimes there's downfalls to being a Sergeant."

"But you know you love it." Casey stated while moving her hand up the back of Olivia's tank top. "And what makes you so sure that the baby will be a boy huh?"

"Hmm, I'm only hoping but I have a good feeling it is." Casey narrowed her eyes at Olivia, then stated, "Yeah well I think it's a girl." Olivia laughed, "Think what you want babe but we'll know soon enough." She kissed Casey one last time then rose from the bed. "I'm gonna jump in the shower. You need anything before I do?"

"You." Casey stated while rolling over to her side and resting her head on her hand. Olivia looked over her shoulder at the woman in the bed, a sexy grin played on her lips. "Later, I promise. Where's my uniform?"

"Outside on the couch, I'll get it for you." Casey said as she moved to get out of the bed. Olivia quickly moved to the bed and gentle pushed her down, "No. Dr. Betteson ordered you to bed rest, so the bed is where you're staying. That or the couch, take your pick." She covered Casey up will the quilt and brushed a few strands of blonde hair out of her lover's face. "You sleep you need your rest. The doctor said too much stress isn't good for the baby, especially after the small scare we had. Take it easy ok, I know you hate it but I couldn't handle loosing you or the baby ok." Casey nodded and curdled in to the blankets and gave Olivia a soft smile. Liv smiled back before leaning down to kiss her wife's forehead.

The blonde laid in bed and watched her wife get ready for work, as Olivia headed to the shower Casey spoke up, "You want some company?" Olivia looked up and chuckled, "You know I do but you're not leaving that bed got it." Casey growled in defeat then rolled over to her back and tried to go back to sleep. "Fine. Wake me up before you leave ok." Olivia nodded and continued towards the bathroom for her shower, moments later the shower turned on. Casey placed a hand on her slightly round stomach and happily smiled. God, am I happy. Guess that phone call during the night really "woke her up", doesn't seem like she remembers the fact that we fought last night. Casey thought. She was really glad Olivia was no longer mad at her for whatever she had done the night before. The fights they were having were becoming more frequent and stressful, Olivia was always blaming something on Casey or pulling away and working late. Casey was becoming fearful that their marriage was falling apart. A lot of couples marriages fall apart because of pregnancy. All you have to do is be strong and hope for the best. Serena's words echoed through Casey's head. Casey curled back up and waited for Olivia to get out of the shower. They had things they needed to talk about.

Ten minutes later a showered Olivia Benson stepped out of the bathroom. She was dressed in her NYPD issued police uniform, her hair was gelled up into spikes, and her make up was perfectly applied. To Casey she couldn't have looked hotter. Lord, do I lover her. "You looked good. No I take that back you look hot." Casey said huskily.

"Thanks." Olivia responded with a wink. She walked over to her nightstand for her side arm and placed it in the holster of her belt. She grabbed her wallet, badge, and extra holster from atop the table and leaned down to put them in her police duffle bag along with her change of clothes for later. She zipped the bag up and moved to sit on the edge of the bed near Casey, she grinned at Casey's obvious look of lust. "Hmm, you know you look hot in uniform." Her wife stated while reaching up to fix Olivia's collar and badge. "Definite turn on." Olivia smiled at Casey's comment and leaned down to kiss her goodbye. Just as she was about to get up from the bed and leave Casey's hand moved out to grab her arm.

"Liv?" Casey started while waiting for Olivia to look at her; the brunette turned back and sat on the bed again placing a hand behind Casey for balance. "We need to talk."

"About what?" Olivia asked in confusion even though she had a pretty good idea what the blonde need to talk about.

"Last night, Liv. Who was on the phone?" Casey sternly asked. Olivia's shoulders shank and she sighed heavily, why did Casey have to bring this up now? Just when she was hoping to get out of the house with out problem this happens. How in the hell was she supposed to explain that it was Alex Cabot last night saying that she missed and loved Olivia and that she was coming back. Olivia reached out and took Casey's hand; she raised it to her lips for a soft kiss. "It was no one, sweetheart. Nothing important."

Casey huffed and gave Olivia an incredulous look. "Amuse me, Olivia, and don't lie. It had to be someone since you were clearly crying. Add to that you've barely looked at me all morning and you have this vacant look in your eyes. You're not acting like your self; you're trying to get out of this house as fast as you can. You never look at me like you used to, not even when were making love. Oh, don't get me wrong you look at me but your eyes are always empty, there's no love like there used to be. You used to look at me as if I was the only person in your world, your life. Now you don't make eye contact with me when were talking, or kissing, not even when were making love. What is up with you, Olivia? I want to know what the hell is going on!" Casey yelled in frustration.

"Casey, calm down you're going to hurt the baby if you get upset." Olivia tried.

"Oh stop about the baby, the baby's fine! You can't hide behind the baby this time, Olivia! I want to-" Casey stopped at Olivia's look of defeat and a thought dawned on her. "Oh. My. God." She quickly moved away from Olivia and anger flared in her eyes. "You- you don't want the baby?" She questioned in fear.

Olivia's head snapped up and she looked at Casey in horror. "What?! Of course I want the baby! What the hell makes you think I don't?!"

"Then why are you pulling away from me?" Casey asked as she tried to catch Olivia's eyes with hers. Olivia quickly looked away and swallowed hard. The blonde's eyes widened in horror and she moved even farther away from Olivia. "Liv? O-Olivia are you…are you seeing someone?" Casey choked out through tears.

"What!" The detective jumped off the bed and towered over her wife. "What the hell are you talking about, Casey! Of course I'm not seeing someone else! How could you even think that!"

"I just want to know what the fuck is going on with you, Olivia! You pull away from me what the hell else am I suppose to think! The only logical thing that would make sense is that you don't want the baby or you don't want me anymore!" Casey argued. "You're pulling fights with me lately. I go to the precinct to take you out to lunch and you tell me you have work to do, we never spend any time together anymore, and last you're always working late. Then last night with the phone call and the sudden need to hold me after, even though we went to bed hating each other because once again you had to pull a fight out of nothing. I just want to know what is going on, why you're pulling away. I just want us to be us again, Liv, can't you see that." Casey finally broke, tears fell down her cheeks and sobs wracked her body.

Pain stabbed at Olivia as she watched her wife cry; slowly she kneeled down next to the bed near Casey. She reached out and took the blonde's hand and spoke, "Casey, baby, please look at me." Casey sniffled but didn't look up; gently Olivia took Casey's chin and raised her face. "I love you Casey Benson, there is no doubt about that. You're the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, the person I want to have many children and grandchildren with, the person that I want to be with until death do us part. Please believe me when I say that I never want to hurt you and if I already have then I am extremely sorry. I had no idea I was pulling away. Baby, I love you." Olivia cupped Casey's face and brushed the blonde's tears away with her thumb. "Things at work have been hard for me and the squad and I never meant to bring it home and treat you so badly because of it. That's no excuse I know and I'm sorry, I promise I will make it up to you if you let me. Please, Casey." Olivia begged as she leaned forward to rest her forehead against Casey's and looking into Casey's eyes.

Tears fell down Casey's cheeks and Olivia softly kissed them away. "Please believe me I never wanted to hurt you." She whispered in the blonde's ear as she pulled Casey into her arms with out resistance. Casey relaxed in her wife's arms and clung to her shirt as the tears and sobs started to subside. "I-I love you too, Olivia, I'm so sorry." Olivia sighed and placed a hand on the back of Casey's head as the blonde moved deeper into the embrace. "No, it my fault really, Casey. I'm the one being the ass and pulling away. I'm gonna do better I promise, I'll stop from now on ok." Casey nodded and Olivia placed a loving kiss to the side of her head. Minutes passed before Olivia spoke up again. "It was Alex." She whispered.

Casey pulled back and looked at Olivia in confusion. "She's the one that called last night?" The blonde asked, Olivia only nodded solemnly and avoided Casey's look. Casey tried to hold back the tears that were coming forth. She knew Olivia still loved the blue eyed blonde now ex-ADA, the ice princess would always occupy a part of Olivia's heart that Casey could only dream of having. "Casey," Olivia finally said, "She's, she's coming back." Casey numbly nodded and moved away from Olivia. "Casey, this changes nothing." Liv said with conviction as she reached for the blonde.

"You're right, Liv. It changes everything." Casey growled with a glare. "What? You think I'm dumb! I know you still love her; I was just a replacement for her until the day she came back. But I hoped, you know, I hoped so that you really did love me, that I wasn't a replacement. But I know that the moment she steps back in this city back in your life both I and your child will be out in the cold! Nothing matters to you when it comes to Alexandra Cabot. You never really loved me so just admit it, Olivia, it'll save you some explain!"

Olivia quickly stood up and loomed over Casey, anger flashed in her eyes for only a slight second before it was replaced with compassion and understanding. She understood Casey's fear for loosing her, she would feel the same if she was in the blondes position. Slowly she sat on the bed and slid closer to her wife. "Casey, listen to me." She softly said while reaching out for her hand. "Alex coming back changes nothing, I've moved on and I'm happy. I love you, Casey and I love our child, and nothing will change that. I promise Casey, I love you with all my heart. Please believe me, sweetheart." Olivia begged while moving closer to Casey with the intent to take the blonde in her arms.

The blonde shoved Olivia back and threw her an ice-y glare; Olivia huffed and moved back in to take Casey in her arms. Casey again struggled to push her back but Olivia over powered her and wrapped her arms around her. Casey continued to struggle in the strong detectives arms, tears fell down her cheeks, and soft sobs wracked her body. Casey's arms started to weaken against Olivia's embrace and she clutched to Olivia. The brunette gently rocked her and whispered 'I love you.' in the blonde's ear again and again. She ran her fingers through the blonde hair and waited until Casey calmed down.

When the sobs subsided and Casey had calmed down Olivia pulled back and gently ran her fingers down the blonde's cheek. Liv rested her forehead against Casey's and look deep into her wife's eyes. "I love you." Olivia stated with conviction and pulled the blonde into a passionate kiss. Casey's eyes clenched shut, wrapped her arms around Olivia's neck and returned the kiss with even more passion. "Hmm, I have to go babe. I love you." Olivia said as she pulled back from the kiss, Casey dropped her head and nodded. "Baby, look at me." Casey raised her head and gave Olivia a puppy-dog look. "We'll talk about this later I promise. Now I gotta go or I'll be late for my meeting. I love you, both of you." Olivia stated as she bent over to place a loving kiss on her pregnant wife's tummy. "I'll see you later." She picked up her duffle bag and rose up heading towards the bedroom door.

"I love you too, Liv. Oh! I have a doctors appointment remember, you have to pick me up at two ok." Olivia stopped in the doorway and looked back at her wife and saying, "I'll pick you up and be there, I promise."

"Uh huh, you said that last time and you were 30 minutes late." Casey teased.

"I'll remember this time ok." Olivia walked out to the front door. "You better!" Casey yelled after her. "Go back to bed! I'll call you later!" Liv yelled back as she walked out the front door.

In her bedroom Casey pulled the comforter over her and laughed as she laid back. She placed a hand on her pregnant stomach and smiled. Her smile turned to a look of fear and she rubbed her stomach lovingly. "I love her I really do. And for her sake and yours baby she better be right." Casey said to know one and rolled over to try and go back to sleep.


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