SUMMERY! Now that you've had fun annoying the others, try Lizzy and see if she kills you! How fun!

1: Call her things like Lizzy or Liza no matter how many times you've been corrected.
2: Say "Lizzy, you know there's a problem in a relationship when the wife steals her husbands jewelry" referring to when she took the medallion. Yes I know they weren't married then, but saying it will annoy her anyway!
3: Tell her she makes a good man.
4: Every time you leave her alone in a room say very slowly "OK, Liz. I'm leaving now, try not to get kidnapped while I'm gone."
5: Wake her up every night and try to trick her in to telling you if she's going to pick Jack or Will. Or just wake her up in the middle of the night for any dumb reason.
6: Very loudly, start singing "TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS, FEELIN' LIKE A FOOL..."
7: Suggest marriage counseling.
8: ..Just for her, because "she's the problem in the relationship."
9: Mock her choice in men. "Gay pirates? Uncaring blacksmiths? Stupid commodores? Seriously, you sure pick the winners!"
10: Run up to her and scream "IT'S THE CHEESE! THE CHEESE IS STALKING US!"
11: Introduce yourself to everyone as "Lizzy's best friend."
12: At every impotent thing you two go to, dance the funky chicken.
And now, for my favorite one ( which I DID NOT come up with, Nerds united told it to me, so thanks Nerds united!!)!
13: Say "so what's your last name by now anyway? swann? turner? norrington? sparrow? depp?"

END NOTES: Here's something only I can annoy her with: Make her watch the chemistry movie I just had to watch for school! God, it was sooooo bad! Anyway, (( Sob)) It's all over! Oh well! I hope you guys like this chapter! I know it was short, but who cares? Thank you all for reviewing, I love getting reviews! And to Sayla Ragnarok, yes I know it says 'complete' on the summery, But that's cuz when I submitted it, I had only planed on doing Ways to Annoy Jack Sparrow. Since so many people reviewed, I just started adding chapters. Anyway, please keep reviewing! Thank you:D