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"Hey Emily. Klutzilla." Derek says, passing Casey and Emily in the hallway at school.

"Pssh. Whatever, Venturi." Casey says at Derek's back, since he didn't stop to say it, he said it, and then strolled right on. Pssh. Whatever, Venturi? Casey thinks. Come on, you could do better than that! I'll get him back at home.

Casey and Emily start walking together. "I think he likes you." Emily says to Casey.

Casey stops walking. "Derek? Derek liking me? Okay, Em, you must be seriously diluted to have that thought even cross over your mind, let alone for you to speak it."

"I'm serious. I think he likes you. And, well...I think that somewhere...deep inside... you might... maybe... just a little-"

"Em, cut to the chase already, I'm getting old here."

"You might like him, too..."

"What!?" Casey said, loud enough to turn a few heads in her direction.

"Maybe you don't like him now. But, I just think that you hate him so much, and there's so much passion in that hatred...it just might develop into feeling something more. It's very plausible, and quite possible."

"Em, Em, Em. No offense here, but that's ridiculous! It's a good theory, I'll admit, but it's Derek. Yes, I hate with a lot of passion, but that's not going to become the passion that every other girl at this school has for him. And not only do I despise him, he's my step-brother."

"There's nothing wrong with that. You aren't related by blood, so I don't think it should count as anything." Emily said.

"It's not going to count as anything because nothing will never happen. I will never like Derek that way. Maybe if a miracle occurs, I may be able to hold a normal conversation with him without it turning into a brawl. But at this point, I can barely withstand having dinner with him."

"Okay, whatever you say..." Emily says before starting to walk again.

Me like Derek. Ha. That's a concept. Casey thought like this all day. Derek's a pig. He burps, he farts, with no regard. He lies, he's vindictive, he's mean and manipulative. Casey listed every single one of Derek's character flaws in her head. There were plenty.

But then, if she was so sure that Emily was completely off base with her theory, how come later, when she was at home, and for some reason he smiled at her, she forgot every single reason why she hated him so much?


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