40 Ways To Get Sasuke To Kill You..

1) Tell him that Chicken Little called and said he wants his butt back.

2) Dress up like Mikoto and give him a hug

3) After he faints and gets up, change your clothes back, then ask him he has seen his mom lately

4) Give him some peanut better

5) While his mouth is stuck together, burn a pile of tomatoes in front of him

6) Then take a galleon of milk and pour it on the ground

7) After all the peanut butter his gone, lock him and Naruto in a closet

8) Tie him to a chair, forcing him to watch Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo

9) Put a bucket of worms in all of the beds except Itachi's.

10) Force him to sleep in Itachi's bed.

11) After he has nightmares (from being in Itachi's room), wake him up with a squirt bottle

12) While talking to him blurt random words out like LLAMA, FLAVA, AND FLOOP

13) Use a henge to turn into him, and follow him around

14) If he asks who you are, tell him that you are his long lost twin brother

15) While you are still henged into him, go find Sakura and flirt with her

16) When Sakura finds the real Sasuke, laugh at him while Sakura hugs him to death

17) When Sasuke is fighting someone, play Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting!

18) Take all of the Uchiha Fans and exchange them with Red Clouds

19) When Sasuke takes a shower, replace his shampoo with rainbow hair die (if possible)

20) After he washes hands, use Shikamarus' shadow to make him stick his finger into a toaster

21) Super glue Gaara's teddy bear to Sasuke

22) After Gaara kills him, throw him into a pit of fan girls..

23) While Sasuke is in the pit throw a box of makeup in the pit

24) Sasuke escapes the pit give a empty bottle of makeup remover and say "Happy Birthday!"

25) Talk in a very preppy voice.Ex. Like OMG I like just totally broke a finger nail! Then scream

26) Tell him Itachi was spotted at the ramen shop Naruto hangs at

27) While he is gone, redo his room, everything pink

28) When he uses his fire jutsus throw a bucket of water on him and scream "FIRE!"

29) Sing Brother My Brother from Pokemon The Movie when he is fighting with Itachi.

30) Laugh at Sasuke when Itachi beats his buttox!

30) Replace all the food in the entire Uchiha compound with ramen.

31) Tell Naruto

32) Say "Remember that one time you and Naruto kissed, it was so KAWAII!" every three minutes

33) #20, When it is Sasuke's birthday give him a bottle of soap and a toaster.

34) Call him a 'snuggy-wuggy-poogie-stingy-bear' a lot

35) Take all the residents in Konoha and hide them

36) When Sasuke asks where everyone went say 'Gaara ACCIDENTLY had a ACCIDENTAL sissy fit ACCIDENTLY….

37) Then say that you and him are the only ones left.

38) Watch him cry.

39) Video it and give it to him for his birthday.

40) Show him this list…J