40 Ways To Get Sakura To Kill You..

1) Well first off, call her fat. You know that will make her angry.

2) When she tries to attack you say you were quoting something Naruto said.

3) After she beats Naruto up say that it really was your opinion.

4) Slap her say, "That pink is so last summer" then walk off with your hands on your hips.

5) Tell her the real reason Sasuke left was so that he wouldn't have to be around her.

6) When she argues say, "Dang. Sasuke's right. You are annoying."

7) Poke her. X3

8) Pass wind under her dress and cause her undies to show. –snicker-

9) Put a worm in her hair.

10) Point and laugh. Video tape.

11) Give video to Sasuke for his birthday. ;D

12) Move her arms around as though she was a puppet.

13) When she asks what your doing, cross your eyes and say, "I'm Chiyo. Bwuaha."

14) Continue to laugh until she asks what your laughing at.

15) Say, "Your mom." OR "Your face." Either should have the same affect. X)

16) Walk around with a dumb expression and say, "I'm Sakura. HEAR MY RAWR!"

17) "Saw-koo-raw. Saw-koo-raw. Wood."

18) When she's training, throw random object's at her and say, "Stop sleepy! Lazy people will never make it as ninjas! Except Shikamaru. He's special." Hug a Shikamaru plushie.

19) Give Sakura a ransom note for Sasuke. –seenotecontentsbelow-

20) Walk behind hide her screaming, "Eww! You farted!" Point and laugh.

21) Throw mud at her.

22) While she cleans it off keep saying, "You missed a spot."

23) Point at a spot that's completely clean. 3

24) "F.O.R.E.H.E.A.D. What does that equal? BIG!" Poke your own forehead.

25) Talk to her very slow.

26) When she asks why your talking slow say ((slowly)), "I want you to understand what I'm saying. Not everyone is as smart as me."

27) Pat her on the head and skip away. Singing the Emo Kid song by Adam and Andrew.

28) Interrupt her every time she starts talking, "What did you say? I can't understand you when your talking like that."

29) Slap her on the cheek and say, "As soft as a pile of nails.

30) Walk off shaking your hand in pain.


32) Ask questions that are impossible to answer, "Why is water wet?"

33) When she says she doesn't know.. say, "Cause that's the way God intended it to be. LEDUHR."

34) Break the all of the mirrors in her house.

35) "THEY COMMITED SUICIDE!" Point at the mirrors laughing.

36) "They'd rather be dead than have to see your face ever again. LEDUHR."

37) Poke her.

38) "It's the poke of death.. BUT SHE'S NOT DYING!" Scream.

39) Loudly in her ear.

40) Show her this list. :)


Dear Sakura.

You're precious Sasuke-kun has been kidnapped. We are holding him for ransom in the Sound Village. If you ever want to see him again you must shave your head bald and send the hair to OrOcHiMaRu.

Love, …Me.

P.S.: This isn't someone trying to annoy you into killing them… It's… KABUTO! x3