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Elite Protection

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The fight began on a Saturday.

It had been a good morning, which was more then Ash could've asked for. He wasn't as sick as he had been, lately, and that was always a plus. That, and Gary was being neutral today.

So far.

Being lovers at first had seemed like a great idea. They had been very much in love at fifteen years old.

But, now?

Two words: Love. Stinks.

Oh, sure, Ash still loved Gary very much, but the problem wasn't on his end. It didn't seem Gary cared at all for the dark-haired teenager, anymore. All he did nowadays was leave Ash alone in the house they shared. The one they said they'd stay together forever in. It sounded like cheesy romance, then, and now it sounded like a long broken promise; a reminder of better days.

Like falling in love, and spending nights chasing each other around in secret.

Now, of course, those days were few and far between. Ash was lucky if he got a genuine smile from the older boy.

Although, you couldn't really call him a boy, anymore. Gary's nineteenth birthday had passed, just recently. That, as expected, just ended in disaster. Ash didn't even bring up the details with himself, it had been that bad.

Ash Ketchem himself was eighteen. His nineteenth wasn't due until half a year later. In a way, he looked up to his older lover. Despite the way the two were falling through, Ash still clung on as much as he could. Gary was the only one he'd ever felt so in love with. His mother had told him, when he had voiced his appreciation for the auburn-haired boy to her, that love like that was once in a lifetime. Well, for Gary, anything between them was 'eh', but for Ash, losing this relationship would be a devastating blow. So, he tried as much as possible to patch things up.

This led to even more problems, because either Gary didn't care, or he didn't like it. Either way, it depressed the younger of the two. No matter how Ash looked at it, he and Gary were falling to pieces, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Today, as said, was a bit better then most days, when it started.

After arriving home sloshed and giggling, Gary had had to be carried to the bedroom, which was a feat all on it's own, considering how much muscle was on his frame, now. He slept, for a while, while Ash tried to get things set up for when Gary awoke. Around the time he stepped into the shower is when Gary woke up, and he wandered right into the bathroom, still drunk as a lord. Now, sex is good. Sex is even better when you haven't had it in a while. But when your significant other is so tipsy that he can't even remember fighting with you and that he thinks you're some chick he got a lap-dance from in a club, then that dims the effect. Not only that, but being rough doesn't help.

So, as it was, Ash woke up in the shower, water long since turned off, body bone-dry and chilled. He growled, getting to his feet and slipping on his robe, pausing on his way into the bedroom to eye the terrible looking bruise on his neck. It was bigger then a football. Ash sighed, trying to cover the embarrassing mark with the collar of the robe.

After dressing lightly, but warmly, the teen climbed downstairs, hearing Gary in the kitchen. Pikachu, Ash's trusty first Pokemon, was chewing on a carrot in the hallway, and she chirped happily to see her master awake. Ash smiled down at her, scooping her into his arms. She was really the only sunshine he had, right now. That and Umbreon. The two Pokemon seemed to sympathize with Ash, agreeing that Gary had no right to treat him the way he did.

The mouse Pokemon pointed to Ash's neck, chattering about the mark. Ash blushed.

"No, it doesn't hurt." He said, softly. He made his way into the kitchen.

Sure enough, Gary was awake. He wasn't eating; oh, how silly of him, that was Ash's job, wasn't it?

"Good morning." Said dark-haired boy murmured. He leaned down, placing a kiss on Gary's temple. "Feel any better?"

Gary snorted. "Now that's a stupid question." He muttered, "I've got a hangover the size of Fuji. Do I feel any better...Hmph." He settled back into his chair, "If you don't mind, I'm starved."

The younger wilted. "...Of course." Ash started getting out the breakfast stuffs, knowing that he should feel grateful: Gary usually cursed.

'Still, though...' The dark-haired boy though to himself, 'It used to be better...'

Breakfast went all right. Gary, surprisingly, didn't have any complaints about what Ash fixed, and even said it was good. He asked how Ash had been feeling, since he had been throwing up for a couple months, now. Ash said he was fine, but it still worried him that Gary was acting so nice.

Afterwards, Ash cleaned up the kitchen and went to go have another shower; he hated being sticky.

Gary had watched his every move carefully. When Ash went upstairs, Gary followed.

Ash paid no attention when Gary walked in on him undressing. However, Gary put his arms around Ash's neck, and leaned on him, which was something Gary didn't do very often, nowadays. Ash finally blurted "What's up?"

Gary sighed. "I can't hug you?"

"You never hug me anymore. You throw me down and fuck me." The younger replied bitterly.

Gary nuzzled his nose into the boy's neck, where the bruise had formed. "Which do you like better?"

"...This...You haven't...hugged me in a while..." Ash whispered. He knew this had to be a dream. Unnoticed, he pinched his arm. 'Ow.' Nope, he was awake. But how was this possible?

Gary pressed a kiss to Ash's cheek. "I know." And then he said, remorsefully, "And I'm sorry."

He turned the younger of the two around, leaning down and kissing him. The dark-haired boy grew teary eyed. He hadn't felt so loved in so long...

"I heard you and Brock were out, last night."

Well, that was unexpected.

"Yeah, we were." Ash said, slowly.

Gary continued to kiss the boy. "Where were you two?"

"Oh!" Ash smiled, "We went to go pick up his Vulpix! She hasn't been feeling good. You'll never guess what was wrong with her."


"She's having kits!"

Gary turned the boy to face him. "That's nice. What else did you two do?" He asked, more kisses ending up on Ash's cheeks, mouth, and nose.

"...Well...it was around dinner time...so..." Ash screwed up his face, trying to remember, "...we...OH! I know! We went to that cool little Chinese restaurant a few blocks from Brock's house, since he didn't feel like cooking."

"I see. And then you came right back here, right?"

Ash frowned. "No. We stopped at his house for a minute. He said something about something he wanted to do..."

At once, Gary's face changed from caring to poisonous. He glared coldly at the boy. "And, what, exactly, were you two doing there, ALONE?" He hissed.

Ash gulped. "W-what do you mean? We weren't-!"

"Liar!" Gary accused, "If you think you could get away with cheating on ME, then you're dead wrong!"

"Cheating?! What the hell!" The dark-haired boy cried, confused, "Who said anything about cheating!"

Gary backhanded him. Hard.

Stars erupted in front of Ash's eyes. The back of his head was pounding, and he found himself on the floor. He fingered the bruise that was appearing on his cheek, then stared, terrified, up at Gary, who was glaring coldly at him. The auburn-haired man bent down, grabbing Ash by the collar of his shirt.

Yanking the frightened teenager towards him, he hissed, "Did you like him? Was he a good fuck?"

Ash didn't even struggle, he was so afraid. "I-I don't know what you're t-talking about! Honest!" He stuttered. Gary just smacked his other cheek.

"Do you expect me to believe you?"

"Gary, Brock is straight!"

Silence. Ash could feel a warm sensation oozing down the back of his head, and realized he was bleeding from where he had hit the edge of the bathtub. Gary had grown very blank, all of a sudden. Fearing Gary was going to hurt him again, Ash began pleading again.

"He wanted me to meet his girlfriend. And he had some special treats f-for Umbreon and Pikachu..." He explained.

Gary said nothing. He looked at his own hand, then his eyes traveled up to look at the twin bruises on Ash's face. His other hand reached up, causing Ash to flinch, and Gary stared guiltily at the bruise he finger tips brushed. Abruptly, he got to his feet, pulling Ash up with him.

They stood there in deathly silence, Gary looking at his hands, which were placed on the edge of the sink, and Ash looking in the mirror, searching though his hair for the blood.

Gary finally turned to Ash, walking over and fingering the boy's hair delicately. He stared at the tiny trickle of blood running through the roots.

"...You need to see a doctor about that..." He said, hoarsely, "You might need stitches." He absentmindedly grabbed a towel off the shower rack, pressing it gently to the wound on the back of Ash's head. "...I...I'm so sorry..." He said, shakily, "...I shouldn't have...acted that way..."

Ash didn't say anything. In truth, he had not been expecting the violence at all. He was too shocked by it to be angry. Although, he would have been more scared then mad. With the sinking realization that the time in the relationship was the near-end, Ash began to cry.