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I was walking through the halls when another girl stopped me. This time it was a blond. Cheerleader. Really ditsy, and had the reputation of sleazing around. Her name was Laney.

"Hey, Derek." She says in her 'sultry' voice. Why do these girls always think they sound sexy. You can tell they're trying, and they come off like bimbos.

"Hey, Laney, what's up?" I ask, putting on the "Derek Charm" even though I'm completely uninterested. It had become habit.

"Well," she says, popping her hip to one side. "I'm on the newspaper committee, and the staff put me on task to interview you. You're very well known around the school, so we thought we'd get inside you're head a little."

This is when I notice the feather, pink pen, (tacky) and notepad, (Dear Lord is that a Lisa Frank notepad? Are you serious?).

"Okay, sure." I say.

"What's the craziest thing you've ever done?"

"Sweetie, I don't think we have the time for that."

"Have you ever streaked?"


"If you could meet one celebrity who would it be, and why?"

"Lindsay Lohan, so I could ask her if she had remembered to put on her underwear that day."

"What's your ideal career?"

Blah, blah,blah.

She goes on and on with a bunch of boring questions, which I answer, getting bored quickly. Come on, people. I'm an interesting guy. Let's see some interesting questions!

"Okay, last one." Laney informs. "Everyone has their own dirty little secret. So, Derek Venturi, what's yours?"

Since it is me, there are many possibilities for this. But only one comes to my mind, almost immediately. Dirty little secret. It definitely fit each of those descriptives. My dirty little secret is a she.

She. Is fiery and passionate.

Intelligent and opinionated.

Everything that all the other girls that I've met lack.

She's a disaster.

She's stubborn.


She drives me completely insane, as I do to her. We fight all the time about nothing and everything. She tells me when I'm wrong, or when she disagrees with me. She challenges me.

She's the only one to ever knock me off my throne.

Ever since we first met, she's been strong and had raw attitude. I love it all.

What we have isn't only dirty, but when it's dirty, boy is it dirty.

Raw passion, sweat, our bodies mingling over each others. Sloppy kisses. We sometimes pick fights with each others, (We both know it) just so we can make up later.

But what we have is also real.

Even if no one knows it. She's forced me to feel. To see. To live.

She's like no one I've ever met. It's like there are two sides of her, and I'm the only one who gets to see both.

One side is the one everyone sees. The hard worker, the dependable girl.

The other side is her unleashed passion, her thoughts, her heated opinions. Her craziness and humor.

I get it all.

And she's the only one who gets to see me. Not the player, dumb ass, sarcastic Derek that everyone else knows.

No, she gets to see me when I'm sad. When I'm angry or disappointed. She gets to console unlike anyone else can.

She gets to hear how I feel. My inner thoughts. How I hope my life will be. Who I hope to be, and what I want to succeed.

My hopes, my dreams, my secrets, and my embarrassments.

She's the only one I let in. She's the only one I love...

I watched Casey pass me and Laney bye. We glanced at each other for a moment and it said everything we couldn't say out loud at the moment. I love you. I love you, too.

"If I told you," I said to Laney. "It wouldn't be a secret."


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