Malivale Morrible was not a quitter, and she was not one to bear shame. After her sentencing to the Emerald Palace prison she bought her time.

She could feel her powers strengthening by that last spell she had cast from the Grimmerie almost one year ago. She snapped to attention in the middle of her cell when she heard the telltale click and clack of Glinda the Goods heels on the hard stone.

"Madame Morrible," Glinda clipped as she walked into the moonlight, "You've sought audience with me?" Her words were short. She wanted nothing to do with this woman.

"Yes." With a quick flick of her wrist, Morrible sent the door flying open and the guards at all posts in the prison were held to frozen silence. Glinda was rooted to the spot she stood eye's wide with terror. "Yes Ms. Glinda, I have quite the bone to pick." She slowly circled the frightened younger woman.

"You see you've imprisoned quite a powerful woman. One that has the ability to press her advantages, so to speak."

Glinda could only look on with wide eyes as the older woman continued to talk.

"You will release me. I will continue to let you be the figure head of this government, but we both know who will really run the show with the Wizard's help of course." She leered evilly with a snap of her fingers Glinda fell forward at Morrible's feet.

"No." Glinda choked out.

"Oh I'll think you'll reconsider. If you do not I will eliminate Gilikin. Think of your people Miss Glinda."

"You couldn't!"

"I would. I know you can feel my power deary. Don't think I wouldn't use it. In fact," Morrible paused and swirled her hands summoning her power, "It think it's time to bring the wizard back with a little change in the weather."


The air was electric, a storm was brewing. Fiyero held onto Elphaba as he kicked the horse into a fast gallop. Living in Kansas was not easy, especially when it came to transportation. This new world they came to live in had little to offer in that department besides animals or one's own two feet. In Elphaba's condition, the latter was most definitely not an option. He slowed the horse as they came to a fork in the road.

"Whoa girl." Easing the horse up to the sign post he hopped down to get a closer look.

"We want Decatur." Elphaba spoke from atop the horse now holding the reins, her swollen belly apparent even in the deep darkness of night.

A flash of lightning illuminated the sign post and they both read that they had forty miles of travel left.

"This is why I wanted to leave a week ago," Grumbled Fiyero as he mounted the horse and continued on the journey. He felt Elphaba stiffen. "Is it a bad one?" He felt her expel a breath. He wrapped his arms around her a bit tighter.

"No. Not at all."


"A little." She turned and smiled at him. He smiled back but soon stopped as he saw her eyes go wide and her complexion pale.

"Fae?" He stopped the horse immediately and helped her down. "Love, what's wrong?"

"Look." She breathed pointing behind them, and it was then that he heard it. His hair on the back of his neck stood on end.

The sound started low like a rumble but soon became like a train bearing down. The cyclone was approaching seemingly from nowhere. Their horse whinnied and took off down a path quicker than he could react to collect the reins. Fiyero frantically looked around trying to find any source of shelter.

"Yero, this way!" In his worry he had forgotten Elphaba was even with him. She was about fifteen feet away heading towards an abandoned trading post. He hurried to join her, trying to protect her from the now buffeting winds. They entered the small cabin. Fiyero struggled with the door and they soon found themselves in the dark space listening to what soon they thought would be their inevitable. The walls shook and the door blew from its frame.

Elphaba sought him in the darkness and clung with all her strength. She was crying, crying for their fate, and how her happily ever after was always just out of grasp. "I love you." She shouted over the wind as they huddled together in a corner.

"I love you too," He shouted back squeezing his eyes shut and gripping her with all of his strength. Soon the sounds intensified, the cabin was lofted, and then quiet and darkness. With their faces buried in one another the couple in the corner was sent mercifully unconscious.