hey jst a lil something that i wrote one night when i couldnt sleep

and i dedicate this fic to Lamanth whos fics about ming ming just made me love her even more, and not just see her as this bitch that i thort she was

Everythings gone wrong
i see not a thing
im not even that strong

everyday my mask goes on
i play, along like at the masquarade
just doing my best to sing there song

i pretend like i dont care
like i dont even notice
their hungry lust filled stares

everyday ss the same
and everyday i play
their stupid game, the one they call fame

and no matter how hard i try
i can never lose
and at night im left alone to cry

all i am to them is sex
when really im still a kid
but at any moment they could call out next!

And it will all be over
so i play their game
hoping to pick that four leafed clover

and always hoping
that on day it'll be over
but for now im coping

i'll be their princess
locked in the tower
with the evil countess

and maybe one day
i wont have the mask anymore
and i'll come out and say...

love to know wat u think
so please review and tell me
oh and if you couldnt guess this was about ming ming

luff shadowphoenix101