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A/N: I got the idea for this story by reading an old story with basically the same situation. If you get the chance, read The Zipper, which is another Vincent/Tifa thing like this one. It's really good.

The "What Are They Doing In There?" Collection

By: YuNG WuN

Story One: Vincent and Tifa

"Vincent.. Get it out already!"

"Well stop moving around and maybe I can!"

A sigh. "I can't help it.. It really hurts.."

"I'm doing the best I can, Tifa."

"Could you at least hurry up?"

"I need to do this slowly.. It makes it easier.. Ugh, it's stuck even more."


"Pipe down, Tifa!! I don't want anyone to hear us... It's weird for a guy like me to do something like this."

Tifa rolled her eyes. "Whatever... Can you even see it?"

"Feh, no."

"Oh! I know! Try pinching it!"


"VINCENT! Watch your claw!"

"Just following orders ma'am! Besides, I can't do this one-handed, you know." There was a sign of irritation in his voice.

She sighed deeply. "Let me try--"

"NO! I can handle it. I've done this before.."

"Oh really? Like with who?"

"Let's see... Cloud, Yuffie, even Nanaki."

"Wow, Nanaki must have been tough."

"Yeah... it was stuck in there good, until he used his teeth."

A few seconds pass.

"Vinnie! You got it out!"

He sighed in a relief. "Finally.. I was getting pretty tired."

"Thanks a lot, Vincent!"

"No problem.. Whenever you get a splinter, just call."

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