Title: In Need Of Coffee Fandom: Saiyuki Pairing: None at the moment.
No Beta: All spelling mistakes are my own.
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Authors Notes: Ok Hakkai may drink tea during the day but I think he needs coffee to get start in the mornings in order to be able to deal with the others with just that smile.

It had started like most mornings did on this never-ending quest they were on. Goku was whining for food, Gojyo was teasing Goku and Sanzo was ignoring them both by hiding behind that newspaper he got from the last town they were in.

Hakkai normally drank tea except in the mornings when her first got up; he needed the pick-me-up from it. How else could he stay calm and mysterious through out the day?
But today it seemed was going to be a BAD day...because of their luck and reputation they were attacked before he could even put the pot of water on the small fire they had.

After the dust settled Sanzo decided that they should get back on the road. Hakkai just wanted his coffee and hoped he could find some in the next town they came across. But there he was three hours later without his coffee, listening to the same fight Goku and Gojyo had, had everyday since they began this hellish trip.

He was getting annoyed and he wasn't the only one if the five warning shots Sanzo had aimed at them were anything to go by, Hakkai knew Sanzo would keep shooting at them and the sound of the gun going off was giving him a headache.

"Dumb Monkey!"

'Think of your happy place.' Hakkai thought.

"Stupid Water Sprite!"

'Happy, cheery thoughts.' But knew that it wasn't going to work with out his coffee.

Sanzo shot at them again.

'That's it!' Hakkai thought as he slammed on the brakes of the jeep almost making the other three fall out of the car.

"Watch it, Hakkai!" said Goku.

"You could have hurt me doing that!" muttered Gojyo.

Hakkai took a deep breath then barrowed a page out of Sanzo's book and yelled out. " SHUT UP! IF YOU DON'T WANT ME TO KILL YOU!"

Shocked silent...

He looked at them then nodded to himself before starting the jeep back up. Sanzo looked at the others smugly and opened his mouth...

"This means you as well, Sanzo!" Hakkai growled out as his hands clenched the steering wheel.

The shocked silent seemed to grow louder then Goku whispered, " Did Hakkai get his coffee this morning?"

Sanzo and Gojyo stared a look then remembered this morning's battle.

"Please lets stop at the next town!" Begged Gojyo, after all he lived with the man for a while he knew had Hakkai could be with out his coffee. Sanzo nodded in agreement, cause he knew coffee drinkers when they didn't get their coffee could be worst than any demon. But this coffee drinker was a demon and that...that was a bad thing!

'Hakkai just might actually kill them,' Sanzo thought. ' The sooner Hakkai got his coffee the better!'