Know Your Stars Avatar the Last Airbender

Summary: From the same insane mind that brought you Know Your Stars Winx Club and Know Your Stars Naruto comes Know Your Stars Avatar the Last Airbender. I will be spoofing characters as I see fit and enjoying it. This will be AU and very OOC for a lot of characters. Don't flame me because you have been warned! Suggestions for future characters appreciated.

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Disclaimer: You will learn humility and humiliation will be your teacher!

First Victim: Fire Lord Ozai- He had it coming

The room had been set up and made with fire proof materials. A chair, which had been made of fireproof fabric approved by the state of California (1), had been placed under a glaring spotlight. Finally in another hidden area which has also been fireproofed a young woman sits figuring out how to operate the controls to find her first victim. Finally she finds a button and the show begins.

Meanwhile somewhere in the palace of Fire Lord Ozai the aforementioned fire lord was walking through the gardens and setting things on fire (2) when he spotted a shed with the door slightly ajar. Being paranoid and fearing espionage Ozai decided to investigate and found the shed surprisingly large and furnished with a comfortable looking chair situated under a bright light.

Since Ozai was tired from walking around the gardens setting things on fire he decided to sit in the chair.

"Know your stars! Know your stars! Know your stars Fire Lord Ozai!" Shouted a strange voice.

Ozai started to growl. "Who the hell are you and what do you think you're doing trespassing in my palace?"

The voice ignored the angry fire Lord. "Fire Lord Ozai, he keeps himself in the shadows because he's fugly."

"What?! What the hell do you mean by fugly?"

"Fuckin' ugly." The voice grinned even though you couldn't see her. "Hey, if you guys can merge animals (3) I can merge words. Fire lord Ozai, he's so ugly that he banished his son for being prettier than he is."

"No, I banished Zuko because he disrupted a war meeting and I don't like him." Ozai corrected.

"Because he's prettier than you."

"No, he showed disrespect for his country."

"And he's prettier than you. Fire Lord Ozai, he was jealous of Zuko's looks and that's why he used firebending on him."

"No, I did it to teach Zuko a lesson. Now can we get off of that topic?"

The voice shrugs, just imagine that she does, okay? "Fine, Fire Lord Ozai, he smells like a platypus bear."

"WHAT? I demand you take that back this instant!"

"And he looks like one too!"

"I do not!"

"Whatever. Fire Lord Ozai who is way uglier than a platypus bear, the only reason he loves Azula more than Zuko is because he created Azula." (4)

Steam began to spew from the fire lord's ears. "Are you saying that Zuko isn't my son?"

"No, I'm saying that…." The voice paused and thought of what she was going to say. The whole idea sounded icky. "You know what? Forget that. Like it or not you have two kids."

"But is Zuko…."

"Fire Lord Ozai who smells like a platypus bear and probably has the brain of one too his mommy liked Iroh best." The voice interrupted.

"No she didn't!" Ozai shouted angrily leaping from the chair as he began trying to ignite things.

"Yes she did. And that's why you decided to take Iroh's place because you want people to like you."

"That's not true!" Ozai yelled as he grew angrier. The room just wasn't catching fire like it should. "And if I ever find out who you are I'll kill you!"

"Go cry to your science experiment daughter." The voice shot back trying not to shake. Yeah, the room was fireproof, but she sure as hell wasn't.

Fed up with things that were apparently flame retardant Ozai stormed out of the room.

"And now you know Fire Lord Ozai the guy whose son is prettier than him!"

Experiment Complete

Okay, so was that good or utter crap? Because I had nothing on Ozai. If I find stuff I can always edit later. So please read and review. Suggestions for things to say and new characters are appreciated. Just remember you can't flame me about characters being OOC because I already said this was very OOC.

1.) Apparently since things tend to frequently catch fire in California that state has to approve fire proof fabric for everything! I think.

2.) It's OOC and AU people, you will live with whatever crap I decide to put in before the Know Your Stars part.

3.) Please don't tell me I'm the only one who thinks that the animals from Avatar resemble science experiments.

4.) What like no one has thought of that idea before? I was thinking that maybe Ozai was like Naraku from InuYasha.