Know Your Stars Avatar the Last Airbender

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Fourth Victim: Prince Zuko- It just had to be done

Prince Zuko was walking through the woods setting fire to things at random when he stumbled upon a small cottage. Being the nosey guy he is Zuko waltzed right in to the cottage and sat down in a large comfortable chair, which happened to be the only piece of furniture in the otherwise bare room. This of course was a big mistake because as soon as Zuko placed nice round bottom to chair cushion the torment began.

"Know your stars! Know your stars! Know your stars, prince Zuko of the Fire Nation!" The voice exclaims, startling the young fire nation prince.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Zuko demanded angrily.

"You'll just have to sit still and find out." The voice replied smugly. "Prince Zuko, the reason that his hair grows so fast is because he uses miracle grow on it every day."

"What the hell are you talking about? I do not use anything on my hair!" Zuko shouted.

"Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation, he doesn't wash his hair."

"Hey! I do wash my hair!"

"But you just said that you don't use anything in your hair." The voice pointed out. "Zuko, who doesn't wash his hair, he sleeps with a cute fluffy pink bunny named Fu Fu."

"You leave Fu Fu out of this! He's been through a lot lately!" Zuko shouted angrily.

"Bloody Hell, I thought I was making that up!" The voice gasped falling off her chair in shock. "That's just disturbing."

"So what if I have a stuffed bunny? You don't hear me saying things about your security blanket."

"That's my daughter's." The voice snapped.

"Sure it is."

"Look buddy, this is my show. I'm the one saying the embarrassing stuff." The voice growled in a warning tone. "You just sit there and take it."

"Yeah right."

"Prince Zuko, he's has a secret phobia of turtle seals."

"Well you just pulled that out of your ass didn't you?"

"Zuko, he has a terrible potty mouth and that's why Fire Lord Ozai banished him and Katara won't love him." The voice declared.

"What the hell? What have you been smoking?"

"Prince Zuko the potty mouth, he's going to end up with Mae because Katara doesn't want to be with a potty mouth like him."

"What the… Mae?! Why would I want to be with that dark freaky weirdo?" Zuko demanded.

"Prince Zuko. He has an obsession with Mae, he even has a shrine to her built in his new ship."

"That's not true!"

"It will be once I post these pictures on the Internet." The voice sing songed.

"If you do I'll see you personally…. Wait, what's the Internet?" Prince Zuko asked confused.

"It's this thing that enables you to talk to people anywhere."

"We don't have that here."

"You poor thing. I wish I felt sorry for you, but we're off topic."

"Yeah, I feel bad about that but what can I do?"

The voice grinned evilly. "Prince Zuko, he wants to abandon his quest for the avatar and move to Las Vegas to become a Wayne Newton impersonator!"

After this remark Zuko was more than a little creeped out. Not that he knew who Wayne Newton was or had heard about Las Vegas. But the thought of having to give up looking for the Avatar scared him. So the banished prince high tailed it out of the cottage and didn't stop running until he was back in the tea shop with his Uncle.

Meanwhile back in her secret room, the voice pulled out a note book and penned in another line. "Disembodied voice three, Avatar cast zero."

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