"Good morning, Agent Booth."

"Morning Zach. Bones?"

"What do you want Booth? I'm busy right now. Doing my job."

"No time to argue, Bones, let's go."

"I'm showing Zach how to differentiate--"

"That's okay, Dr. Brennan. I'll analyse the deformities on the proximal and distal phalanges until you get back."

Brennan gave Zach a 'Don't let him bully you' look.

"Are you sure?"

Zach looked at Booth, who was giving him a 'Please don't encourage her' look. He smirked.

"Yes, it's fine."

"Don't worry, it'll only be a quick ID," Booth assured him, looking relieved.

"That's fine," Zach repeated. He was still smirking, and got a brief smile in return before he renewed his focus on the bones on the table. Brennan glared at them both suspiciously.

"This had better be something genuine, Booth."

"Of course it is!" he cried, feigning hurt. "Come on, Bones, who do you think I am? Now let's go."

He tried to help her on with her coat, but she shrugged him off impatiently.

"I can dress myself, thankyou. Don't feel obliged to assert your male dominance around me."

Rolling his eyes, Booth swept his arm in front of his body in an offer for her to lead the way. Zach remained bent over the table, but raised his eyes to watch their departure, and sure enough, by the time they had almost reached the door, Booth's hand had settled on her lower back, creeping towards her waist. Zach swallowed his chuckle and lifted one of the malformed toe-bones to his eye level.

"So, still sceptical, Zacko?"

With a long-suffering sigh, Zach put the bone down again.

"Just answer me one thing," said Angela, not really to Zach or Hodgins in particular. "Who do they think they're kidding? Look at them! He's practically got his arm around her waist! I mean, seriously, why don't they just jump in the sack right now and save us all the misery?"

Zach shrugged.

"You must have noticed," Angela said decidedly. She was already leaning on the table, her hands flat on the edge like she was intending to leap up and perch her bum on it. She looked behind her, and with a slight shudder took her hands off again.

"It's normally pretty easy to tell they're into each other," she continued, as if they were actually interested in what she was saying. Well, to be fair, Hodgins couldn't seem to take his eyes off her. "But lately, you see Booth looking at her and you can actually see the naked Brennan in his head."

"Please," Zach said. He was trying to be all 'I don't care'-ish, but she wasn't making it very easy.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say those two were on the verge of confessing their undying passion. And I know that Brennan has had too many sexy dreams involving Booth that will allow her to keep her hands off him for much longer."

"She told you that?" Zach cried incredulously before he could stop himself.

"No, but I'm her best friend, I know these things."

With a sigh of half relief, half exasperation, Zach bent over the table once again.

"I have work to do."
"There is a lot more important work to be done around here than checking out dead guys with three toes," Angela said.

"Like what?" Zach asked dubiously.

"Like moving our favourite partnership into that twilight zone I like to call 'Friends with benefits'. Once they have sex, they'll realise they're meant to be."

"I don't think that's your decision to make," doubted Zach.

"Of course it is," she replied breezily.

"They're not going to get there on their own, are they?" Hodgins put in. Zach glared at him.

"Exactly. And I for one am getting sick of those lovesick looks from Booth, and Bren trying to pretend she doesn't notice every time he enters a room. Ha! She's got her own built in Booth-radar."

"He'd do anything for her," Hodgins agreed.

"Totally. He's a hopeless romantic, and he would treat her so well if she'd just stop running scared. He watches her in total awe. He looks at her like she's an angel, and everyone sees it but her."

Zach raised an eyebrow at this, but Angela didn't see and Hodgins was too enraptured with her to notice anything.

"So, I think it's time we take action. Bren can't admit what she wants and Booth is too chicken…so we'll have to tell them ourselves."

"I think Dr. Brennan is perfectly capable, as a grown woman, to make her own decisions," frowned Zach.

"Brennan wouldn't know her own heart from your three-toed Chinaman's," scoffed Hodgins.

Again Zach raised his eyebrows pointedly, but didn't say anything.

"That's right!" enthused Angela. "All we have to do is a little harmless matchmaking, maybe put some thoughts in their heads (that would've got there anyway), and we'll ensure the happiness of our favourite anthropologist and her sexy G-man."

"Why do you keep saying 'we'?" Zach asked nervously.

"Obviously I can't do it competely on my own," Angela sighed, like she was dealing with the very dim.

"I can't see why you need me," said Zach hurriedly, his eyes on the bones in front of him. "I highly doubt I could contribute anything to a match-making. Besides, it's none of our business. It'll probably just make her angry."

Seeing that Angela looked slightly discouraged by this, Hodgins glared at Zach.

"Well, I don't know how you stand their raging sexual tension and inability to hide their attraction for each other, but I personally find it very distracting in a work environment. Therefore, I will help Ange in her noble cause, and you will have us to thank when this lab starts to run a lot smoother."

Angela beamed at him. A grin spread over his face and his chest puffed up like a little admiral.

"Thanks, Hodgie," Angela said, letting her hand drop onto his shoulder before trotting away with a purposeful air. Hodgins grinned at Zach as if he'd just proven some point, and followed her like a curly little puppy dog.

Zach let his gaze linger on them briefly, then returned to his bones with a roll of his eyes.

Honestly. Some people were so clueless.
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