Metropolis Holiday

By Denise (kdsch123)

Pairing: Chloe/Oliver Queen


Summary: Oliver Queen finds out that he might have been seeing the wrong reporter and finds out what 'magic' means when falling in love.

Spoilers: Season 6

Acknowledgements: WB and DC own all. This is a Christmas gift for all of my good friends who were thinking a little Chlollie might make the season just a little brighter.

Christmas in Metropolis was a lot like living in a greeting card picture, he thought, looking at the lights of the city as the snow fell, except things pretty much sucked. It was the week before Christmas and Oliver Queen walked through the ankle deep snow in Centennial Park, not really caring about his expensive shoes, or the fact that the temperature was dropping as the night got darker. Breaking things off with Lois had been a good idea, and Oliver didn't regret it at all, but all the same, it was kind of a shock. He hadn't planned on that, but when he got to the Inquisitor offices to pick her up for the Queen Industries Christmas party, Lois dropped the bomb. She hadn't given a reason, and Oliver hadn't pushed for one. He'd just nodded and smiled, leaving Lois to her very important story. Looking at his watch, Oliver realized that the party had already gotten started, and it didn't really matter if he was there on time, or at all. Spotting a coffee shop, Oliver went inside, to warm up, call his limo and go home. He brushed the snow off his shoulders and walked to the counter as proudly as he could, ignoring the stares and grins of the other patrons. A girl in a white knit hat and houndstooth coat was in front of him on line, and she was waiting for her order, her booted foot tapping impatiently. Her phone rang, a cheery little Christmas song, and she answered with a sigh.

"No. No…I mean it, Jimmy. Of course you have to go home to Minneapolis for the holidays. Jealous? Of your high school girlfriend? Yeah, right…" Her ascerbic tone made Oliver smile in spite of himself. "Look, Jimmy, while we're talking…you know I said we're better off friends, so I don't think it matters if you are going to some dance at home with Melissa or Mandy, or whatever her name is…". She moved the phone away from her ear, covering the mouthpiece to accept her very large latte, and then stepped away from the counter. Something about her profile was familiar, and Oliver nodded, remembering Clark's blonde friend from earlier in the fall. Chloe. That was her name, and coincidentally, she was Lois' cousin. "I know, Jimmy. I'll be going to the Kent's for Christmas, since Lois is going away. I know. Okay. See you when you get back. What?" She was sprinkling cinnamon on her latte. "Oh, yeah, Jimmy…you too...Merry Christmas…". She snapped her phone shut and laughed, sounding slightly relieved. "Happy Holidays."

"I know the feeling." Oliver said, as the guy behind the counter handed him his order. "Chloe, right?" The girl had turned, her hazel eyes sparkling with the cold and good humor. Chloe's smile widened at recognizing him and she nodded.

"Right. Funny, I thought you were supposed to be at a fancy corporate party with my cousin, Oliver." Chloe looked around. "Here on the college side of the park, too? Slumming?"

"Ah...well..." Oliver shrugged, pouring sugar into his coffee. "Lois and I kind of decided things were better for us apart. I'm sure you heard."

"Um…I've been kind of tied up with cutting things loose myself." Chloe smiled. "Want to sit down?" She gestured to a table toward the back of the café. "It's kind of quiet back there and you can tell me all about what a monster Lois is."

Oliver thought about it. "Misery loves company? Don't you usually throw pity parties for our friend Clark? You sure you have an opening because Clark's pretty miserable most of the time. Probably keeps you busy."

"Usually. But you know, since you're new in town, I could make room in my schedule." Chloe laughed again, moving past people to get to the little table she'd picked. "I'm the best advice giver in the Mid-West."

"Good, because I only consult with the best." Oliver moved behind her quickly to pull the chair out for her as Chloe set her latte down and took off her coat. She carefully laid her coat on the back of the chair and sat down, letting Oliver slide the chair closer to the table. Chloe smiled up at him gratefully as he sat down and then sipped her latte.

"So, you and Lois called things off. Hmmm. I have to admit, that surprises me." Chloe said over her cup, and Oliver nodded. "Did Lois happen to tell you why?"

"No. She just said it had all been fun, but it was over. I got the impression that it was final. Just as well, I guess." Oliver stirred his coffee and looked at Chloe. She had pulled off the white hat and her blonde hair fell around her face like a halo. "What about you? Lois seemed to think you and that photographer you were seeing were perfect for each other."

"Um…" Chloe rolled her eyes. "No. Jimmy is sweet and everything, but, well, there's no…what's the word?" She grinned. "No magic."

Oliver raised his eyebrows. "Magic? You're kidding. I have to say that's the most romantic excuse to end a relationship I've ever heard."

"You think?" Chloe set her cup down. "It's a reason though. There was no chemistry with Jimmy. He's nice and I'm sure some girl is just going to adore him, but," Chloe shrugged eloquently. "That's it, really."

"I guess I can understand that." Oliver felt the warmth from his coffee cup start to extend to his hands and arms. "And no interest in our big, plaid wearing friend?"

Chloe choked a little on her latte and blushed. "Well, things with Clark are complicated." She sighed. "Suffice it to say that things are definitely just friends status for Clark and I."

"So, that's why you're spending Christmas with them?" Oliver asked, and Chloe nodded.

"Dad and I go to the Kents. My uncle is in the Army, you know that. Every year he gets leave somewhere wonderful and Lois and her sister meet him. They don't have many family traditions, but that's one of them. Dad and I enjoy being with the Kents, and it's as close to a family holiday as we get. What about you?"

"Clark invited me, but I don't know." Oliver felt her eyes on him. "It's weird. If I were in Star City….there are parties and stuff, but I'd be alone anyway. Since my parents died it's not been much of a holiday."

Chloe reached out and put her hand over his sympathetically. "I'm so sorry, Oliver. That has to be hard."

"It's easier now than it was at first." Oliver sipped at his coffee. "But, I don't know…"

"Well, that's it, then." Chloe squeezed Oliver's hand. "You'll come to the Kent's for Christmas." She looked at her watch. "There's still time, too. I have to finish Christmas shopping. Did you get all of yours done?"

"My secretary…if I'm going to the Kents I'll have to get them something, I guess…but…." Oliver replied feebly. "I'm all wet from the snow…"

"We can go back to your apartment first, so you can get changed. Come on, Metropolis' department stores are really worth seeing this time of year. It's an experience unique to this city." Chloe pouted sweetly and Oliver rolled his eyes.
"The Christmas tree at the Plaza Square is famous. You have to."

"Famous Christmas Tree, huh?" Oliver asked, pretending to think it over. "Okay, but only if there's ice skating and roasted chestnuts." He forced himself to not smile at Chloe, but he couldn't help thinking it had been a really strong stroke of luck that he'd wandered into this particular coffee shop, because spending the rest of the evening with Chloe was all he could imagine doing.

"Plaza Square is famous for their roasted chestnuts." Chloe smiled widely. "Really? You're going to stop being a Scrooge and let me help you find your holiday spirit?"

"Why not?" Oliver nodded. "You can be my ghost of Christmas Present."

The first thing Chloe did, when she found out Oliver didn't have a Christmas tree of any size in his apartment was to order the limo driver to a smallish Christmas tree lot near the Met U campus. She picked out a medium sized tree that the driver reluctantly strapped to the top of the elegant black car, while Oliver paid the tree lot owner for the tree and the two largish wreaths Chloe had chosen. The second thing she did was run into a nearby store and emerge with two shopping bags.

"Whew." She said, shaking the snow from her hat. "You so owe me. I snagged the last five strings of lights in the store. And, I got you this." She pulled out a Santa hat, complete with a bell on the end, and reached up to put it on Oliver.

"Oh, hell no." He laughed, snatching the red and white fur hat from her hands. "There's just no way."

"It's this or the reindeer antlers." Chloe reached into the bag again, and pulled out a headband with decorated felt antlers. "I bought these for Shelby, but he won't mind you borrowing them first."

"Sorry. I draw the line at Santa hats and antlers." Oliver shook his head. "There is just nothing that will even convince me to consider wearing them – and don't even think about it." He pointed at her, and Chloe's eyes widened in mock surprise.

"About what?" She asked, comically insulted. "Doing this?" She pouted perfectly, her eyes full of pleading. "Come on, Oliver, it's Christmas…"

"No." He grinned. "Absolutely no." Chloe moved from the seat across from him to the one beside him and dropped her head on his shoulder.


"No." Oliver laughed, recognizing the fact that he was being played beautifully.

She turned, grinning up at him. "You know you really want to."

"Chloe." Oliver leaned down, looking into her eyes. He made his voice seductive and soft. "I want…"

"What?" She asked, a little breathlessly, still playful, but picking up on something else that was happening between them, something that wasn't entirely just play acting. Oliver moved closer, and put his arm around her, drawing Chloe to him, and moved down his eyes on her mouth, as if he were planning to kiss her. Chloe melted against him, looking up at him expectantly, her lashes dark and spiked from the snowflakes that had melted on them. Oliver found her absolutely perfect, her beauty something that he'd noticed before but not appreciated until right now.

"I want…" Kissing her suddenly seemed like a brilliant idea, but Oliver stopped himself.

"You want?" Chloe's tone matched his own. He could see her eyes in the light from the streetlamps, hazel green, flecked with gold. "What do you want, Oliver…"

"To go Christmas shopping." Oliver said, making every word just hang deliciously between them. Her lips were soft and her breath smelled pleasantly of cinnamon and coffee. "With you."

"Good!" Chloe chirped pleasantly, plopping the Santa hat on his head with a cackle of impish laughter. "Just what I wanted to hear."

"Nice!" Oliver howled, his hands going to the Santa hat. "You," He pointed at Chloe. "You're good."

"You have no idea." Chloe grinned proudly, as the limo rolled to a stop in front of Oliver's building. "You don't even have a clue."

While Oliver changed, Chloe set up the Christmas tree, with the help of the chauffeur, who had been charmed into assisting her. Oliver shook his head as he walked out of his bedroom, the sound of Christmas carols pouring from his stereo and laughed out loud as he saw the tree, half strung with lights and topped with the Santa hat Chloe had bought. Chloe turned, holding the white lights in her hands. They twinkled like stars on a string, and she smiled at him.

"Good job." Oliver applauded, and Chloe curtseyed. "Let me finish that. We should go before it starts snowing harder."