Canoe on the River Denial

By Aly

For Bri

Note: Well the poem is metaphorical; it's really just about love in general. In particular though: I chose Tuck Everlasting (DISCLAIMER HERE). Because Winnie can see Jesse; but he's just out of reach.

That wondrous Canoe

How it floats so far away from my heart

Drifting down a river, a path

Something I don't wish to see

A beautiful flame

So kind and sheltering

So brave yet open

Yet it will not come to me

I fear one day it will fall out of my sight

It will vanish forever

Because I had not the will to claim it

Because I was scared

Bright Canoe, steer your course

So you may cross me again

And let me be brave and know

That this is were I stand

And on my ground,

You cannot break me

You can easily hurt and shame me

But I know how far I have to fall

I cannot be broken by you

But I cannot see that,

Because I don't know what broken

Really is

But I know that when I shatter

There will be a kind friend to tell me

That it's okay, and the answering call

Of that beautiful boy, on that beautiful Canoe

Doesn't matter so much

As the fact I got it right

I will be brave and if not fearless

I will be strong