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Chapter 6: I Finally Found You

"I finally found you." a familiar voice broke the silence that hangs around the cemetery.

The moment seemed to have passed in slow motion as my gaze slowly left the name of my sister etched on the grey marble tombstone in front of me to the source of the voice behind me.

It would have been a pigment of my imagination, I know. But still. I want to hope that it was real, that it was really you.

Finally, my eyes settled on her, my face mirroring the shock that rushed through my entire being as I took in your form.

You're really here, just ten feet away from me, your hair slightly disheveled while your shoulders heaved to catch your breath. Your glassy dark blue pools were stained with unshed tears and her lips were slightly quivering for some unknown reasons.

"Fuuko…" I managed to whisper, still not recovering from the shock of seeing you here.

"You said you'll stay." You said, your eyes never leaving mine as she spoke in a voice full of emotions. "But you didn't"

This time, I was able to recover from my shock and quickly averted my gaze.

"Aa." I said, hoping that I didn't sound pathetic for my liking.

Silence followed after that until I hear the rustling of the grass. Even without looking, I could tell that she was walking towards me. I wanted to turn away, to rush towards the cab waiting for me just at the entrance of the cemetery and just leave. Really? Do you have to rub it harder on my face that you're already married? Is that why you're here?

Slowly, I felt your gentle hands against my cheeks as you firmly turned my face to look at you. Still, I refused to meet your dark blue pools for you might see just how much I was hurting, how pathetic I feel.

"Look at me." You gently whispered, coaxed at me.

Still, I refused, not wanting to let go of that little amount of pride I have intact within me.

"Mi-chan, onegai… Look at me…"

God I hate it when you plead like that. Why? Because I could never say no, even if it means, giving up that little amount of pride in me.

Slowly, I lifted my gaze, my eyes slowly meeting those dark blue pools I have come to love over the years.

"Why is it that every time I ask you to stay, you end up leaving?" you asked, as sad smile on your face.

Because I don't want to see you hurt. But I can't say that. My voice seemed to have been stuck somewhere inside my voice box.

Slowly I felt your hand leave my cheeks as you bow your head and decided to look at the ground beneath us. At the same moment, the sun slowly vanished from the sky as dark clouds loomed over us together with a loud rumble of thunder echoing against the sky.

"It's going to rain soon." I said, letting you know just in case you didn't notice.

"I know." you whispered, refusing to remove your gaze from the ground.

"You should go."

"I want to stay."

If only you could. But you're married already and your place isn't here. It's with Kurei. And no matter how much I want you to stay here, you can't. You don't belong with me and with this last thought in my mind, I walked past you.

"You have a wedding reception to host with your husband." I said, passing by your side and resisting the urge to lock you in my arms.

"I didn't get married." You whispered, enough for me to hear what you said and stop me on my tracks.

This must be a game you're playing on me. I saw you walk down the aisle. I saw you place your hand on his. I saw you face the priest together. Of course, you're married!

Just to make sure, I took a sideway glance at your hand and true to what you just said, you're not wearing a wedding ring, the ring that would have mocked me of my stupidity had it been there.

I would have grabbed you, right then and there. This is my chance. You're not married… but you don't deserve me either.

With heavy feet, I took another step away from you.

"Where are you going, Mi-chan?" you're voice stopped me once again.

"To where I should be." I said, ignoring the dull ache in my chest as I said those words.

"Then why are you leaving?"

I opened my mouth to answer but nothing came. I didn't want to hurt you by leaving but staying, I might hurt you more.

"This is where you belong…" you whispered at the same time, I heard you walking towards me. "With me… don't try to deny it."

Suddenly I felt your arms around my waist and your head leaning against my back. At the same time, I felt the raindrops against my skin, escalating from a light drizzle to a heavy rain.

"It's raining." I stated the obvious.

Yeah, I know. It's lame but what am I supposed to say?

"Stay…" you plead, you voice telling me that you have been crying the entire time you were embracing me. "Please… this time, stay…"

Slowly, I turned around, lifting your face for me to see your face, ignoring the way the raindrops slide against your pale skin. Without another word said, I closed the gap between us and gently touched my lips to yours, welcoming the feel of your soft lips against mine. I could taste the rain combined with your salty tears but I don't care. Slowly, I deepened the kiss, sliding my tongue over your lips, asking for acceptance and at the same time for forgiveness for all the chances I've passed to have this moment. And accept, you did, slowly opening your lips to let my tongue slide into your mouth, feeling the warmth emanating from them.

I can't stop. I don't want to stop. Years of waiting, years of being the moron that I am and letting every chance pass by and I can't stop. I would have left to start a life away from you and save us both from hurting, yet I'm here, relishing the moment and kissing you thinking that this time, I'm glad I stayed.

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